Unfortunately, I can fully understand why the FBI agent would choose to remain anonymous, especially if he/she wishes to keep his/her life. https://t.co/OzAXuHAPAO @rocketmetalden pic.twitter.com/HIq9ATrspt. They are also saying that the Suffolk police in the UK confirm it .Maybe somebody can get a link to that .

here’s the email if you want to read it for yourself That NYT article is one of the most transparent and half-hearted attempts at objectivity I have ever seen, and fails to address some of the most basic and fundamental aspects of that investigation, and quite obviously, intentionally so.

Freud’s mansion’s location to where Madeleine was abducted is shown on the map above. what if the mccanns were friends of Freud before maddy went missing?

Please do your due diligence and stop simply regurgitating the mainstream talking points.

It really jarred with me, left me feeling very uneasy.". In reference to the creepy Podestaphile brothers, as they used to say in the old west, “Get a rope!”. Mr. Podesta himself is a person of interest in the Madeleine McCann disappearance, along with his brother Tony Podesta, and what concerns me the most is that one of these days someone else’s innocent child is going to be abducted by an elite tied to this ring. Emails between 'predatory paedophile' Sir Clement Freud and Madeleine McCann's parents are set to be probed as part of a child sex abuse inquiry. The police were behind it! And could this be linked in some way to the same dark, clandestine network that’s currently being uncovered in the D.C. area?”. I don’t even know what to say anymore , I really am lost for words, the world really is in a sorry state. (function(w,d,s,i){w.ldAdInit=w.ldAdInit||[];w.ldAdInit.push({slot:10408892266171238,size:[0, 0],id:"ld-9294-4983"});if(!d.getElementById(i)){var j=d.createElement(s),p=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0];j.async=true;j.src="//cdn2.lockerdomecdn.com/_js/ajs.js";j.id=i;p.parentNode.insertBefore(j,p);}})(window,document,"script","ld-ajs"); Last year, a 19-year-old woman, who asked to be referred to as Jasmine, shocked the nation by stating that approximately 30 police officers from departments around the Bay Area sexually assaulted her or had some sort of sexual relations with her.

The whole national security apparatus is designed only to protect this protected class of satanic pedophiles who rule over us. Oakland Police Sexually Assaulted & Trafficked A Minor; But What About Those High-Level Politicians? But sure, trust the word of the accused, such as the Podestas. Your email address will not be published. Nobody else & it went viral once Chester died!! Whether you believe the theory or not about Washington DC being the headquarters for a worldwide child snatching syndicate, the fact remains that children all over America are disappearing at an alarming rate.

Our. The picture of the little girl at the card game looks exactly like Madeline McCann. that Madeline has.

It’s said that pigs will eat anything including bones, eye balls and genitals, so they are perfect to use for body disposal. https://t.co/nEHcsNuXEb #falseflag pic.twitter.com/vYtZYYFPbF, Check out Rocket's appearance on the Titus Frost podcast.

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