During a family vacation to Orlando, she set her heart on becoming an orca trainer. [32][33] OSHA maintained that SeaWorld "willfully" endangered its employees and stated that the company "(shows) Plain indifference to, or intentional disregard for, employee safety and health." After Tilikum killed Dawn, the show was over. Brancheau's death was recorded on video, but hasn't resurfaced to this day. SeaWorld accepted no responsibility for Brancheau’s death. She married Scott Brancheau in 1996. SeaWorld filed a series of appeals, seeking to lift the ban and return to water performances but eventually gave up in 2014. In turn, this fostered and nurtured an air of superiority and arrogance in the upper echelons of the park’s management. Dawn Brancheau was a Sea World trainer who worked with various whales at Sea World Orlando. Systematically and methodically, they joined the pieces and yielded the truth. Local government investigators and OSHA had obtained SeaWorld's video surveillance footage, which captured her death, as well as photographs, which showed the effects of the attack. She started working with killer whales in 1996. [44][52][53] SeaWorld transitioned to being a publicly traded company in 2013. "[46], Brancheau's death has been seen as a factor in starting a trajectory of recalibration for SeaWorld. Cowperthwaite argued that the captivity of Tilikum and the harassment that it faced at ‘Sealand of the Pacific,’ where it was kept earlier, contributed to the orca's aggression. On February 20, 1991, it had attacked and drowned a part-time trainer named Keltie Byrne at the now-defunct ‘Sealand of the Pacific,’ and on July 6, 1999, Tilikum killed a 27-year-old man named Daniel P. Dukes in ‘SeaWorld Orlando.’. If an undesirable behavior occurs, it is because the trainer missed a known precursor. Brancheau’s beaming smile had been snuffed out forever. Lawmakers in California and the US House of Representatives proposed legislation to phase out orca captivity, and the California Coastal Commission moved in 2015 to ban orca breeding. [23], Brancheau was buried at Holy Sepulchre Cemetery in Worth Township, Cook County, Illinois. [19][20] The orca's move seems to have been very quick, pulling her underwater and drowning her. The autopsy report said that Brancheau died from drowning and blunt force trauma. February will mark the seventh anniversary of the death of SeaWorld Senior Trainer Dawn Brancheau. on Feb. 24, 2010, Brancheau’s death affected massive change for SeaWorld and for the whale himself. SeaWorld, the family-friendly marine park whom everybody loved, was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. grrlpunk, Other Works She was born to Marion and Charles LoVerde. She also married SeaWorld stunt water skier Scott Brancheau the same year. The court amplified this, aligning itself with the OSHA expert witness: "Dr. Duffus stated, '[T]he training program that SeaWorld uses is influential. This time, however, the ban was more pronounced due to the intervention of ‘Occupational Safety and Health Administration’ (OSHA). Dawn lived each day to the fullest and was always looking for ways to brighten someone’s day through a kind and loving act. [4] Moving from pool to pool in the complex, they eventually directed Tilikum to a smaller, medical pool, where it would be easier to calm him. OSHA stated SeaWorld knew of the dangers to its trainers from killer whale interactions and chose to ignore them. It also promotes the significance of community service.

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