"Swain described Maxwell as a selfless player. He has four children: Erica, Austin, Elise, and Adam (the last three with Gaynell). "When he found out what his father did, he said he wanted in no way to be like him," Jenkins said. New players were "initiated" into the fraternity by having to stand underneath the basket as Drexler drove in from halfcourt and threw down a tomahawk slam over them. Maxwell's previous child support payment history was spotty at best. Legacy of bloody election day lingers in Florida town Read now. "Vernon is hopeful to get the monthly sum of his child support reduced," Turnage said. "At Florida, the 6-foot-4 Maxwell blossomed into a scorer, versatile enough to play both guard positions. [6], Drexler set a Trail Blazer record in 1989 by dunking on an 11' 1" rim. Behind the design of Damian Lillard’s ‘Black Panther’ Adidas Dame 5, One big NBA family: How the Curry and Rivers clans are deeply related. But Maxwell reneged on the commitment after Florida players took him out for two nights on the town before signing day.Towe, now the head coach at the University of New Orleans, knew that Florida was bringing in a star. As his skills diminished, Maxwell often had trouble accepting a reduced role. “To this day, Cafe Du Berry is always my first stop whenever I make it back to Portland,” said former Blazers forward Scottie Pippen. She always cared about what they were doing. Cookie Policy. Klay Thompson is backing new CBD brand Read now Clyde Drexler thinks he's toast. It’s so good.       Conference tournament champion, Drexler's No. In 1992, he was selected to the U.S. Olympic basketball team, nicknamed "The Dream Team", which won the gold medal in Barcelona. Dominique told his mom anyway.A record from Memorial Blood Centers of Minnesota, dated Nov. 14, 1996, confirmed what Jenkins already knew. “It became part of our game-day routine. His extraordinary leaping abilities allowed him to be an acrobatic dunker and Drexler participated in numerous NBA All-Star dunk contests during the late eighties. Rasheed Wallace? Mike Andersen said he is still telling former Blazers and patrons when they come back to the restaurant that his wife died. She loved the connection and that guys came in there to bring connection to her spot.”, Said Pippen: “Lydia was like family to me.”.

[14], During the 1995 NBA playoffs, Drexler was ejected during a game between the Rockets and the Phoenix Suns by referee Jake O'Donnell, which allegedly stemmed from a personal feud between the two at the time. “We would stop there on our way back after shootaround or before. Cafe Du Berry changed forever after Lydia Andersen died on Feb. 21, 2017. A breakfast eggs combo with pepper steak or salmon.

Sometimes Jenkins would send cards addressed from Maxwell to make her son think Maxwell was thinking about him. Maxwell had made an oral commitment to North Carolina State (the late Jim Valvano stayed at Swain's house during the recruiting visit). “I always tell people,” said former Blazer Clyde Drexler, “there is this place you got to go to that is not going to blow your socks off outside, but you’ll love the food: Cafe Du Berry.”. [6] Drexler played as a 6 ft 6 in (1.98 m) center as a senior.

