With long, thick silver-gold hair, she was very outgoing and athletic. The lyrics mention Wendish Town (IV: 149), Ser Clarence Crabb of Crackclaw Point was said to be eight feel tall and able to uproot trees with his bare hands. He had fought for the Black Dragon during Daemon Blackfyre's rebellion (TMK: 685-686), Lord Butterwell's sons fought on both sides during the first Blackfyre Rebellion (TMK: 687), Ser Glendon Ball (also called Flowers), Ser Argrave the Defiant of Nunny, Ser Duncan the Tall (as the Gallows Knight), Lord Joffrey Caswell, Ser Kyle, the Cat of Misty Moor, Ser Uthor Underleaf, Ser Eden Risley, Lord Smallwood's nephew, Ser Addam Frey, Lord Cockshaw, Ser John the Fiddler, Ser Tommard Heddle, ,Ser Clarence Charlton, and Ser Galtry the Green were among the knights who rode at Butterwell's tourney (TMK: 689, 691, 694-695, 697, 709, 713), Daemon Blackfyre struck his own coinage during his rebellion. But seriously, here are some good places to grind for ingredients: There is a lake north of the center starting spawn that has a decent amount of Faeries, Undead, and Skeletons in various camps/caves around it. Dornish law, in part based on the laws and customs of the Rhoynar, allow lands and titles to be passed to the eldest child, regardless of gender (I: 690. Only two people, Lord Stark and Howland Reed, survived (I: 355, 356), The sister of Arthur Dayne, Ashara Dayne, threw herself into the sea after Eddard Stark brought her the familial sword Dawn which the Sword of the Morning carried (I: 407), Lord Rickard Stark and his heir Brandon had gone south with two hundred of their best men. Greetings Wizards! He won King Aerys's enmity (III: 279, 283), The Dragonknight once won a tourney as the Knight of Tears, so he could name his sister the queen of love and beauty In place of the king's mistress (III: 282), The Targaryens and perhaps others have sought a way to bring dragons into the world once more. He is master of whisperers (I: 93, 145, 161, 677), The Lord Commander of the Kingsguard has a seat on the small council (I: 145, 677), The master of coin sits on the council (I: 145, 677), The Hand is part of the small council (I: 160), The chambers of the king's small council are richly furnished (I: 161), The Grand Maester of the Seven Kingdoms has a place on the council (I: 162, 676), The Hand sits to the right of the king (I: 162), The small council chambers are near the great outer gate (I: 164), The master of ships and the master of laws hold council seats (I: 676), The master of coin oversees many of the king's officials: the four Keepers of the Keys, the King's Counter and the King's Scales, the officers in charge of mints, harbormasters, tax farmers, customs sergeants, wool factors, toll collectors, pursers, wine factors, and so on (II: 200), There are three royal mints overseen by the Master of Coin (II: 200), Officials in the past have been highborn, and those of middling birth or even foreigners have been rare of non-existent in such positions (II: 200), Some say the rot in King Aerys's reign began with Varys, the Master of Whisperers (III: 411), The small council was said to lick the hand of Lord Bloodraven, Hand of King Aerys I in 211 (TSS: 122), Lord Rykker appears to have been on the small council in the latter half of King Aerys's reign (IV: 102). His second wife, a Hightower, promptly gave him three healthy sons and a daughter in rapid succession (SSM: Daeron the Young Dragon conquered Dorne at 14 (I: 45), The conquest of Dorne lasted a summer (I: 45), The Boy King spent 10,000 men taking Dorne, and 50,000 trying to hold it (I: 45), King Daeron I, the Young Dragon, was the first to observe that there were three types of Dornishmen: salty Dornishmen, sandy Dornishmen, and stony Dornishmen (III: 430), After the Submission of Sunspear, the Young Dragon left the Lord of Highgarden to rule Dorne for him. Past the iron gate is a room in which a dragon is done in a mosaic of red and black tiles on the floor. Seeds can be found in the wild and from random loot drops, but mostly they have to be made by putting plants in the Workbench or Deconstructor and picking up the seeds that are produced. A famous jouster, handsome and gallant, he was wed to Jon's eldest niece by his sister Alys and Ser Elys Waynwood. This accentuated both flaws and virtues, pushing the line towards extremes. By the use of counterweights, it can be made to float upwards to reveal secret steps after pushing at a secret place (III: 140), The royal nursery in Maegor's holdfast is on the floor below the royal apartments (III: 594), The Kitchen Keep is outside of Maegor's Holdfast. This truth was understood by Septon Barth (IV: 520. He was the bastard son of Aegon the Unworthy by his sixth mistress, Lady Mylessa Blackwood, who was known as Missy.
