Can't even get $150 for it, and it's stainless. Feb 18, 2014 For instance, I was on the verge of purchasing a particular northwest legal muzzleloader to hunt with up in Washington several years ago, but some unrelated life events intervened before I could actually buy the muzzleloader in question. In addition to helping you channel your inner Daniel Boone or Davy Crockett, this kit also gives you the full hands-on muzzleloader experience by building it yourself. Pair that with a 465 grain No Excuses conical bullet and it's a elk slayer. I have an optima that has been pretty awesome. CVA.

Thompson Center claims that the stock compresses slightly during recoil and can reduce felt recoil by 43%. If it’s legal to use where you hunt, then I HIGHLY recommend purchasing one. However, the brand new bolt-action CVA Paramount may very well dethrone the UML the best long range muzzleloader. The Optima is CVA’s mid-level break action muzzleloader, above the Wolf and below Accura. First, the Paramount is a .45 caliber muzzleloader designed to use up to 140 grains of Blackhorn 209 powder. I love my Optima Elite.   Your link has been automatically embedded. It has the higher quality, Bergara barrel. The PowerBelt ELR has a very high BC (for a muzzleloader bullet) of .452. Will update when I buy one. John. If you want a good muzzleloader for long range hunting, then the Remington Model 700 Ultimate Muzzleloader is another good choice. Additionally, if you don’t want a kit, you can also purchase both the flintlock and percussion cap ignition models of this rifle as finished products. I have both, as well as their Accura. The options I am looking at are the CVA Wolf Northwest, CVA Optima Northwest, and the Traditions Vortex Northwest.

I have owned both. The last thing any hunter wants is to purchase a poor quality muzzleloader or one that’s not legal to use during muzzleloading season where they hunt. CVA also produces a Northwest Legal model of the Wolf for use in the states of Idaho and Oregon that require the ignition be exposed to the elements and do not permit the use of 209 primers. from all accounts when they go off they shoot good groups. Upload or insert images from URL.

Finally, the CVA Paramount is not considered a firearm under federal law. The version of the CVA Wolf pictured here features a Durasight scope mount, which is permitted for use in most states. So, regardless of where you hunt, there’s probably a CVA Wolf muzzleloader that will work for you!

If you’re looking for the best muzzleloader for youth hunters, then look no further than the Traditions Buckstalker Youth. Blackhorn 209 vs 777 vs Goex Black Powder: Which One Should You Use In Your Muzzleloader? If so, then you should really consider the CVA Accura V2 Long Range with its unique thumbhole stock. Clear editor.

CVA markets the Paramount as capable of taking big game at ranges over 300 yards due to the incredible accuracy of the muzzleloader and the comparatively flat trajectories that hunters can obtain while using it.

We require that all new users contribute at least 10 posts before gaining the ability to start new threads. Bergara barrels are constructed using 416 grade stainless steel and are renowned as some of the most accurate mass produced barrels in the world.

Can y'all give me some pros and cons on each gun. I have been very impressed w CVA Optima.

JavaScript is disabled. I have had really good luck with CVA smokepoles. I have been shooting a TC Omega for 4 years. Unfortunately, I’m not aware of any .54 caliber inline muzzleloaders.

We love CVA's in our family! Theres just some minor changes with the v2 like the breaking lever. However, the Bone Collector also incorporates black traction grip panels on the forend, a great recoil pad, and what T/C calls a “Flex Tech” stock. Though the model shown here lacks a scope, it’s also available in packages that include a mounted and bore sighted scope from either Leupold or Vortex. However, while it is indeed an excellent break action muzzleloader for those who are new to the muzzleloader world, it’s still a very capable muzzleloader and is not limited to new hunters and will work perfectly for the vast majority of muzzleloader hunters. Powered by Invision Community. The ram rod is flimsy and the stock could use a better pattern for gripping with gloves on. Better velocities. The factory sights we're junk but other than that no issues. You must log in or register to reply here. CVA Optima V2. On the other hand, certain models of the brand new CVA Paramount Pro DO come with good iron sights for use in states like Colorado. I put a peep sight on mine with a aluminum custom shim to raise it up a bit.

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