Compiled here are demon names that should perk your interest, or have you researching about some pretty dark entities.

She informs the Prince of her plan to have the Dwarfs bury Snow White alive and then leaves him to his death, still chained and trapped in a subterranean chamber filling with water[51] to slowly drown. [21][38], According to Bettelheim, "only the death of the jealous queen (the elimination of all outer and inner turbulence) can make for a happy world.

In the end, the Queen and Maleficent put their differences aside as all villains should stick together and advise Hades to find evil within himself, and not from others. "[32], Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar regard Snow White and her mother/stepmother as two female stereotypes, the angel and the monster. [49] She was originally voiced in English by Lucille La Verne, who achieved her voice change for the role of the Witch by removing her false teeth.

The Grimm brothers invented the motif of the Queen's execution at Snow White's wedding; the original story sees her punished by the King. The Queen has magical power only over her own domain, which is the castle.[11]. "[34] Zipes opined that the Queen character is much more complex and "as a figure she is much more fascinating than this dumb, innocent, naïve Snow White. Desperate to avoid her sentence, the Queen uses this wand to gain trust of Snow White and to turn her a figurine, then takes the form of the princess to ambush the dwarfs and do the same with them. "[286] Similarly, fashion designer and Angelina Jolie's Maleficent collaborator Stella McCartney said: "My favorite Disney film was Snow White.

[312][313] When Filmation announced their own animated sequel to the fairy tale, the studio was sued by Disney until Filmation promised their characters would not resemble the ones from the Disney film. In this story, Grimhilde (Grimilde) enlists the aid of her great admirer and past suitor, the evil King Arbor of Vegetalia, in a plot to use a magic crystal device to swap her old body with Snow White's. [110][111][112] She is, however, playable in some of them, such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Game in the Disneykins franchise[113] and Disney Villains Collector's Edition Monopoly. Intending to kill Snow White herself, she uses witchcraft to prepare poison and take the disguise of an old peddler woman. [58], The original outline of the story featured another attempt by the Queen to kill Snow White, using a poisoned comb, an element taken from the Grimms' version of the tale (the Dwarfs would arrive in time to remove it).

She then has him given to the torturers, described as "the Nubians",[11] and "exits with a dirty laugh. This motif changed in subsequent versions,[25] after 1819. After the failure of this, her Mirror convinces her to finally quit "this whole curse business" and focus on her current career as a television horror host. "[45] Cashdan argued that, from a psychological viewpoint, the Queen could not flee or get merely locked up in a dungeon or exiled, as the story has portrayed her "as a thoroughly despicable creature who deserves the worst conceivable punishment." [310] The first names for the magic-wielding antagonist couple The Glooms in Disney XD's own series The 7D (2014) ― set in a timeframe before the Seven Dwarfs first met Snow White ― might have been inspired by the Evil Queen character's alternate name "Grimhilde", with the bumbling warlock husband named "Grim" and the determined witch wife named "Hildy".

[52] He also said he based the Witch's concept art on a woman who lived across the street from him. [332] The Queen also appears in Counting Scars, Oh My Disney's Halloween 2014 parody music video of OneRepublic's "Counting Stars". Vanquishing the queen represents a triumph of positive forces in the self over vain impulses." Elements of this sub-plot have also made their way into some other Disney's Snow White fiction and visitor attractions. The Disney version of the character was very well received by film critics, even as some were disturbed (columnist Dorothy Kilgallen for instance urged Disney to not make future villains as scary as the Witch[58]).

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