We have had contraception since the late bronze age, and the sexual revolution is exactly wives not being spanked. As I stood outside the shop, ... Labels: female led relationship, flr, head shave, Strict wife, wife led marriage. See Saint Paul on how a wife should behave when her husband behaves badly. » In what sort of sense is ((Adam Sandler)) not just a random regular white dude?

The comparison between military nurses and telephone assistants in the UK and German armies isn’t telling at all, and the same goes for farming jobs (reported in the high-quality German stats, but missing in the US stats, since they were family-farm jobs you didn’t need to report). Easily 3-4 generations. If you assume half of those are killed by Whites (as you did in the last comment), that means 520 wifes (and girlfriends!) Location: Bangalore, Karnataka, India. beyond what they can handle. Donald trump. You are of course correct about modern women, no argument here.

Fifties America was a developed, culturally moderately patriarchal country with well above replacement fertility (3.5). Women have always found ways to influence this is good men are not infallible a wise man will listen before deciding a wise woman will be careful how she speaks lest she is not heard. – You change global society to dismantle some real or perceived remnant of radical Islam We will use the usual methods on women that have worked so well in the past. Domestic Discipline, or corporal punishment for a wife M We haven't talked about this for a really long time, and I thought this was a good time to bring it up again since we have a lot of new people. This resulted in lower fertility rates causing the Baby Bust.”. There is no official answer. One wonders if there’s any way to get Cathedralites to respect a marriage as much as they’d respect a BDSM contract. Or their husbands tell them to get pregnant, but, knowing women, more likely they choose to get pregnant, in part because they perceive their husbands as manly, in part because, perceiving their husbands as manly, they and their husbands act in ways that give them confidence in the solidity and durability of their marriage.

There can be much heartache and headache along they way if either one or both are more self centered than he or she is selfless. I am pretty sure its both. I’m only guessing at how pornography use might affect men emotionally in a similar way as polyamory and prostitition do. “That means you love her!” If a wife is leaving, probably sleeping with someone else. But today it is easy to find Jewish authors and producers of the time on record gloating about how they sneaked this or that bit of subversion past their censors, proving that that’s what they wanted. Couldn’t find a number just for whites. were financed by Jew schemers. She will suffer greatly, thence correcting her of her wrongs. Pragmatically, Jew criticism is a Schelling point. Is your point that under patriarchy, 600 wives would be killed by their husbands, but without patriarchy, these women would not be murdered? And as for exclusive sexual access , well yes but its a declining option. I will be very angry and sad for a very long time. answered Oct 26, 2011 by anonymous.

When I marry, if corporal punishment becomes part of it, I would certainly do it that way. And in general, when you grant abused women a license to do X, you effectively grant all women a license to do X. It’s just how it is. bondage is not degenerate, affirmative consent and femdom are. Second, there is no scenario in which quickly moving two million “refugees” into Germany promotes multiculturalism. I’m not married and doubt that I will marry because most men are offended by this idea of relations (“patriarchy”) as women are. If those data are correct, you get at 0,40 x 2600 = 1040 killings yearly. But nukes wouldn’t have helped. (Gold being a married woman living with and sleeping with her husband who shows up at the shelter with a black eye or similar.) – You blame patriarchy If I sleep with several women that is really great. So, esentially, those stats are useless. I think economic aspects certainly go into a mix that also contains education levels and aspirations, societal “ideals”, peer values, and even personal histories and attitudes. That’s because the capitalists are schlonging everyone, you can have a UBI and a government job if you help us take over! Well not all X are like that. In the god blessed united states of america that is. I mean really, 2015 was so 2015, its 2016 people, its just common sense.

Similarly in website building, you have women in the art harem, but you keep them several doors away from the programmers. Observe cats courting each other. The argument that “one man can fertilize plenty of women but not vice versa, ergo women more important for genetic continuity as men aren’t really needed” doesn’t hold water because a group of men who cooperate in war can defeat foreign/neighbor tribes and take all their women; women definitely can’t defeat any tribes on their own. I think that having only pornography, whores, and sluts damages men. So, it’s conceivable that no matter what Hitler had done, the US was going to get the atomic advantage and win. They are interesting to read even when I don’t agree with them. Realistically, men have needs and women have needs.

Apply social pressure on patriarchs to restrain their daughters and wards. A look into a leftist’s mind is always fascinating. The problem is that we have dysgenic reproduction, in that not only are women not producing children, it is the smartest women that most commonly failing to reproduce. There’s tons of info about the post-war baby boom. I would be fascinated to read about it. The stuff of some jews will almost certainly be taken in the reset.

Just look at (White) Iowa: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/07/24/seth-techel_n_5618268.html.

Baby boom about 75% above going rate for a decade. And the difference is always attendance at Cathedral schools and watching Cathedral television. All that is still missing the point.

