It is fitted with a Rockwell Collins Pro Line 4 flight and information system. This gear has been equipped with multiple durable Aircraft Braking System wheels, as well as disc steel brakes. CRJ200 Maximum landing weight: 47,000 lb 21,319 kgCRJ200 Maximum zero fuel weight 44,000 lb 19,958 kgCRJ200 Operating weight empty 30,900 lb 14,016 kgCRJ200 Maximum fuel load 14,305 lb 6,489 kgCRJ200 Maximum payload 13,100 lb 5,942 kgBombardier CRJ 200 Fuel Capacity: 2135 Gallons (US).2 main tanks (each): 700.0 gallons (US), 4760 pounds or 2159 kilogramsCenter Tank 735.0 Gallons (US), 4998 pounds or 2267 kilogramsCRJ200 Total Fuel Capacity: 2135.0 Gallons (US), 14518 pounds or 6585 kilogramsCRJ200 Serial Numbers: 7001 and up.

Blog posts that mention the Bombardier CRJ 200: First designed to replace another jet, the CRJ 200 is now used as the airframe for the Challenger 850. The normal cruising speed of the CJR200 is 785 km/h. There is a rear baggage area on the CRJ200 that provides 9 m3 of space. During the late 1990s, a substantially enlarged derivative of the airliner, referred to as the CRJ700, was developed; it was soon joined by the even larger CRJ900 and CRJ1000. ", "Government loan may help Bombardier win $3bn order . The initial variant, the CRJ100, was soon joined by another model, designated as the CRJ200. Those seats are nothing like the sardine style seats most of us who fly coach are used to. [4] Bombardier had specifically designed the new model to provide better performance and efficiencies than any of its nearest competitors at that time. Accordingly, in 1980, the company publicised its proposal for an expanded model of the aircraft, designated as the Challenger 610E, which would have had seating for an additional 24 passengers. [6], The Regional Jet program benefitted from the support of the Canadian government. I couldn’t find any incidents or accidents involving a CRJ 900. Did You Know That a Cadillac El Camino Exists? [4] During the 1990s, various additional versions and models of the type were developed and put into service. During the late 1970s, the relatively wide fuselage of the Challenger, which could comfortably seat a pair of passengers on each side of a central aisle, was observed by some Canadair officials to suggest that it would be somewhat straightforward to produce a stretch of the aircraft for the purpose of accommodating more seats. Several models of the CRJ have been produced, ranging in capacity from 40 to 50 passengers. [12] According to aviation author Dean Roberts, the CRJ100 had benefitted greatly from an industry-wide shift towards hub-and-spoke networks in the United States, which had resulted from the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978. When high-speed cruising is engaged, then the aircraft can easily reach 8600 km/h. Which Managed Futures ETF is Right for You? With four passengers in a row and a center aisle splitting them down the middle, it’s easy for all passengers to get a great seat on the flight. [8], During the spring of 1989, these investigations directly led to the formal launch of the Canadair Regional Jet program; it had been decided to retain the "Canadair" name despite the firm's purchase by Bombardier. Above Bombardier CRJ200 Specifications Page Photo from Wikimedia Commons. It is often considered to be a huge business strategy error to give your competitors your business. As the world’s most successful family of regional aircraft with over 1,900 regional jets in service and over 120 operators in 90 countries, a CRJ Series aircraft takes off or lands every 5 seconds. CRJ200 engines: 2 General Electric – GE CF34-3B1 engines (turbofan). [22] To address the backlog of nearly 250 aircraft, Bombardier worked to increase the rate of production from 9.5 regional jets per month to 12.5 regional jets. [7] The smaller size of the regional jets meant than, unlike traditional narrowbody jets, they could be used at the majority of secondary airports and avoid traditional hubs. ", "Business jets help Bombardier to break even. [19] Writing around this time, authors Bijan Vasigh, Reza Taleghani, and Darryl Jenkins declared that "the CRJ program [is] one of the most successful regional aircraft programs in the world".

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