He used to come here all the time,” Andersen said. From the outside, it doesn’t look like anything fancy. In testimony, Maxwell said his mother has made all payments on the home. Maxwell gave a false name -- "Kenneth Shaw" -- to the arresting officer.The arrest continued a string of antisocial, violent behavior that has stretched into Maxwell's post-NBA career.Maxwell did not agree to numerous interview requests from The Gainesville Sun. "He was a great basketball player," Jenkins said. "The basketball program had a lot of problems at the time, and I believe Vernon was unfairly made the scapegoat," Swain said.Regardless, Maxwell moved on to the NBA. The resulting NCAA violations made Maxwell a pariah.Statistics from his final two years, which would have put him ahead of all-time UF leading scorer Ronnie Williams, were stripped.Swain thought Maxwell was pressured into admitting the violations in order to protect his NBA Draft status. Clyde "The Glide" Drexler, as he was nicknamed at the University of Houston and throughout his professional career, was famed for his speed and athleticism on the court and his easygoing and quiet demeanor off the court. Manley then transferred title of the house to Rasharita.In the settlement, Rasharita also received her husband's Porsche, Range Rover and access to his Bank of America checking account.In the summer of 2000, the Sonics traded Maxwell to the Knicks. Maybe in Sugar Hill, where a young boy from a government housing project would dribble a basketball around the block in the middle of the night, just to get a feel for it.Or in the basement of the Alachua County Jail, where the unrecognized all-time leading scorer in University of Florida basketball history, who went on to NBA millions and indulged in the vices that came with it, stood in shackles wearing an orange jumpsuit, telling a judge he was broke.Or in a modest northwest Gainesville home, where a single mother is raising a son his father never cared enough to know.All three weave into the life of Vernon Maxwell.Maxwell, 38, is arguably Gainesville's best pure athlete, as well as its most tarnished. Maxwell had already earned the nickname "Mad Max" for an altercation in which he went into the stands in Portland and fought with a heckling fan. In addition to being named the Southwestern Conference Player of the Year and a first-team All American his final season,[10] he remains the only player in school history with combined totals of at least 1,000 career points, 900 rebounds and 300 assists, in addition to being Houston's all-time steals leader with 268.[11]. [24] He also wrote the introduction to the children's book Shrews Can't Hoop.[25]. This time, according to Jenkins, there were ulterior motives. “Even to this day when I’m in Portland, it is one of the best places to go to,” Drexler said.

"After that, I wouldn't agree to any unsupervised visits. In 1997, Maxwell feigned injuries in order to get out of playing games in Orlando and Miami because warrants were issued for failure to pay support.

"Kevin Brockway writes for The Gainesville Sun.

His nickname in the field was Clyde the Glide. Gaynell Floyd is currently married to Clyde Drexler. “They were like extended versions of our family. "I had to take care of my wife and four kids," said Maxwell, referring to the four children he had with his wife. [15] This would turn out to be the last NBA game O'Donnell would referee, as he was not assigned any further games in the playoffs that year, and eventually retired a few months later. Blazers players often placed to-go orders too. © 2020 ESPN Internet Ventures. Frank Murphy, Knicks senior vice president of business affairs, would not reveal whether Maxwell was on the Knicks' 2001-02 payroll.Another salary record showed that the Philadelphia 76ers paid Maxwell $548,000 of a one-year, $1 million contract. "Jenkins insisted this is not about her but about her son, a son whom Maxwell has chosen to neglect. The Boston Celtics icon’s typical visits, which have become less frequent as he has aged, came during pit stops on the long drive from Seattle to California. The Ledger ~ 300 W. Lime St., Lakeland, FL 33815 ~ Do Not Sell My Personal Information ~ Cookie Policy ~ Do Not Sell My Personal Information ~ Privacy Policy ~ Terms Of Service ~ Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. Interest-Based Ads. Paul McCartney to Pay Ex-wife Heather Mills $48.7 Mil ... Clyde Says, "I'm Out!" On February 13, 2009, Drexler participated in the NBA All-Star Weekend's Celebrity Game. There was a stop-off at Shands on the way, where Dominique was taken for a blood test.Maxwell gave Dominique $40 to keep quiet. Former Blazers star Terry Porter still visits chef Marlon Andersen (left) and Cafe Du Berry owner and chef Mike Andersen (right). “Everyone hated Rasheed Wallace because he wouldn’t talk to the press. Rasharita filed for a restraining order and forced Vernon out of the house.It was then, Vernon said, that Rasharita sold the house and cleared out his bank accounts.Maxwell violated terms of the restraining order in January 2003, according to police records. She recognized them. You can see Vernon in his face. In 1996, on ESPN's NBA Today, O'Donnell commented, "I wouldn't give Clyde Drexler much leeway because of the way he reacted with me all the time.

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