The age of legal majority for men and women is 16 (SSM: The laws of inheritance in Westeros are vague. Fighting took place as far away as the Vale and the Dornish Marches (SSM: When Eddard Stark came to Dorne at the end of the war, he did not bring his army with him (SSM: There was no fighting in Dorne during the war, although there were minor skirmishes along the borders (SSM: There were Dornish troops with Rhaegar at the Trident, under the command of Prince Lewyn of the Kingsguard. SSM: Lord Rossart was the last of King Aerys's Hand's, having the position only a fortnight before the Sack of King's Landing. IV: 516), There appears to be no knowledge of birth control outside of the interruption method (II: 329), Leeching is known of and used medicinally. Half a dozen scribes might be found, sitting in open stalls, while at other stalls books are bought and sold (IV: 677), From Scribe's Hearth, a path divides around a state of King Daeron the First astride a horse with his sword pointed towards Dorne. ), Jaime Lannister of the Kingsguard opened Aerys' throat with a golden sword (I: 25), Rhaegar's wife, the Dornish princess Elia, and their children were butchered (I: 25), Daenerys Targaryen was born during a storm nine months after the flight from Dragonstone. The last two feet of the spear is steel, a slender leaf-shaped spearhead narrowing to a wicked spike with very sharp edges (III: 794), The joints of plate armor are vulnerbale, with less protected places at elbows, knees, and beneath the arms (III: 794), A padded leather tunic worn beneath armor (III: 795), A chainmail byrnie to protect the upper body (III: 796), A greathelm bolted to a gorget with breaths around the mouth and nose and a narrow slit for vision, with a crest atop of it (III: 797), A spaulder, which is a piece of armor (III: 797), A massive shield of oak rimmed in black iron (III: 798), Jacks, a sort of armor such as freeriders, mounted bowmen, and men-at-arms might wear (III: 841.
The mason could neither read nor write, and could not remember even the simplest prayers.

She was the daughter of Aegon the Unworthy by his ninth and final mistress, Lady Sereni of Lys, who was the last of an ancient but impoverished Valyrian line. IV: 217), There have been no slaves in Westeros for thousands of years (III: 264), Six coppers for a melon, a silver stag for a bushel of corn, and a gold dragon for a side of beef or six skinny piglets are all shockingly high prices (III: 354), Thirty golden dragons is enough to take passage to the Free Cities and make a long, comfortable sojourn there, at least for a singer (III: 356), Three hundred dragons is a fair ransom for a knight (III: 503), The Ice Dragon's tail points the way south (III: 530), The sea voyage from the Arbor around Dorne and through the Stepstones is a long one (III: 671), Most people in Westeros, even among the nobility, do not know High Valyrian (III: 676), Markets and fairs are places where news and gossip is often swapped (III: 733), The drought that troubled the realm for nearly two years, following the Great Spring Sickness, ended in 211 (TSS: 155), A virgin whore might be had from an inn for the price of a golden dragon (IV: 1), A donkey can be bought for 9 silver stags or less (IV: 2), There are copper coins known as stars (IV: 67, 345), The brother of a great lord, if well-rewarded for his service and remembered in the will of his father, may well have wealth enough to feed two hundred knights, and have the means to double that number, support freeriders, and purchase sellswords at need (IV: 114), Serjeants serve in the hosts of lords and kings (IV: 203. Sometimes modest cottages are set aside for women who visit the septries (IV: 467), Septon Barth wrote of the changing genders of dragons (IV: 520), It's said that those who are worthy will feast forever in the Father's golden hall in the afterlife (IV: 522), Baelor the Blessed ordered Septon Barth's writings to be burned (IV: 522), The Warrior's Sons wear seven-stranded belts, have crystals decorating their sword pommels and the crests of their greathelms, and bear old-fashioned kite-shaped shields which bear the emblem of the rainbow sword upon a black field.

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