Educating the public, if indeed that notion was even considered, came subliminally. The Packaging:A special note about the packaging for the Disney's True-Life Adventures Volume 4: Nature's Mysteries. Certainly the good will that these films have promoted concerning our environment outweigh an unfortunate incident in one of the shorts. Indeed, when Walt was ready to release the first full-length feature film in the True-Life Adventures series, The Living Desert, RKO again demurred, forcing Walt and Roy to form their own distribution arm, the famed Buena Vista company, further enriching the Disney studio and generating a far greater field of exhibition for future Disney films. And these cycles, like the seasons, will continue forever. Once completed, Walt faced the uphill battle of selling the odd little short. Here are the shorts and features included in the Disney's True-Life Adventures Volume 4: Nature's Mysteries: Introduction By Roy DisneyAn introduction by Roy E. Disney, the son of Roy Disney, and nephew of Walt Disney, is included on each of the four volumes of the Disney's True-Life Adventures discs. I certainly remember being in awe of the views of nature on display in the True-Life Adventures; watching them today, there are still sequences that are astounding to behold (the wolverine/osprey battle in White Wilderness). Here, Walt goes back through the studio's history to show the development of the True-Life Adventures series. Play the Phineas and Ferb game, Where's Perry, and catch Perry as many times as possible by clicking on him. Perri (film) The first, and only, True-Life Fantasy. It runs 74 minutes. If you buy these as gifts, they make quite an impression when first opened. This segment is probably the best of the four docs featuring Martin - perhaps because it's twice as long as the other ones. It runs 74 minutes. Collectors' CornerDisney historian Stacia Martin shows off some collectibles and marketing items from Perri and Secrets of Life. Filmmakers' JournalThis 35 minute documentary, again with no date (although it's a mixture of old and new interview footage) features a detailed look at some of the participants in the True-Life Adventures series, including more interesting anecdotes from Roy Disney. It's an invaluable look at the series' production. having heard of it in my childhood , i was courious and asked to borrow it , to my surprise i was very impressed with it. I won't justify such treatment, but I will say that attitudes towards the treatment of animals on film sets have drastically changed over the decades, and it's unfair to hold yesterday's films to today's standards (I don't hear the same critics who decry this sequence call for a ban of all John Ford films - a lot of horses bit the dust from trip wires on his productions). And those Disney features that have a spiritual connection with the True-Life Adventures series, such as 1966's Charlie, The Lonesome Cougar, have been given rather shabby treatment in their DVD releases. The war-related work that Disney was commissioned to deliver, and the subsequent sidetracking of his artists away from their pre-war animation projects, had also substantially impacted Disney's ability to produce full-length animated features, which took years of planning and execution before they could reach the screens. Original Theatrical TrailersOriginal theatrical trailers are included for Perri and aSecrets of Life. True-Life nature photography is used to tell the tale of a female tree squirrel named Perri who encounters many different forest creatures, both friendly and dangerous, as she grows up through the four seasons and finds a mate named Porro. And thus, the True-Life Adventures series was born. But instead of a similar metal tin cover, the True-Life Adventures tin has a thick, clear plastic cover so you can see the displayed can. Winston Hibler,

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