It took me six hours to complete this modification and cost me about $100. Everyone needs to see Niagara Falls at least once in their lives.

The module operates on both battery feed … As the name suggests, this antenna is shaped to look like a bullet. It’s trimmed to shape and it looks and feels great. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The antenna mount is very strong as long as you find a completely level flat spot on the hood. Keep scrolling to see what we picked out! This antenna offers the same wash-resistant properties and personalization options as the AntennaMastsRus 6 3/4” inch antenna but is meant to serve a different purpose. If you’re antenna is broken, you’re probably looking to replace it with a new one. That attaches the antenna to the plate about 1/8-inch, give or take a fraction. The service manual references the different interior panels that need to be removed to take down the headliner. Good luck mod makers! RECEIVER-SATELLITE DESCRIPTION The satellite receiver module is located above the headliner near the rear liftgate opening. It worked with a little finessing. VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. I have a 2017 Cirrus 820 that, like most campers, blocks the shark fin Sirius satellite radio antenna on the roof of the truck cab. With that completed, I could set the antenna on top of the plate and have the protruding bottom attachment point sit inside the hole. For information about the Mod-Ster Contest, including how to enter, click here. Not 100% sure though. I have a 2017 Cirrus 820 that, like most campers, blocks the shark fin Sirius satellite radio antenna on the roof of the truck cab. This was a bit of a chore. Required fields are marked *. I went about cutting an oversized piece of the polycarbonate plate and centered a 3/4-inch hole with a Foster bit. I then scribed around the antenna to mirror the shape to the plate. This is another short antenna with a quirky design meant to replace the boring stock one.

This is quite different from the first antenna since it features a much shorter and thicker construction if that is what you are looking for. So that rounds up our list of the 10 best Antenna Replacements for Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup. If you’d like to enter a modification you’ve done on your truck camper, click here. Eighth on this list is the iJDMTOY Short 5-Inch Burnt Neo-Chrome Titanium Finish Radio Antenna for the Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup. I wanted to relocate the shark fin antenna when we travel with the camper. I again removed the connectors off the 2-wire cable. This particular antenna is made of carbon fiber and aluminum, which makes it quite light and compact. I purchased another roof top shark fin satellite radio antenna; a direct fit for my truck. Latest: Calendar Finalists and Final Vote. In my Ram, the cable is behind the windshield’s pillar. I removed the single ends of the extension cable. I removed the antenna from plate and used a band saw to trim the shape close to the antenna’s shape. Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. It has a very strong bond after three or four hours. It is mounted to the roof panel with three mounting fasteners. Also comes in 5 different colors if personalization is on your agenda. I also purchased a 1900mm Cell/SDARS radio dual-cable from Mopar. Then I removed the connector ends of the wiring from the antenna and slid on a piece of marine-grade heat shrink. First launched in 1981, it is currently in its 5 th generation and has won multiple awards over the years due to its performance and utility. 10 Best Tail Lights For Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup, 10 Best Truck Bed Covers For Toyota Tundra, 10 Best Steering Wheel Covers For Ford F250, Nokia And NASA Collaborate To Build First 4G Network On Moon, SSC Tuatara Breaks World’s Fastest Production Car Record At 316 mph. The service manuals instructions are usually pretty good. Most of us on this forum use it as a resource for questions like these. I proceeded to clean the bottom of the polycarbonate plate and prime it with a Loctite/Scotch plastic glue etch primer.

Pulling the wire cable through this six-foot long heat shrink with the glue on the inside was a challenge. Next, we have the ICBEAMER 3″ 76 mm Aluminum Matte Black w/Carbon Fiber Universal AM/FM Radio Antenna for the Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup. I proceeded to attach the antenna to the plate with a bead of clear pure silicone. The cable is over six-feet long. A forum community dedicated to all Dodge owners and enthusiasts.
Disclaimer: The modifications above are submitted by Truck Camper Magazine readers. The antenna works great! That lets the wire lie flat. Easy installation is also ensured. Take your... A stainless steel perforated metal provides good ventilation while keeping the birds and bugs... Dave Ruane has won the ninth Mod Squad Contest of 2020 with his automated... Just 24 photos made it to the finals. Stay tuned for more. It is also made of premium ABS plastic material with surface spray coating treatment to ensure durability. You can enter as many mods as you want, at any time. It needed the solution to be very quick, easy and easily reversible when not needed. In addition, I got a 12-inch by 12-inch by 5/8-inch white polycarbonate sheet from Amazon. With the top and bottom of this plate recessed it left about 3/16-inch of plate to bolt the antenna down. One engaging Medium Mod will be published in every Email Alert in May.

Next, we have the Mega Racer JDM Nismo Racing Style 1 Piece 5″ 127 mm Carbon Fiber Antenna for the Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup. In order to help in improving performance, this antenna comes with three copper threading adapters for universal replacement and enhancing signal reception. I recessed the top side about 5/16-inch. Copyright © 2007-2020. It is also made to be car-wash proof, since car washes can be quite harmful for your antenna’s performance and durability. Seventh on this list is the TEKK Short Antenna for the Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup. Using another long piece of marine-grade heat shrink, I covered the cable. Hi to all, great forum, first time posting. I cleaned off access of silicone and let the items cure overnight to firmly attach and seal it.

If there is any curve it tends to not adhere tightly and will move. Instant Growth Of Popularity On Youtube: Is It Possible. There was an issue with it causing Satellite Preset station memory loss in the early version, but I think they fixed that issue if I remember right. We hope that it helped you in making a choice for yourself. First launched in 1981, it is currently in its 5th generation and has won multiple awards over the years due to its performance and utility. I don't think it's that simple... Mopar does make a plug and play ipod integration kit. Once that was close I was back to the belt sander cleaning up and smoothing out the shape. The goal was to have it lie completely flat. Many people will agree. With a small wood roller I adhered the 3M magnetic tape to the plate. And finally, we have the Maxracing Short Aluminum Antenna for the Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup.

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