i have been playing a lot with led adhesive strip lights (kitchen and shed ), Reply Find out how it was made in the video. If it reads +12V, then the conductor you have your positive probe touching is the positive conductor. Applying this to the diffuser with 17mm depth we can see that this was designed quite well. I’ve got a whole bunch of peppers on the go myself and I’m about to start some tomatoes. Hi Joe, I’d recommend a minimum of about 600 watts per 4’x4′ space. But there is only very little information on how to control or shape the light that is emitted by LEDs. I am between 4*1212 or 4*1818 with a driver 1.4A for a tent 80×80,What choice is better? There are no stock extrusions that do it quite right. LED grow lights consume less energy and produce lower heat. for those of you using Rhino i have attached the working file for you to refrence as well as a 3ds file if you prefer 3ds MAX. Our lighting products are all designed with you in mind, whatever space you're illuminating, our wide range of energy efficient, stylish lights makes it easy to create a space you look forward to using. Ideal 30-1034J In-Sure Push-In Wire Connectors, https://cobkits.com/product-category/heat-sinks/, 8x M3 Screws to fasten COB holders to heat sink (these came with the heat sinks), A Few Chunks of Red and Black 18 Gauge Wire, Old Plastic Card to Spread Thermal Grease, 1x Bridgelux Vero 18 (BXRC-50E4001-C-74) with Wire Harness, 1x 12V 300mA Power Supply for the CPU Fan, Cordless Drill with Drill Bits (I ended up using a 3/32 bit which didn’t prove big enough, so I went up to a 7/64 drill bit for my #6 screws), #6 x 3/8 Screws with a Matching #1 Screwdriver. this will vary depending on your laser cutter as well how your generated the shapes. 2 = 50K ohms, etc. LED strips are quickly becoming an easy-to-use option for DIY illumination. I matched the black of the power cord to the brown of the driver, the white of the power cord to the blue of the driver (neutral), and the green of the power cord to the green of the driver (ground). To make your own grow lights, you're only going to need a hot surface, hot air (heat gun or reflow station), some solder paste, and LED components \u0026 mounting surfaces! Lighting. Cheers, dude. If you look directly at them the diffuser is lit everywhere but still shows hot spots. If you calculate it you will get an angle of about 53,13° at which the altitude of a triangle equals the length of the segment opposite of the angle. There are a few different ways to do this. you simply work your way up from the bottom and stack them together using the super glue to hold everything together. I have a small 20″x30″ closet. Just put them in a profile either without any diffuser or with a completely clear one to protect the LEDs from dust. That way the light from the LEDs intersect enough so that you don't see individual LEDs.It could have been smaller if I used double diffusion there like described in the other steps, but out of simplicity I designed these tools this way. I’m a bit of an old timer, 60 child and this technology was way over my head.

The third photo shows a LED strip put halfway in the extrusion with a depth of 17mm. What is pictured is actually my design for a highrise apartment building in chicago. So its light is spread fully over the light of its neighbor. Laser Cutter Edit: I am looking to drive 4 or so COBs. To get an uniformly lit diffuser you either need to move the diffuser away further or apply double diffusion.But all this is really only important if you care about how the diffuser is lit. We can start small and work our way up. the spacing can be adjusted to fit your needs Find out how this YouTuber build this inexpensive grow light panel using regular LED bulbs for his indoor plants. Retro Analog Audio VU Meter From Scratch!

I actually used this as an architectural model but the end result  creates a pretty sweet lamp. Thanks for this awesome blog and your sugfestions. Thank you very much man! Check out these projects that work with LED strips in awesome and creative ways.

OPA Based Alice Microphones: a Cardioid and a Figure 8. Put the LED's in the base of your lamp and enjoy! Thanks very much for those valuable informations.I'm planning to make room lighting pendant with 5050 stripes and acrylic. It is normal wadding used in teddy bears and such stuff. 32. I’ve got current before and after each LED. The depth is around 11mm which places the diffuser around 10mm over the LEDs. But since we have a single point of origin if we shine the light of an LED on a flat surface we get a light spot that is brightest in the middle and looses brightness the further away you go from the center. Now, first thing’s first. I’m Going to use same CPU coolers as you and hope to find a charger that might have enough power to power all 5 but will probably use a few. This morning, I plug it in. These things are amazing. It takes a long time to fix screw-ups like that (you’ll need to drill new 2 new holes, plus try to flatten out all the crap that’s now broken off in the heat sink), and it’s so much easier in the long run to take the few extra minutes to do it properly the first time! The part that proved most difficult in the early days was finding a heat sink for your DIY COB grow light, but now there are all sorts of heat sinks available that come pre-drilled for a variety of popular COBs, so I think it’s worth revisiting this and giving it a little revamp. Again using this in a long exposure as shown in the fourth photo we see the difference between bare LEDs and this diffuser. any chance i burned them ? When wiring up your CPU fan, you’ll need to know which of the wires on the fan are +12V and ground. Sandblasting diffusion can vary depending on grain size and time you blast it. Retro Analog Audio VU Meter From Scratch! Great post! It seems i don’t need veg bloom cycle like weed just regular natural plant light or similar. you will need a few things for this build.

