The thirteenth day brings celebration of the Maiming, at which the congregation sings loud, booming hymns as an illusionary gauntleted hand surrounded by a nimbus of burning blood appears above them.

At level two, every cleric has two of these effects.

The massive House of Tyr’s Hand in Thesk represents a more staid, traditionalist sect of the church, and shelters the Just Knights--clerics, fighters, and paladins who have honored the Maimed God in countless battles against their aggressive neighbors in Thay. Berra's Estate of Horrors, "Halloween 2008 Event", Stand Alone Release - v.1.0 (Created 30th of October 2008), Lone Wolf Chapter 3 - The Circle of Three, Open - Free & open only if project also open, Prophet - Chapter I - By the Will of Kings and Mortals, AL2: Crimson Tides of Tethyr (Canceled Premium Module), The Aielund Saga Act IV - The Fall of Aielund (Part Three), Desert of Desolation Series: I3 - Pharaoh, Lords of Darkness 1 - The Fugitive (V3.0), Sanctum of the Archmage - The Sight and The Quest, The Aielund Saga Act II - Defender of the Crown, Prophet - Chapter II - The Century of Sorrow, The Crystalmist Campaign Chapter 2: The Lichway, Conan Chronicles 2 - The Zamorian Chronicles.

A utopian interloper deity who long ago came to Toril from a foreign cosmos, Tyr sees himself as a father figure working to craft a perfect society among the people of Faerun, whom he views as his wayward children.

The Tyrran faith appeals to those who seek to bring order to the disorderly, to punish the wicked, and to ensure that civilization prospers through a careful, fair system of justice. In fact, some types of clerics are centered around warfare, death, and battle.

After a failure, the cleric can make another attempt after a long rest. Supreme Healing (Level 17). See our comprehensive War Cleric 5E Guide! Spells from other classes may not be used even if they are marked as ritual spells.

Theirs is a doctrine of justice through benevolent force and armed vigilance, a philosophy that makes the faith attractive to paladins and lawful fighters.

Divine Strike (Level 8). You also gain proficiency in heavy armor and smith tools.

Tyr’s clerics often multiclass as paladins. As ideal as these are, the equipment like a musical instrument is likely of little use.

Most adherents do not fight in the field, however, instead seeing to important battles in the courts as bureaucrats, judges, bailiffs, and merchants. They view the latter as charity, donating their (sometimes lavish) “speaking fees” to the church.

This might be an OK option. Faction Agent is low key one of the best cleric options.

Hit points are vital for every cleric, though.

This is more than just a class of healers, however. Through the power of magic drawn from the divine power of their deity, clerics can heal their allies and destroy their enemies. The only exception is for knowledge clerics.

If trapped within 30 feet, it can dodge.

For that domain, intelligence should be a focus but likely still below wisdom and either constitution or dexterity depending on your build.

According to the rules as written, it is a minimum of one hour. Max this out. For most clerics, constitution is the second-highest priority. Sure, the class features and domain spells are the basic building blocks of a Cleric character.

Probably the most common dump stat.

If you also cast a spell as a bonus action, that number increases to three (but the two additional spells must be cantrips). If you roll at or below your cleric level, your deity intervenes. They are especially strong against undead.

Disciple of Life (Level 1).

Cleric / Paladin Magical Item - Crest of Tyr. However, this guide is about optimizing your cleric, and these races are far from optimal.

There is plenty of evil among his followers, who were known to hunt humans for sport.

Tyr came to Toril in -247 DR in an event known as the Procession of Justice. If you are like me, you enjoying playing with a character build to squeeze the most utility out of them as possible. Having the perfectly optimal character isn’t the most important thing – having fun is. So I suppose by DMG rules it can only hold 20 charges maximum. Be vigilant in your observations and anticipations so you may detect those who plan injustices before their actions threaten law and order.

Another issue is weighing the motivations of your god and party. Commoners view Tyr and his clerics as stern arbiters of justice, often missing the paternal philosophical nuances of Tyrran doctrine for its more obvious black-and-white teachings on the nature of morality. Bursting from a gate near modern-day Alaghon in Turmish, he led a force of 200 archons across the Vilhon Reach in an effort to pacify the remnants of ancient Jhaamdath, which had fallen to lawlessness and brigandage following that empire’s destruction at the hands of its elven enemies. Healing spells at level one or above grant additional HP equal to 2 plus spell level.

This is a fun option if you just want to deal damage.

That wraps up our 5E Cleric Guide. While there are many planes to play on in the 5th Edition of Dungeons and Dragons, the Forgotten Realms are by far the most popular. When casting a spell you use your wisdom modifier plus your proficiency bonus. The reality is that clerics are powerful on their own, and I would rather have access to their higher level traits as opposed to dipping into another class. Particularly radical Tyrran sects advocate self-mutilation among their adherents, a practice condemned by the large majority of the faithful, who nonetheless ritualistically don gauze eye coverings and an off-colored glove on their right hands to honor the Blind Overlord. Before every criminal trial in civilized lands, good-hearted magistrates whisper prayers to Tyr (teer) the Even-Handed, asking that he guide their judgments with temperance and resolve.

I believe the proper name for this kit would be "Justiciar of Tyr", as described in the Player's Guide to Faerûn. While the spells that come with the varying domains differ significantly, all clerics use Wisdom as their spellcasting ability.

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