Cordyline tricolor Cordyline fruticosa 'Tricolor' - Source. The best method however is to drive a stake in at approximately 45 degrees angle to the side of your tree and then gently pull your tree back until it is vertical and then using a rubberised strap (available from Garden Centres) strap your tree to the stake. It is important though that to ensure that the roots are kept moist and in very hot weather it is going to be beneficial to spray the leaves over with water to cut down transpiration loss. I was actually thinking the Cordyline could be too dry, especially if in a pot. I have 2 cordylines about 5ft tall in the same border, one fell over in the strong winds but it did not die so I just pushed it back upright, held it in and staked it, but what has happend now is that it has produced a rather thick centre shoot that has fern like (for a better word) flowers... can you tell me what has happened and what should I do? If this is possible, should I put more holes into the pots for drainage purposes? It is also the wrong time of year for transplanting (December),  the Palms will receive a tremendous shock from being lifted and they will also have to withstand the winter weather conditions. If you cut your Cordyline Australis back to approximately six to eight feet from ground level Brian the Cordyline will then usually produce new shoots just below where you have cut back the stem. I cut it down to a stump of about two feet, expecting that would be the last of it! It is very important though Derek to tie the leaves back on a very dry day and I prefer to use white fleece to plastic bubble which I find more porous. 4 Jun, 2011 Lozduck. His knowledge is encyclopedic. I squeezed one and it had white liquid in.. can you please tell me if you know what these are? We purchased these from Northern Italy they are approx 10ft tall some are multi stemmed we have potted them in large wooden planters with a sand compost mix. My neighbour has a Cordyline Australis or Cabbage Tree in their garden. I feel the problem with your plant is that you may have tied your leaves together when wet which has caused damping off. Has it rotted at the base or just having a bad time? I would cut the shoots back now and this will give plenty of time for the cuts to heal and callous over during the winter months. I've rescued two scabby looking plants in old containers from my daughter-in-law (please don't tell her I said that). But, if you have to move your plant try and get as much root ball as possible when you are lifting it and, as you suggested, it needs to be placed in a very large container. I would like to re-landscape the garden and build raised beds. It was in the ground until May, when we noticed that the crown was sopping wet, and the leaves were brown, and pulling out easily. Once your tree is established it will in time produce large clusters of white flowers. The thick centre shoot will be the flowering shoot John and once this has started to go brown and die back this can be cut back to approximately two to three inches from the base of the plant and, you will find that in time once the Cordylines have become established they will produce a flowering stem. $(function(){ You are in: Lancashire > Nature > Features > Ask the gardener: cordylines. It is a little bit late in the year Sue for you to cut back your Cordyline and it would be far better waiting until next Spring which will allow your plant all Spring and Summer to produce new shoots. I am planning some raised beds (3 x 5 inch sleepers high), and approx three foot from front to back. When this happens it is advisable to cut these off. We were advised to put it back in a tub (as it was previously planted straight into the ground) as it could be getting too much water. A well drained compost is the ideal mix and you will occasionally over the summer period need to feed with a general base fertiliser along with keeping an eye on the watering.

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