Add in the coronavirus, a university lockdown, online classes, and Zoom, and things are becoming a lot less like the idyllic life Chu Wanning had envisioned for himself. It took Taxian-jun years longer and far more resources just to open a rift in space. El 14 de noviembre del mismo año se unió al elenco principal de la serie Children's Hospital Pediatrician donde interpretó al doctor Shen He. Especially after Chu Wanning's death. Cloudflare Ray ID: 5ec5d2dffe94fee6 Turns out to have been this the entire time. Mo Ran is finally told Chu Wanning died saving him. Chu Wang Ning, Title: Wan Ye Yu Heng ... hated wrong person, loved the wrong person and never knew the truth even in death. [4]​, El 28 de mayo del 2020 se unió al elenco principal de la serie And The Winner Is Love (月上重火) donde dio vida a Shangguan Tou, el maestro del valle de Yueshang, hasta el final de la serie el 19 de junio del mismo año. whether it being his true origins or his actions in the other timeline. Chooses to die saving his disciples in his original world instead of escaping Taxian-jun and disappearing into the other world.

Reports the events in the new timeline to his other self. Año Título Personaje Notas 2021 - presente: Immortality: Chu Wanning: 2020 - presente: Broker: Zhou Xiaoshan: 2020 - presente: Voice of the Death: Qin Ming: 2020 His death in the first timeline is the cause of Mo Ran's suicide, and the reason Mo Ran wakes up in the new timeline with all his memories, and the key to preventing the destruction of the two worlds. En 2005, se unió al Shanghai Theater Academy. Esta página se editó por última vez el 28 oct 2020 a las 04:58. Managed to pull off one of the three forbidden techniques, the Spacetime Gate of Life and Death, without a spiritual core, using nothing but some notes he scraped together, a holy weapon, and his own soul. Como actor es miembro de la agencia "Lafeng Entertainment" y como músico de "Wonderful Music". He spends the next five years struggling to be the person Chu Wanning always wanted him to be, eventually becoming known far and wide for his kind and heroic deeds. In the end, the pair of teacher and disciple forgo their lives and work together with the rest of the cultivating heroes to stop the villains' conspiracy and protect the world. Dragged himself and an unconscious Mo Ran up over three thousand stairs despite being severely wounded, exhausted, and his hands being in shreds. Papel interpretado por el actor Wallace Chung de adulto. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. En 2008, junto a sus amigos participaron en durante el sexto "Lotus Award", concurso nacional de danza en China donde interpretado "Tchaikovsky Rhapsody”". Hua Binan denies any responsibility for Mo Ran's crimes as Taxian-jun, pointing out that he didn't make Mo Ran do anything; Mo Ran did it all, all by himself. Starts to regret the path he chose and turns against his. La interpretación fue elegida para presentarse durante la celebración del 10mo. That he didn't get this and Chu Wanning died before him, leaving him all alone, is what lead Mo Ran to suicide in the first timeline. tears his soul to shreds to help Mo Ran and the world, dies bringing Mo Ran home after exhausting himself closing the breach in the barrier, and much later on, chooses to stay behind and face down an army of chess pieces and Taxian-jun so everyone else can escape, knowing full well that there is no way for him to escape the tombs if Mo Ran doesn't come back for him. in the first timeline, with the flower devouring all his positive memories and with Shi Mei purposely stoking the flames of his hatred. He tears his own soul apart just to give his other self a chance to change their fates. Everyone knows that Mo Ran's hates Chu Wanning to the bone, but Chu Wanning finds himself still in love with Mo Ran. Language ... whose crush on the older of the two Payne sisters is going to be the death of her. Moreover, he tries his hardest to atone for his past indiscretions against Chu Wanning, deciding to dedicate the rest of his life to ensuring Chu Wanning gets to live a happier life. Chu Wanning also successfully imparts the value of putting the greater good before personal desires to Mo Ran. [7]​[8]​, Ese mismo año se unirá al elenco principal de la serie Broker (掮客) donde dará vida a Zhou Xiaoshan. Didn't realize someone else was pulling his strings for the entire first lifetime. En junio del 2017 se unió al elenco principal de la serie A Life Time Love donde dio vida a Xuanyang Zhiruo, el cuarto príncipe de Xuan Yang, un hombre refinado y audaz que hace cualquier cosa para proteger a su familia. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. He eventually has to face it. The silly dog hadn’t originally intended to put his furry paws out towards that cat. [3]​, El 15 de mayo del 2019 se unió al elenco principal de la serie Princess Silver donde interpretó a Rong Qi, el Emperador del Qi Occidental, un hombre tranquilo, racional y distante que hace todo por proteger a Rong Le (Zhang Xueying), aunque sus acciones son malinterpretadas, hasta el final de la serie en junio del mismo año. Yunxi también realizó un solo improvisado de "The Burning Flame", el grupo obtuvo la medalla de oro durante la competencia. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works aniversario de la transferencia de soberanía de Macao en el 2009.[2]​. This page is currently under construction. he makes a much more serious and grave vow to Chu Wanning, determined to stand in front of him and protect him even if he doesn't deserve to be by Chu Wanning's side. I'm really not liking this shizun chu wanning and I can't really get … Lola Payne, a girl with way too many suitors. After giving Xue Meng a long spiel about how Chu Wanning never cared about him. Dogs and cats were biologically different. After getting together, Mo Ran makes sure to constantly insist that he's wrong. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Mo Ran felt that taking Chu Wanning as his master was a mistake. Your IP: Over the years of their marriage, Taxian-jun occasionally would be kind or gentle with Chu Wanning: spending long periods of time taking care of him when he was sick, letting Chu Wanning have access to the library and other areas on the peak, and buying his favorite wines and foods. • Yunxi fue entrenado profesionalmente en ballet durante 11 años. Once he realizes that Chu Wanning did, twice, in both timelines, he completely breaks down. More Than Mind Control: Fell victim to this in the first timeline, with the flower devouring all his positive memories and with Shi Mei purposely stoking the flames of his hatred. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Love Makes You Evil: Initially seems to be a case of this, following Shi Mei's original death. especially when said past/future self shows up in the new timeline. Over the next few days, Mo Ran has to come to terms with just how unfair and unjustifiably cruel he's been to Chu Wanning in both lifetimes. TVTropes is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Everyone that witnessed it could scarcely believe it. Taxian-jun calls him out on it, pointing out that playing the part doesn't erase the blood on his hands. He's not entirely wrong; he might have had a better fate if he hadn't offered himself up to Hua Binan in Chu Wanning's place. Both of them look back on these moments with very complicated emotions.

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