The Devon Rex Cat, known for its slender body, short wavy coat, large ears, and splendid temperament, didn't capture our unsuspecting hearts until 1960.

Seemingly related to a dog, they will walk on a leash, heel, follow you from room to room, and greet you at the door. Its contract is different for those who buy Devon Rexes for breeding. References Barron’s Enyclopedia of Cats—J.A.

These cats are known to be very intelligent, able to master difficult tricks and even recognize their owner’s name as well as their own. Since the Devon sheds less than other breeds, you can snuggle back all you want without covering yourself in cat hair. Your pet will also be microchipped and registered in CFA or TICA. Breeders think that the calico female mother and the curly-coated father must have been related, since the Devon Rex gene that governs the curly coat is recessive and must be present in both parents to produce curly-coated kittens. He’s gets along with ... *** DISCLAIMER ***For more info on adoption, you MUST send an email directly to since Adopt-A-Pet is having issues with em... LuLu is a young Devon Rex mixture: a sweetheart with pointed ears, a short curly coat and an extra dash of intelligence. I'm Black Panther, a cool curly-haired fluff ball. Most Devons choose one favorite person on whom they lavish their most ardent love, and with whom they will most often prefer to embrace.

Sale Price $24.00 $ 24.00 $ 30.00 Original Price $30.00 (20% off) ... Devon Rex Cat Mama / Shirt / Tank Top / Hoodie / Devon Rex Cat Shirt / Devon Rex Gift / Devon Rex Lover / Devon Rex Owner / Devon Rex Mom BlockMerch. This breed is generally healthy. Necessary vaccinations are always done by the breeders themselves once the kittens hit a certain age.

A $200 holding fee is required to reserve the chosen kitten with the remaining balance due at pick up or delivery. More terms will be discussed during the initial phone call with the cattery but just like other breeders, it requires a $350 deposit. Looks like you already have an account!
It can hand deliver them by car if you’re within the North East region or you may opt for a World Wide Courier Service where you could meet with a courier at the nearest airport. Lastly, the contract includes a 72-hour Health Guarantee as well as a 3-year Genetic Guarantee. Preferring to perch on your shoulder or sit in your lap, this cat will implore your undivided attention every hour of the day. Help Your Best Friend: What Is Cushings Disease in Dogs? Price of pet-only Devon Rex kittens. Many colors, some young adults. Price $2,100.00. The Devon was accepted by TICA in 1979, the same year that TICA was formed. They have a strong sense of curiosity and want to be involved in whatever you're doing, whether it's chopping vegetables for dinner or showering for a Saturday night date—and they’ll be more than happy to help you put on your makeup, as well! Note that you shouldn’t over-vaccinate cats since it can make them sick too. Who doesn’t love pictures of new Devon Rex kittens! Where to find Persian kittens for sale? The most common devon rex material is ceramic. These are basically the vaccines and boosters that your cat needs.

However, fees will apply for shipping depending on the location especially if you’re out of its covered area. Find the perfect Devon Rex kitten of your dreams. Grooming is low-maintenance requiring little more than the stroke of your hand. Contact the cat breeders below for Devon Rex Kittens For Sale. Her owner became ill and had to go to a nursing home.Trinity was placed in the Richardson Animal rescue shelter where sh... Peaches is a wonderful little kitten with unique color patterns.
Kittens For Sale!CFA registered Devon Rex kittens. In 1972, ACFA became the first United States association to accept the Devon Rex for showing in the championship ring. Their price will be analyzed in more details as below. These kitties will be spayed or neutered and up to date on vaccinations and deworming before they travel to their new homes. The price includes the first two to three vaccinations, a folder containing all the health papers and CFA registration, one-year health warranty, as well as a care sheet. If a health certificate is needed for transport, it would cost you an additional $37. Although the initial impression of the curly coat may be that he is related to the Cornish Rex, the two coats are caused by different gene mutations and breeding the two together will not produce coats of either type. Kirlee had a curly coat. Getting one can help you save in a long run. All other airline fees are handled by the buyer. A 14-lb. I'm a cuddle bug that loves to hang out on your lap and purr with all ... Hi!

Also has Singapura Cats.

Devon Rex Kittens For Sale in Bassett, Nebraska United States, Litter DescriptionDevon Rex Kittens for Sale, Kittens For Sale!Devon Rex cats, kittens available for adoption. Their unique trait lies in their ability to change their appearance and temperament according to the weather (literally). It can hand deliver your kitten at spots within an hour from the zip code 61859 for free.

Devon Rex Kittens Names: Luna Gender: Female Status: AVAILABLE Breed: Devon Rex Kitten Price: $900 Buy Luna Names: Toby Gender: Male Status: AVAILABLE Breed: Devon Rex Kitten Price: $800 Buy Toby Names: Sophie Gender: Female Status: AVAILABLE Breed: Devon Rex Kitten Price: $900 Buy Sophie Names: Apolo Gender: Male Status: AVAILABLE Breed: Devon Rex Kitten Price: $800 Buy Apolo […] This is Trinity. With her passion for breeding the Devon Rex, the owner established this cattery in 1999. The Devon likes to eat together with the whole family. All Devon Rex kittens of JUMANJI cattery.

To learn more, visit the Safety Center. The exact price of a Devon Rex Cat depends on a breeder and several other factors. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Kittens For Sale!Now Accepting Reservations! Please. Unlike the somewhat similar Sphynx, who can be shy around strangers, the Devon Rex is everyone’s best buddy, including children and dogs. You can find photos of new litters in tab “New Litters” on and contact the owner for more information. 472 Renata female kitten Devon Rex. It also has a special pair price of $1,800 since these pixie cats love company.

Often referred to as “pixie cats”, the Devon possesses an unmistakable appearance: unusually large ears that grow in the lower part of the head, the root of the ears is large and getting smaller when reaching the top of the ears.

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