All rights reserved. Oral arguments in the case are set for Wednesday afternoon at the First District Court of Appeals. Denise Williams is serving a life sentence for the murder of her husband Michael Williams, who disappeared while duck hunting back in December 2000. Panel of judges to decide on Denise Williams' conviction appeal Attorneys for the woman convicted of orchestrating her husband's murder was in court Wednesday to appeal her conviction. The attorney general's office maintains that Denise Williams planned her husband's death with her boyfriend. : no Click the icon to the right to download this Judgment. “That the State chose to grant him immunity so that it could quell the negative publicity surrounding its failure to solve a cold case is unfortunate, to say the least. © 2020 "If you sit there and you plan a murder over the course of a year or longer and then the murder occurs, you don't get to back away and say 'Gee, I never thought that would occur.' ► Denise Williams' attorney points to own juror interview to support retrial motion. "When she's writing checks behind the victim's back to keep the policy open, when she's encouraging the victim to take out more life insurance when she is simultaneously plotting his demise, those are acts in furtherance of the murder," Benjamin Hoffman argued on behalf of the state. Williams struggled to get out of his waders and when he did, Winchester shot him in the face from mere feet away. “Her convictions, based on words alone — words attributed to her by the perpetrator, 18 years later, in exchange for immunity — violate well-settled Florida law.”. Williams, 49, is serving a life sentence for the murder of her husband Mike Williams, and another 30 years for helping to plot the killing of the Tallahassee real estate appraiser. “The real culprit was Brian Winchester. "There is still nothing that the defendant did or said that helps Winchester in the actual commission of the crime.". About a dozen of Denise Williams' family and friends filled the second floor courtroom during the nearly hour long hearing. Last season, Godby went 7-18 and didn’t advance past the district tournament. Padovano points to prosecutor Jon Fuchs’ closing argument in which he noted Denise Williams’ cold nature as Winchester recounted the killing, and asked jurors to consider her demeanor. Ethan Way, Williams’ trial attorney, interviewed a juror and concluded that the panel assessed Williams’ demeanor in their decision. Didn’t shed a tear,'" the appeal reads. For nearly 20 years Mike Williams’ disappearance remained a mystery until Winchester, faced with prison time for kidnapping Denise Williams at gunpoint, spilled to investigators under immunity the grisly murder plot and his wife’s involvement. TALLAHASSEE, Fla (WCTV) - A Tallahassee woman found guilty of plotting her husband's murder is now asking the courts to toss out her conviction and sentence. The Leon County Canvassing Board is hard at work counting tens of thousands of mail-in ballots. TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WCTV) — The First District Court of Appeals is scheduled to hear oral arguments this week in the. Oral / … The defendant was convicted as a principal to a first-degree murder she did not commit, did not participate in, and did not facilitate,” Padovano wrote. Winchester, recounting in court the morning of Dec. 16, 2000, said he pushed Mike Williams out of the boat in the early morning hours. “Unfortunately for the State, this was an alleged motive in search of any actual evidence,” Padovano wrote in a 61-page brief. Pending before Privy Council? But Denise Williams should not suffer as a result.”. What I am arguing is there is no evidence of assisting in the commission of this crime," defense attorney Phil Padovano told the court. Brian Winchester's attorney Tim Jansen was there. In a shocking twist of events, in 2018 (and on his daughter's 19th birthday), Mike Williams' wife, Denise Williams-Winchester, was arrested on charges of first-degree murder, fraud, conspiracy, and accessory after the fact. Now, a three judge panel will go over Wednesday's oral arguments. Chief Meteorologist Mike McCall takes a look at your forecast for the evening of Monday, November 2. Williams’ attorneys also contend prosecutors unfairly prejudiced the jury when they showed photos of her in bed with another woman and commented on her demeanor during the trial. According to the online docket, each side will have 15 minutes to make its case. Latoya Denise Williams Vs. Commissioner of Police The court allows the appeal on Count 1 and substitutes a sentence of 56 days. They chose for strategy reasons to make a comment on her stone face in court and I rebutted that.". So was prosecutor Jon Fuchs. “As the prosecutor reminded the jury during closing, Denise just 'sat [t]here' at the trial 'absolutely stoned face [sic]. Attorneys for Denise Williams will appeal her 2018 murder conviction, claiming the evidence is “thin” that she had any role in her husband’s disappearance and killing almost 20 years earlier. His argument: The convictions should be overturned or, failing that, a new trial awarded. He's the former best friend of her husband, convicted in his death. He confessed to shooting his friend in the face during a staged duck hunting trip at Lake Seminole near the Georgia border, then driving his lifeless body back to Tallahassee. He then led them to Mike Williams’ body. He hoped that his friend’s waders would fill with water and drag him to the lake bed. Denise Williams appeals murder conviction and life sentence, Godby girls looking for rebound year in shortened season, Leon County Canvassing Board counts record number of mail in ballots, Tallahassee businesses offer free rides to the polls, Jefferson County to leave Sunshine State Athletic Conference, Local Democrats and Republicans both say they feel confident ahead of Election Day, Mike's Monday Evening Forecast: November 2, 2020, Valdosta Police investigating death at home on Gornto Road. He'd buried it in the muck along the shores of Carr Lake in northern Leon County. "Planning a crime is a crime. is serving a life sentence for the murder of her husband Mike Williams, and another 30 years, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. The state unfairly painted her as an unlikable person and used her demeanor at trial — not legally sufficient evidence — to garner favor with the jury just before deliberations, Williams’ attorneys wrote. Williams lawyers want her to either be released or get a retrial. Her appellate attorneys argued that the jury never heard of anything that Denise Williams said or did that proved she worked with Brian Winchester. The crime was committed with the help of her lover and later husband Brian Winchester. “The State utterly failed in its burden to establish that Denise committed the requisite act in furtherance of the murder and also failed to meet the elements to prove a conspiracy beyond a reasonable doubt,” the appeal reads. They made the comment first. Far from it. When you do that, it’s called opening the door," said Jon Fuchs, the state prosecutor on the case. There's no timeline for when they have to come back with an answer. A ruling could take weeks or months. Even with so many options to vote this year, sometimes finding the transportation to do so can still be a challenge. Denise Williams was convicted in 2018 of her husband Mike Williams' murder in 2000. ► Follow the footsteps of the Mike Williams case. They also picked out a moment in the states rebuttal during that first trial when prosecutors focused on Denise Williams' demeanor both after the murder and during the trial. Her arrest and conviction came after Winchester admitted 18 years later that the pair planned the murder so they could be together and cash in on Williams’ life insurance policies. Attorneys for the woman convicted of orchestrating her husband's murder was in court Wednesday to appeal her conviction. "They don’t get to make a comment on something and then tell the state that they can’t make a comment. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Her appellate attorney, retired 1st District Court of Appeal judge Philip Padovano, will appear before a three-judge panel of that court at 2 p.m. Wednesday. After multiple political events in Tallahassee on Sunday, leaders on both sides say they feel confident about the election. All other sentences and orders of the magistrate continue.\\r\\n\\r\\n. One of the jurors spoke with the Tallahassee Democrat about deliberations and said, when prompted, that they noticed her lack of emotion during portions of testimony.

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