You can also associate this noise to the one you hear when you sign onto the internet (modem or fax noise). (thanks to Chisus), .

And money, And new clothes – Chino

I don’t even play guitar on the verses, but my guitar is just ringing. Your daily fix for DEFTONES info is here! I thought it was pretty cool.’, . Re: Deftones pictures, interviews, magazine scans. SONGLYRICS just got interactive. later,(R()()K()NE, crookone- -thats correct.the story behind the remix is that chino and jonah did the guitar and singing over a ‘casio’ type beat that i believe jonah made. Like the Marshall JMP1 and the ADA MP1. He said the part is ‘Walk into this world with your head up high!’, .

. But the true reason for that is that on some parts of the song (more on the pre-chorus) he doesn’t have to even pluck a string because it’s not played on any frets. 10. I’d try to sleep during the day and I couldn’t because of all the light. (Thanks to: Jamie Nickerson). more », Sheet Music  Here’s what Chino had to say about the woman he talks about in ‘Mascara’: But it was not over, cause Chino climbed the bars and started the chorus “I feel sick…” but another crazy guy started to tear up Chino’s shirt as if it was a souvenir or something, he was wearing a shirt like this |here|…but Chino didn’t like it at all, cause after the souvenirs man tore up his shirt, Chino almost punched him, but he didn’t reach his face. It’s rumored that it will came out with the Deftones Home video this year. If you listen to the first Soulfly CD on track number 5 a song entitled “Bumba”, in the middle of the song (I am guessing its the bridge) a riff is played and it sounds identical to the ‘Headup’ riff (starts at 2’25”). Dai The Flu Mascara !” And after that the stupid fan stopped to make shit like that. New melodies, new whole idea.

Dopp/New Profile Design Now Live Across All Wikis, Craiglpalmer/SOPA and PIPA Situation Summary, Sarah Manley/Wikians, We Want Your Feedback, Ericmoro/Represent Your Wiki at Comic-Con, Sarah Manley/Celebrating the Wikis of 2010 - A Community Contest, Dopp/Communicate Easily with Message Wall, So I wonder if Chino borrowed the lyrics or if it’s just a coincidence. All the verses are literally a combination of my preamp, a crazy-ass distortion pedal over top of it, and some delay reverb goin’ on. . It’s quite obvious. You wont hear it at first but just listen to those seconds a couple of times and you’ll hear it. And i move like music,

You can check the star that Chino has on his belt, it’s something like the one they use in their White Pony flag.

Another secret I found when I was talking to Chino is that this song was to be called ‘Labia’ wich is a female genital area. Rx Queen This song is by Deftones, features Scott Weiland and appears on the album White Pony (2000). Did you know when chino recorded head up with Max, that when Chino was singing his parts there was a picture of Dana (Max’s stepson) in a frame that Chino had in his hand, and while the song got aggressive Chino smashed the picture into his face.. and all Max can remember when singing this song is Chino’s bloody face… I’ve heard this story before, and I’m pretty sure that I read it somewhere when I became a Deftones fan… (thanks to Autopsy17), . and all this was recorded on a 4 track cassette. (thanks to Autopsy17) “MX” is also an abbreviation for MotoCross, one of Chino’s hobbies.

I’m about to make a video myself and direct it for a song called “Around the Fur” it’ll be just crazy, and MTV I’m sure won’t play it because you can’t show that kind of stuff on TV.”.

New podcast interview -this was all done ‘bedrooom’ style on our respective 4 track machines. (thanks to Brandon Capps). It was just something that I was feeling at the moment. "RX Queen Lyrics." We didn't recognize the URL you provided. Test your MusicIQ here! I ended up putting tin foil over all the windows.” Here’s a cool chat between my friend Matt (DeadAtTheKoolAidParty) and DJ Crook (crookone): DeadAtTheKoolAidParty – whats shakin, crook? Right then it became one of my favorite songs, ’cause it was something I completely changed around myself. I find something new to love about this album every time I return to it!

Chino always uses a highly sensitive mic that picks up every little sound he makes.

Quote from: from_musings on Nov 02, 2020, 01:39 AM might as well put em up! So there you go, I guess this is the most credible meaning for the weird name ‘Mx’.

