After that we drop the Var mark. Now Ebony is a different story. But there is a new generation of Pigeon Calculators now !!! e = Cream Laatste nieuws en updates hier Deutsche Fassung: Hühner Kalkulator Use the wizard to adjust. Note for all calculators: missing pictures are welcome. Daarnaast maak je een extra Combinatie met de 2 Gen-symbolen en een Crossing Over-percentage (positief geheel getal, zeker geen komma, geen %-teken). A recessive melanistic mutant is probably at the agouti locus. Mouse Genetics Calculator Doorkruisen en onthouden moet nu via het kruisingsschema (Punnett square). 81 = Longhair The Chicken calculator is able to function without internet connection. Also you can pick the colors from a list via this webpage or via the high end Breedbook interface. SIB = Siberian Je kunt nu zelf alle informatie ingeven om je eigen calculator te maken. Not that you should be breeding any of those strange colors! White spotting is not affected. Just the sex-linked mutations. x = Indicates an unrecognised colour Pet Chinchilla Muscovy Duck Calculator (Muskuseend / Moschusente, Warzenente / Cairina moschata) Suitable for biology class or breeders of other animal kinds that want to write out a (complex) crossing. Includes advanced option. WoodDuck Calculator (Carolina eend / Brautente / Aix sponsa) However, if you breed a Violet to a standard gray, all of the babies will be standard gray but they will CARRY the gene for Violet. MAG = Magyar Agar** Goose Calculator, with spotting as autosomal * Menil is a form resembling common but with brown/red instead of black stripe on back, tail and framing the hind. Basics of genetics Based upon Rasek's version including Crossing-over frequencies. Finch Breeder Database (9 species) 4 = The same as group 3, but with white The pied genes have been included also, see previous paragraph. Pictures Gene symbols not official. Not covered: the Phaeo gene, colors white areas, being pale cream, back to red/tan. Plug-in Chicken Calculator Design Wizard (Demo) PBL = Pixie-Bob Longhair Genes are pickable from lists for heterozygosity. Never use comma's or semicolons and for pictures don't use slashes "/" in the effect-descriptions. You can couple the genes with the dropdown list at gene/locus-level. However Red females are possible and fertile. Lachduif Calculator (NL) Chinchilla genetics? MAU = Egyptian Mau One difficulty here is that heterozygous wheaten also inhibits salmon breast. Sheep Coat Color Calculator (Schaap / Schaf) Horse, Ringnecked Dove, 43 species of Parrots and Parakeets). Muscovy Duck see below. About pictures and permissions | Over plaatjes en toestemming Wildcards are a difficult and in the above calculators somewhat underwhelming feature. 21 = Unspecified tabby pattern Die layout bestaat uit twee rijen allelen per locus/gen. Corn Snake Calculator of tortie tabbies (any pattern). Even the gender of birds and mammals is determined, despite their reversed sex chromosome counts. complex calculators like a chicken calculator are not easily made. Daarom kun je de volgorde van de Genen (Gen/Locus info) beter niet wijzigen. Via or mail to "spmdmp at" Finally: the Next Generation Pigeon Calculator ! Ideaal voor biologieles of voor fokkers van andere diersoorten die snel een uitgebreid kruisingschema willen maken. No idea what these genes do? Exercise: Try to approach the "Lahore"-pattern. ACS = American Curl Shorthair Breeders who want to check further than that will simply have to search back in the database for themselves. Includes advanced option and from there special Beta-version accounting for Crossing-over percentages! Brown and most other diluters are probably absent from these species. Geen typefoutjes maken. The percentages you see below are not exact. SYS = Seychellois Shorthair News and update at (International Chickenboard) SIN = Singapura Gouldian Amadine | Zebrafinch | Bengalese | Button Quail | Japanese Quail | Diamond Dove | Ringnecked Dove | Cockatiel | Eastern Rosella | Budgerigar Southview Quasue, SIA b, is the daughter of Southview Duae, SIA n Var-1, and Southview Alice who is SIA n (no Var mark). Tags: chinchilla, genetics, calculator. Go to Plug-in version, Pied Pigeon Designer and Pigeon Calculator Next Gen. National Federation of Flying Breed Pigeons, UK, About pictures and permissions | Over plaatjes en toestemming, COLOUR AND PATTERN CHARTS - Sarah Hartwell/, Dog Coat Color Genetics website by Dr.Schmutz, Genotype List based experimental calculator, Jennifer Hoffman's Horse Coat Color Designer webpage. Without extended black the 2 dilution steps (single or double factor) are less apparent. When you get the principle of the calculator try the new chicken calculator Buy Gallons . White Spotting combined with Roan gives dark eyed white. Some pied patterns I have dissected as independant of their complex pattern. Has pictures to show the many agouti patterns. With or without white. Radio button layout: Recall them with the "Recall"-button. The general limitation of querystring length is about 2000 characters. Chicken Autosomal Red Calculator (Demo) Just hide al those coarse results and only show color/gender summary. Nutrition ABS = American Bobtail Shorthair Gimpel copper (or any red) can be diluted to "gold" by the "Pale" mutation dp, an allele of the sex-linked Dilute locus D. Effect of Buff dilution is not fully integrated (or understood by me). The button "Use linkage" however resets the calculator. COLOUR AND PATTERN CHARTS - Sarah Hartwell/ eg. Both layouts and the standard layout can also be switched at runtime. Under construction. AMS = American Shorthair Includes advanced option. The Agouti monster: Goat Coat Color Calculator (Geit / Ziege) White spotting around eyes and ears can impair those organs. This module includes "Explain Phenotype" functionality, a sortable ColorSummary Grid and "Crossings Report" Feature Includes "Explain Phenotype" functionality. When a homo beige is bred to a standard gray all the kits will be beige. Whiteshield (and possibly Whitebelly) on non pigeons might be selections on a grizzle like factor. EN: Since white wallabies are weaker you can experiment with splits. Streifenhörnchen Calculator (Eutamias sp.) Thanks to Crystal, * = The spotting gene Sp, also Pied or Saddleback pattern, may be an autosomal gene. When you breed two Beiges together, not only will you produce Beige babies, you also have a 25% chance of producing a lighter beige chinchilla – a homogeneous beige, as well as 50% beige (hetero) and 25% standard.

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