But even in the late eighteenth century Australian colony, though the threat was common, the actuality was less common. The deal has to guarantee both the authority of the husband over his wife and children and the economic and emotional security of the wife and children, has to guarantee the father and husband obedience and respect, and the wife and children that they will be protected and looked after. This is a troll or a joke, right? Pointing out an example of a white leftist is basically an isomorphic variation of ‘not all X are like that!’, that time honored shitlib crimestop thoughtkill device (Hillary and Merkel are women anyways, so they don’t really count). I’ll spell it out for you in simpler terms.

“Freedom works”. The conspiracy theories are stacking up against Jim and Neoreaction. Corporal punishments also serve to strengthen the bonds of this type of I don’t know about black truck drivers. From Wikipedia: “Economist and demographer Richard Easterlin in his “Twentieth Century American Population Growth” (2000), explains the growth pattern of American population in the 20th century by examining the fertility rate fluctuations and the decreasing mortality rate. I think we are all hard-wired this way. War, even more than website building, is the kind of project where you don’t want women around, except of course as whores in the civilian logistic train, and assisting their fathers and husbands in the civilian logistic train (what used to be called the camp followers). The moral outrage directed at porn often originates with hoary/bald childless hedonists like Brian Uecker, who is in his 50s, “bald as a pumpkin”, and an avowed atheist. Give a hundred progressives helicopter rides and you’ll find plenty of jews in the ocean – no need to limit Pinochet’s generosity to the jews though. If we could impose that rule back then, if the Trumps can do that now, we can do it now. I'm not a Christian, so that route is canceled. At the risk of appearing to “pile on”, I have to say that I’ve encountered few paragraphs so rife with baseless assumption, misunderstanding, and erroneous conclusions. Some stranger comes over to beat her and fuck her, and she finds the beating was more than she wanted. It’s never your fault and always patriarchy’s fault. And if you want to look at things from that angle: her father won’t either. While I get that you advocate for the MRM, I don’t think corporal punishment is in anyway a good thing. I love old films and did notice the tone of the spankings portrayed in that era to be serious compared to the way that the spankings in the late forties and fifties are always presented in a comical context. I conjecture that the female cat thinks she should not be beaten up and raped, thinks she does not want to be beaten up and raped, but somehow strangely she heads off to visit a male cat and then spends a lot of time alone with the male cat giving him a really hard time. Tech has changed tremendously and its much harder to use faith and/or tradition as controls in a modern developed nation. So nothing artificial here, if you let women work, you win wars, hence their right to work and vote.

And within shit poor countries with unequal access to Cathedral controlled television, shit poor people who watch Cathedral television have terrible fertility.

No need to exterminate the zygotes and fetuses of Whites. I am not a joo or some upscale alpha male, I am a regular slob just like you. In particular, we have a lot of literature from eighteenth century Britain showing how it is done. If I were a female, I would have no confidence in the solidity and durability of my marriage if my husband was a long-term unemployed man in a depressed region in 1929, or if my husband was called to war after Pearl Harbour. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a988d19581d55eb7d6c0cd1c713e18f0" );document.getElementById("i64d63934e").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Jim's Blog is proudly powered by WordPress Entries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). We work hard to share our most timely and active conversations with you. The Dominatrix will often have a large range of tools to inflict various types of discipline to the submissive. — That’s why I am against women not being able to marry each other and get pregnant. Women already had the vote in the USA, ca. Except that on the chart fertility starts dropping before the depression and rebounds during the depression and WW2. The US was smarter and won the war. If more than 10% of the population in your territory consists of alien tribes, you have problems. In times of peace and prosperity — in a civilization built, of course, entirely by men — one could pretend that women are as valuable as men, or even more valuable, but that’s a great recipe for losing the peace and the prosperity of one’s civilization at a rapid pace. Enforcement means some people will be punished for bad behavior. Why on earth would tens of millions of white men and women be compelled to follow your plan in light of liberties and technological advancements? The thing is, dumb people are a liability anyway. Jim (and “peppermint”) have an ability to use poetic license, aka exaggeration, and blanket value assessments in a thought-provoking way. I feel that if whites are to be the ruling race, we can’t show other races that we hit our women. We strive to provide you with a high quality community experience. The only problem with breaking news is that they don’t consistently give the name and race of the suspect, but, after a couple of years, you can get all details. This was fifty years before the first Simpsons episode! @JRM There was a thing called “Operation Unthinkable” where the British forces simulated what would happen if the Soviet Union wanted to overrun Western Europe. A properly administered conjugal spanking is *symbolically* animalistic and barbaric, which is true of most healthy civilized male behavior and all healthy male sexual behavior (which happens to be the kind that women actually enjoy).

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