It was really hard to convincing Annalynn, but after days of persistence she finally gave in and made a great duet with Chino Moreno. Listen while you read! Review: RIFF-it. The word Rickets is (dictionary definition) a disease of childhood, characterized by softening of the bones as a result of inadequate intake of vitamin D and insufficient exposure to sunlight. It sounds like this “fart” when Chino screams the word “What”…”…a surprise” (which I thought was quiteWhat”…”…a surprise” (which I thought was quite humorous).

My Own Summer (shove it) lol… i hope you can understand what im askin…peace!

Be Quiet and Drive (far away)


On 1996 (before Around the Fur’s release) PJ Harvey joined John Parish and both decided to release a LP – “Dance Hall at Louse Point” – On this album there’s a song called “Rope Bridge Crossing”, here’s one of the chorus of this song: And i dream of running . (need some adjustments) Just a small insight, If you are watchin... Quote from: E-Money on Oct 30, 2020, 02:57 AM Been having some personal issues and didn’t want to associate this album with a bad time for me personally. Artist: Deftones. FAVORITE (0 fans) Deftones. and it came out sounding kinda cool. And what do I get?   And when they played “Lotion” the weirdness began. This song is track #5 of her album called “To Bring You My Love”.

I guess it is Stef’s distortion but it sure looks like someone’s opening the goddamn door! Here’s what Chino had to say when he was asked if there was any particular person he was referring to in “Lotion”:

So it felt pretty good.

So there you go, Robert Smith from the Cure was about to play this song on the Bizarre Festival’98 with the Deftones, but for some reason that didn’t happen. .

On the final chorus of this song, just as it is beginning, In between the times of 2′:20” and 2′:25” you can almost hear what sounds like a phone ringing. I thought that during the ‘Be Quiet and Drive’ video, Chi Cheng wasn’t playing the right notes. (thanks to Rolando “Rizos”), . 3 Nov. 2020. Max Cavalera: “The name came up on the Deftones ‘Around the Fur’ record (..) we wrote ‘Headup’ together. . . He came up with this idea after his first choice PJ Harvey gave up, because of divergences between tour dates and record labels .

(thanks to Nate, Danny and Chisus) -they mailed me the cassette and i added the ‘kick’ and ‘rimshot’, some horn samples and the ‘metallicy’ sounding beat at the end. Chino: “It’s about my wife.”.   I think that’s how singers usually record, but on the first record I recorded everything live with the band in the room, with a little Shure 58 microphone. Playlist, Written by: ABE CUNNINGHAM, ABRAN CUNNINGHAM, CHI CHENG, CHINO MORENO, CHINO CAMILO MORENO, STEPHEN CARPENTER. (thanks to jorge “mos_shark”), .

. Chino’s favorite song on ATF is Mascara. Chino took these verses of PJ Harvey’s “Teclo”. On the last 20 seconds of “Headup” it looks as if Chino is singing another song.

I would just hit the old bottle of wine… I had a music stand with some of my lyrics on it, some candles burning, and instead of using a hand-held microphone like I usually use, I was using a really nice microphone. (thanks to Drew Birch), . am i wrong and thats a guitar?

Abe’s wife – Annalynn – is the female voice that trades lines with Chino in “Mx”…, Let me think – Chino

See a pic of that |here|. At the Deftones Live at SIR Rehearsal Hall, just before they play Mascara, Chino tells the crowd that he called a friend up and his friend had heard the new record (When Around the fur came out) and his friend said “your new album is the shit but there is one song that is just “sorry”” and Chino was like “which one is that” and his friend said “track number 3”. Lotion

(thanks to WiCkeDkrON) Chino: “Yes, there is… there’s a certain person that I can’t really tell… a person who fucked with me. Max Cavalera named his band – SOULFLY – thanks to ‘Headup’. Before the end of “Lotion”, Chino stood still on the pit looking at his wrecked shirt and singing “I feel sick right here, I feel sick right here…” Then on the end of “Lotion” Chino climbed to the stage again and tore up the rest of his shirt and sang “Bored”. RX Queen Deftones Buy This Song.

Think you know music? Sometimes when they play “Be Quiet and Drive”, Chino starts with some verses like “Long goes the night…longer the day…”. (0 fans), Deftones is an American alternative metal band from Sacramento, California, founded in 1988. He uses his standard ESP horizon signature model and he also uses a black ESP viper.

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