However, as time has passed, he has noticed indications of his powers returning through some unknown means. He has trained in a number of sports and, for a time, played basketball competitively.

He grew up in Beacon Hills, in a house named for them, called Hale House. However, Isaac soon wandered, and the chaos with the Kanima added an extra level of complication to establishing a new pack, as well as Peter's unlikely return.

However, the murder of his sister drove him back. He grew up in Beacon Hills, in a house named for them, called Hale House. Since the two packs integrated, Derek shares leadership of the Beacon Hills Pack with Scott and often finds himself, as the more experienced werewolf, taking up a mentoring role. Derek's family were very well off, and as the oldest (legally) living child, he controls the vast majority of the Hale Estate. -claws Personality Edit. Being one of the most popular boys in school, Derek had an easy life that was only disturbed by his older sister Laura Hale, but that’s what sisters do right?

Derek is profoundly protective of Beacon Hills and those who are dear to him, putting himself in serious danger for them time and time again. He is only able to incline people to regard him more favorably and not able to manipulate others into doing things that are strictly against their ethics, but charm, distraction, and enabling are all very possible. Though some events, Derek and team managed to kill Peter, giving Derek the Alpha powers. Kate slept with him, deceived him, manipulated him and he believed it all. It can be assumed that his enhanced wolf abilities could allow him to accomplish certain stunts or dangerous acts.

Due to his being a werewolf, Derek is vulnerable to all of the weaknesses that affect werewolves.

He is deeply affected with serious trauma and at times seems to display indications of PTSD. Those familiar with him will understand that under it all, he really does do his best to help and save others. After this, Erica and Boyd went missing, but Derek soon helped them into hiding, to avoid the new threat of the alpha pack, which he helped to fight. Derek is exceptionally well-trained in survival, with a broad array of useful skills such as pathfinding, tracking, foraging, herbalism, first aid, and so many more. This affects them in various ways, such that they are at their strongest when the moon is full and their weakest during a lunar eclipse. After a fire destroyed his home and killed most of his family years ago, Derek left Beacon Falls. Through his werewolf heritage, Derek is gifted with agility far greater by several degrees than any regular human. Most werewolves eventually learn to control their shifts and to manage their emotions via various methods. È il padre di Scott ed ex marito di Melissa, che dopo anni di assenza torna a Beacon Hills con l'intento di recuperare il rapporto con il figlio. Supernatural Beings Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. However, he was unaware of the fact that she was a Werewolf Hunter and was only using him to get information on his family. He is highly knowledgeable about werewolves and other such beings, and he possesses vast volumes of information that most do not.

Derek has learned to take the shape of a massive direwolf. Peter Hale is the father of Malia (Hale) Tate, the younger brother of Talia Hale and the uncle of Laura, Derek and Cora Hale.Peter always resented the fact his sister, Talia, was the Alpha, and he believed it rightfully belonged to him. Alpha werewolves are able to create more werewolves, usually referred to as betas, by biting them or, in some cases, by clawing them deeply enough. With my teeth.

Tyler Lee Hoechlin (/ ˈ h ɛ k l ɪ n /; born September 11, 1987) is an American actor.Initially earning recognition for starring as Michael Sullivan Jr. in the 2002 film Road to Perdition, Hoechlin went on to star as Martin Brewer on 7th Heaven between 2003 and 2007. His fangs are keen and his jaw powerful enough to shatter solid bone. His uncle, Peter, resented Talia's alpha status and began his attempts to manipulate the family, starting with Derek. Not quite family, not quite enemies. He keeps himself up to date and aware of changes, regarding Beacon Hills as something of his responsibility.

He owns Hale House and the land it sits on, as well as having significant financial resources at his disposal. He can be impulsive in this way, which in large part may have led to him turning the three betas of his pack in the first place.

Werewolves are naturally regarded by most other animals as dominant predators and are typically able to dominate or frighten away other animals.

Basic Information Full Name Derek [TBD] Hale Age 27 Species Werewolf Gender Male Sexual Orientation Unknown: Alias(s) Miguel Physical Attributes Height 6' Weight 190 lbs of muscle and stubble Eye Color Magical Rainbow of greens and blues and a bit of brown Hair Color Black Skin Color For a few years, things were normal and Derek had a semi-normal life in New York with his sister.

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