Watch the video below or Read on further for detailed instructions. All in all, I’d rather see a Blood, Bone and Guano Mix over a synthetic nutrient grow all day long.... but if you start looking into the environmental impact of some of the ingredients we use you’ll quickly consider making your own soil from totally local ingredients and once you have an idea how well this recipe performs you can start tweaking it to use what is available in your region. Then as a soil company gets larger they have to buy in large scale and start looking to the most affordable sources for ingredients such as, City Waste, Bio-Solids, Poultry Waste, Cattle Waste. * Karanja Cake (NPK, Micro Nutrients and reported Bug Defense all in one), * Kelp Meal (NPK, Micro Nutrients, Growth Hormones and many other benefits), * Crustacean Meal (Crab and/or Shrimp Meal) (Calcium, Nitrogen and Chitin along with other benefits). The top ingredients that are popular that most organic growers avoid are as follows: Blood meal, bone meal, guano, soy, cotton, corn and many other soil conditioners that come from potential GMO crops etc. For instance, Guano is really expensive and typically only brings one or two things to the table. Well, where do you start? When looking up the Volume for a “DRY” cubic foot in gallons you’ll find 6.4285 gallons. In this Recipe #2 we change the percentages to make a lighter soil that will allow for a gamble with local inputs without using a soil lab. You’ll notice that if you combine the rice hulls and pumice it’s basically a 1:1:1 mix we just like to add 2 aeration components. There is little regulation in the industry and the only approval for a Label is if you are citing NPK numbers or fertilizer claims. 1/2 cup crab shell meal. To be clear, we use 7.5 Gallons at BuildASoil. This INCLUDES a detailed report and soil test interpretation. Some claiming their soil is the best, others indicating that you should use spikes of nutrients and layers of different soil. ), 3. After a few changes this is what I came up with...the Clackamas Coot Soil Mix... Clackamas Coot Soil Mix By volume mix the following... 1/3 Canadian Sphagnum Peat Moss (CSPM) 1/3 Aeration - I use 3/8" pumice (aka volcanic glass - completely inert) Because they do break down over time, you don’t want your aeration portion to be made up entirely of rice hulls. And best of all it works fabulously in a SIP!!! Depending on the Carbon to Nitrogen ratio and the inputs used it can get as high as 160 Degrees when made in at least a 1 yard pile.

Calcium and magnesium are important to have and in the proper ratios. I like to keep things really minimal knowing I can always add more later.

With the additional inputs, you will want to use a 1/2 cup of each per cubic foot of soil you are making. 4-5 cups rock dust per cf Rock dust should be super fine: the consistency of flour. Consider the Kelp, Crustacean and Karanja inputs that I recently recommended. Now let’s say that you had access to a range of fertilizer amendments to use, which ones should you choose? I decided to go for a soil that would meet the needs for growing one of the highest dollar plants - weed. So if the recipe is a 3 part mix, that means each part will be 1/3rd of the total.

That is the LIVING part that makes this whole soil mix work. Please note you may find yourself needing more or less of the above inputs based on your grow setup. These recipes have been passed down for generations and will be available here for future generations. The ‘Coots’ compost mix is used religiously in various No-Till Soil blends due to its utter... Peat Moss. For this reason, be sure to error on the side of making a little too much soil instead of trying to be just right. We send you a package with soil sample bags and pre-printed form to send of to Logan Labs along with pre-paid postage to make it very simple. Let’s go over the recipe and then we can further discuss the best sourcing of the inputs. Well you won’t be surprised to find that most home gardeners use 7.5 gallons as a cubic foot but most soil companies use 6.4285 gallons per cubic foot. Here is a recipe that has been proven with soil testing at labs to have a good ratio of nutrients and minerals. © 2017 The Fermentation Farmer - Learn, Share, Grow, Think like a big company for a minute and compare bagged soil to our food industry but with less regulation, then you can see how bad the situation truly is. Check out our most popular recipes below! 2. This is benchmark to use at first and then start tweaking based on your situation. 1 Part would be 5 gallons. This is one area not to look for the cheap alternative. Mixing on a tarp keeps things clean and allows you to spread and flip the tarp edges to help mix the soil.

2. The Peatmoss is hydrophobic by nature and we like to use ThermX70 Yucca to help feed the soil microbes and also break the hydrophobic tension of the peat when moistening fresh soil. Disclaimer: This is a compilation of organic, sustainable, bottle free growing methods. Now that being said, the recipes that we call for don’t use Blood Meal or Guano or anything with really high nitrogen and normally these recipes don’t require and real cook time but the rule of thumb is to mix up your soil and let it sit for at least a week prior to use. 3. This allows companies to list ingredients that sound incredible but then fail to back them up with actual quantities used. The key here is quality compost/worm castings.

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