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A life of solitary confinement.

Bird and Parrot classifieds.

Toys of every sort, perches, swings, balls, bird behaviorist, special full spectrum lights.

Copyright © 1999-2018 World Organization. We need efficient, humane solutions for this growing problem. We are their friends, family and adventures are limited to our schedule or their cage. But, it is far more likely that it will set up a sibling rivalry and they will fight for position. Our mission is achieved through educating the public by providing family-friendly programming and school-based programs, managing a 90 acre preserve, and actively aiding sick and injured birds back to health. I think the primary reason, pet Cockatoos suffer from depression and anxiety is the lack of companionship, adventure, a life cycle interruption. The Cockatoo Rescue and Sanctuary provides a permanent home where pet and wild caught Cockatoos, Macaws and Greys, can live out their lives, retire with dignity, in a peaceful park like setting. I often hear “my bird is so demanding that, I can’t even leave the room without him/her screaming”. Please go to visit our website for more details, Please call for more info 608-302-1732We never ship our birds.

Life is one big adventure.

At Emerald Parrot Rescue in Cincinnati, OH, a fully licensed facility, we are passionate about helping to care for birds and especially parrots of all types.

Cockatoo Ohio Bird Classifieds by BirdsNow.com, part of the EquineNow.com, LLC group of websites. The Cockatoo really suffers when its bounced around from home to home.

Who wants to play Barbie when your 20? The idea of building an outdoor aviary? There are rescues that have cages in every room, stacked two or three high.

300 cages = 600 food and water bowls. They go to bed when we decide, we are their world. In the wild, Cockatoos live in huge flocks of friends and family.

We have many birds here, both wild caught and pet Cockatoos that are terrified of strangers. There are several reasons why this is happening; Has a personality that needs a bigger life. Why do so many people think that rehabilitation and adoption should be the first choice and sanctuaries should be a last resort? Additionally, to shield the birds from chaos and a parade of strangers, we do not utilize volunteers from the public. From that moment my imagination went wild with possibilities. The people who run these warehouse rescues are overworked and exhausted from working around the clock. This big personality type Cockatoo, doesn’t thrive in our homes. Head swirling, bouncing up and down or, maybe your bird is quiet, too quiet.

We have to start somewhere and I started like the others, working out of my home with individual cages.

The Cockatoos, have a life cycle. They can run around getting into mischief 24/7 and they can teach the captive audience new and exciting tricks. Pet Bird Clark County, Springfield, OH ID: 20-10-14-00221 Buff Orpington rooster that needs a new GOOD home because we have two roosters (only one was planned) and only need There is a chance that another bird, the same species and sub-species, may get along for a while. So, the volunteers cannot give your bird “quality” snuggles like mom did. Cockatoos are not particularly fond of strangers.

There are 5 birds.

Unless they are captive… We are their family nucleus, their lives are frozen.

You would recognize the behavior as “crazy” if it were a child. They suffer from lack of stimulation. And the only thing louder than a Cockatoo, is two. Hundreds of birds = hundreds of cages to clean.

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