Making your own LED grow light is a cheaper alternative to buying a new one. Our lighting products are all designed with you in mind, whatever space you're illuminating, our wide range of energy efficient, stylish lights makes it easy to create a space you look forward to using. I now see no reason not to switch out my hid and hps. Once the grease was gone, I mocked up the COB on the heat sink where I wanted it, and marked the screw holes with a Sharpie.
Another solution is also to increase the distance from the LED to the diffuser. This setup works out to be about 50 watts per COB, 200W total. Either of those seem opaque. preprinted circuit board,i used this one because it cut down on some soldering http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2102845 Share it with us! Unplugged it (haven’t installed a proper switch yet). 4 sheets of 1/8" thick 18" x 24" acrylic - (not 1/8 but close enough) http://www.menards.com/main/building-materials/sheet-acrylic/clear-acrylic/100-18-x-24-clear-acrylic/p-1458022-c-7552.htm Share it with us! The CPU coolers do a great job of dissipating heat and keep the COBs nice and cool. Thank you! Perfect man! Build this cheap LED light for growing plants in a grow tent with the help of this DIY tutorial. Awesome! The tutorial is available at Science in Hydroponics. With a distance of 17mm you get three cones to overlap quite strong which results in a better distribution of light. We have 10mm and 17mm distance from the LEDs and a beam angle of 120°.
This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I have been wanting to get started on making my own led light for my peppers.

1 year ago. Much brighter than i’d expected (not sure exactly what to expect, actually) The only difference between mine and the tutorial is that I used CREE CXB-3070’s. The design that is attached it slightly different from what is in the pictures. Place the wire next to the connector to figure out how much you need to strip off. Reply Good to see another chili lover! Build away!Starboards used in the video - 3535 20mm:https://www.aliexpress.com/item/50pcs-lot-Cree-XPE-XP-E-XTE-XT-E-XPG-XP-G-3535LED-PCB-Aluminum-board/32830390503.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.47f74c4dECwSaeMouser search page with LEDs:https://www.mouser.com/Search/Refine?Keyword=cree+XPEWHTJoin the Discussion!Discord: https://discord.gg/Yd2qYtIf you would like to support my content, please have a look at my Patreon!https://www.patreon.com/AutumnMatic Lets assume we are using the normal LEDs you can find on a LED strip. Don't think it is fire safe but if you put an led strip in an aluminium enclosure they will never get warm enough to char the wadding.Usually getting those enclosures on ebay, many sell them here in different shapes and colors. Question Excellent. These LEDs also usually have a beam angle of 120°, which result in a pattern like you can see in the sketch. Should work quite well. Participated in the Make It Real Challenge. Lets get back to math and analyse what we have seen. My grow area is 8×12 and I am on a budget that means kids and wife. Only one connection remains. So lets think about the difference between directed light and diffused light. LED strips are quickly becoming an easy-to-use option for DIY illumination.

The first one is barely deep enough to house the LEDs and is the least effective one, so lets put that one away and look at the others.

Hello, I really want to make this, but I do not have any experience in 3d software, or a laser cutter. With a double diffusion we reduce the intensity even more, but in the applications where this is important this is not that important. check out this post on wiring in series and parallel. So it can be more or less diffusion then the milky acrylic. this will let the light pass through each contour and then make the edges glow, while the middle shaft acts as a diffuser. I am completely new at 3D software and laser cutting, is there anyway you can send me those file type? This LED light system will not only beautify your aquarium but also support the plants in it. I found some website online that will do laser cutting service, ponoko.com, but this site required the file format to be STL, DAE or VRML 97. Lets remember this values and take a look at the next. Introduction: DIY LED Lamp. Hello, i am currently trying to install led strips on ceiling cove (see 1st attached image).Does it matter if the light is smooth/diffused or is with hot spots since it's hidden anyway?Also, as i cannot find any aluminium extrusion that allows for double diffusion, i am going with step 7 which is to increase the distance.I am using the same type of led strip which has about 17mm of distance between LEDs so i am assuming i need 35mm of distance between the top and the bottom.However, i cannot find any profile with that depth without getting one which is very wide. For this DIY LED grow light project you don’t need expensive supplies and advance DIY skills and you can make it in just $10. What brand do you use? In some cases a single point of light is desired, but most of the time you want a more pleasing look, and a diffused light source will get you this. resistors ( i used 270 ohm, may change on your set up) Thats it! Do me a favour and copy this post over into a new thread in the forum at https://ledgardener.com/forum and we will get you sorted.

now you just have to assemble pieces and build your light source! 1x LLT-L20 Waterproof Power Connector with Power Cord, (I’ve used this butane model for years and love it). This places the highest point of the diffuser around 17mm away from the LEDs. Commercial LED grow lights are expensive, but you can make your own unit following this tutorial at Instructables. It also couldn't scratch or chip off. That way the light from the LEDs intersect enough so that you don't see individual LEDs. For a double diffusion the full distance between each LED is not needed. With a distance of 17mm from the LEDs we already get a good result, but it can still be improved. The CAD file also has each of the 4 sheets (18"x24"  w/ .25" margins) layed out and ready to be printed.

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