Keep up the good work. The big news just came in: Your best pals are celebrating their very first bundle of joy. Your … Follow your dream and work harder because you will be even more successful. 30. It’s time to celebrate the harvest of many years of intensive study! 50. *Designed for indoor use. However, parent-teacher conferences can be stressful for both parties, because the conversations are high stakes for everyone. Congratulations for a job, well done. Here’s to a blessed first year for your family. Now nothing can stop you. You are embarking on an 18-year adventure where you make up the rules as you go. This is just a break when you come to new battlefields of life. Son, you must be prepared for the new challenges and obstacles that await in the new chapter of life. Bayisenge says creating good communication among the three parties (parents, teachers and learners) is also vital. He says that because the cost of living is becoming increasingly high, many parents are forced to work overtime, leaving home early in the morning and going back late, consequently, finding it hard to make time for the children. 31. Placing a high value on educational attainment can manifest itself in other ways. Actually, graduation is the time to graduate, when students can finally breathe, finally, they can sleep at least eight hours and, in the end, they can celebrate without feeling guilty. As you are an intelligent child, you will do great things in the future. For the days of night study, lack of sleep and the sacrifice of fun and games, and reward there. When a child begins formal school, the parent’s job is to demonstrate how school can lengthen the learning started at home, and how exciting and meaningful this learning can be. your home will be bursting with joy Parents are anxious about their child’s progress and also their parenting reputation. Congratulations! Jacky Iribagiza, matron at Martyr School in Remera, says that children these days are raised to depend on others, whereby they won’t be able to figure out how to survive in the absence of those who do everything for them. Life is a great adventure, and you just have to start. Fear has two meanings Chose what one suits you, what makes you feel right.... LoveThisPic offers You Are My Son. 1. You really have everything that it takes. //-->. Best wishes to you in the wonderful career you have chosen. This is wonderful news; you finally made it to the other side where life is ruled by cute little beings no more than two feet tall. I wish you all the best in your career that you choose. Your success is not surprising! Pauline Bayisenge, a teacher at St Patrick School in Kicukiro, agrees with Nzayisenge, and says that overly pampered learners become too demanding. I’m sure you too will be very successful. It’s very easy to see how your lives will unfold! I am very proud of everything you have accomplished. Fred Atinga, a teacher at Riviera High School, is of the view that learners who are spoon-fed always lack the will to do things on their own. Congratulations to the proud parents Congratulations. 41. How to fix this, Bayisenge says, is by working hand-in-hand with schools and if and when there is a problem, if the parent is busy, the school can step in and handle the situation before it gets out of hand. From your first day at school, we knew you would make it to this day. I am very proud of the person you have become! It’s time for you to follow your dreams and establish new goals. Our little hero grew up to graduate! 20. Parents have spent so many years in framing their daughter’s dream and finally, when it comes, they are just more than happy. Wedding Congratulations Messages to Parents of Bride And Groom: – Every parent’s wish is to see their child getting married. Take care of them as best you can. Congratulations, dear! You have a very bright future. You follow your heart and remain faithful to those who help you. Check it out!!! Congratulations on the graduation. Congratulations on the graduation! These amazing graduation wishes for the son will inspire your son not to get fear about future and adult life. It is a new period of life for your child and you should be close to offering your love and support. Congratulations, Son!!! Congratulations on the graduation! As you have the ability to make a beautiful world especially tomorrow. To encourage and congratulate your child’s academic accomplishments, the below congratulations quotes for kids are provided to help inspire you. I know that you have a good guide to provide you with good direction, so I have nothing to worry about. This baby will provide answers to questions you never thought to ask. May you achieve more success ahead. Be a better mom, one small moment at a time! Congratulations for success and achievement. The parents go through the roller coaster of emotions. Required fields are marked *, 800 Congratulations Message For Graduation For Son From The Parents. Best of luck! 10. It is well deserved and will give you the opportunity to spread your wings. May your graduation be just the commencement of success for you. A good way to begin a conference is to establish that the purpose of the conference is to ensure the best outcome for the child. You are both. But you will succeed, I know. Congratulations, for our beloved graduation! You never stopped getting things. Our best congratulations on this special day, my son. Life is going to get complicated quickly for these first time parents since babies do not come with an owner’s manual. These heartfelt congratulations messages for achievements, success and milestones in life will make anyone feel special. 18. We wish your success in your future. “Some parents don’t encourage their children to learn how to do basic and essential domestic chores that are beneficial for when they start their life away from home,” he says. May all your dreams come true. I never doubted for once that you would make it. See more ideas about Quotes, Inspirational quotes, Son quotes. Congratulations!! The sadness of losing her and the happiness of her getting married is too much to bear. There’s your reward for all the hard work you put in. and filled with love every day of the year. As soon as you enjoy the fruits of your work, remember that hard work really pays off. Congratulations, graduate! Anyone who has ever attended school remembers his graduation well. Always remember that you are brave, stronger and wiser than you think! It requires great courage to follow your passion and succeed in it. Congratulations on the graduation. This is it. Congratulations, your journey of discovery has begun. This means that the student has learned the lessons of a large part of his life path and is ready to move on. You are close to fulfilling your dreams, good job! Dear son, we are proud of you. Now you have a ticket to make your dreams come true. We are blessed to have you as our son. contempt case, Software helping break the silence about sex in Rwanda, Rwanda invests Rwf15 billion in pig, poultry farming, Kenyan cement producer enters Rwandan market, Former Miss Rwanda contestants join forces to advocate for teen mothers. Nov 17, 2017 - Explore Ruth Garcia's board "proud parent quotes" on Pinterest. I am sure that your future will be bright and promising. I thank you for your effort and dedication. Sending welcoming wishes to a sweet baby boy, If you ever need something, then you know that I am always there for you. Congratulations! 33. With someone as brilliant and intelligent as you, you will really go far in life. Your brand new twin baby girls Your email address will not be published. He says that this gives a parent a clear picture of how their children are faring. Artist: Teri Nelson Kuster Artist Notes: A long golden tassel hangs down off of the black mortarboard Sending congratulation messages to your child will, in fact, motivate him/her and guide them towards the success. Wishing you all the best with your first baby who will make your days more adventurous, your nights more exciting, and your weekends more precious. Keep up the good work! Of an adorable brand new baby boy, It’s just an experience so do not give up. Dreams seldom materialize on their own. ♥ Happy first birthday to a special little girl and a big congratulations to her parents! Happily, it’s your life not mine, but you have my best wishes and promises of free babysitting sessions. Your mother will always there for supporting you. We would like to congratulate you on your first big leap to success. And this should be practiced at school and home. 2. It is decorated with congratulations from teachers and relatives, words of farewell and support from parents.

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