Ooh can I join in and mark my place for all the advice that will be forthcoming from mn.

Just wanted to say, I use NUK too as they are the only ones my DD will take. I have useed Nuk teats in the avent bottles and they work fine, havent tried the other way round but would think they would work. We were probably a bit peculiar but we found different bottles worked at different times of day. I really think I might need to leave him for more than 3 hours at least once over the next 3 months (! This time round I was determined to start earlier with the bottle etc etc.. ... Do NUK FIRST CHOICE Bottles fit into the NUK Baby Food Heater and Steriliser? We have mam bottles with size 1 teats - that's all I've tried so far. It didn't look like the nuk teats would fit mam so I bought the bottle. Did you make sure the "air vent" system was facing up? To comment on this thread you need to create a Mumsnet account. Hi Also, are you putting breast milk or formula milk into the bottles? In other words the nipple cannot be removed from the bottle collar. Im truely amazed lol. Managed second time and he got into the rhythm. Tristan wouldn't take it the first time - hard work for them!
I have only been using them for a week, and not having any luck with them at all. Sometimes a little bit more at weekends. Please flag if you think our product match is incorrect. :). I know the advent fit with the playtex, but ive never found something that fits with the nuk. Thanks Nikki, Hi Nikki

She almost inhaled a big glug of milk which just made her burp and then she wouldn't take the teat in her mouth again. Didn't work for my kids but maybe worth a try. ), so am going to persevere and thought I would try some different teats. Problem is she was so content sucking on a plain old Avent at 4/5 weeks I assumed there'd be no issue.

Haha! X. I use the Calma when needed. trouble. But they continually block, and do not seem to flow fast enough. The last bottle however seemed to go down really fast - as if the anti colic bit was letting milk through too quickly.

I bought nipple shields to get DD used to the plastic-y feel of teats to see if that helps the transition.
I do have some nipple shields that I bought 'just in case' before I had DD1.

My dd2 is on Neutiprem 2(sp?

although I do want her to take a bottle rather than cup as she feeds to sleep at the moment and can't see that happening sipping from a cup.I am distraught at the thought of 10 days in hospital away from my baby girl and beautiful toddler.

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