[3] When she was six years old, Alex and her parents visited Nagano, Japan for the summer. [28], After M'gann suffered from a telekinetic attack from the White Martians that left her in a catatonic state, Alex took care of her and informed J'onn that she was slowly dying. "It's surreal," Kara said grimly. In the final battle with the Nazi's, Alex and Sara teamed up against the Nazi's and won after the deaths of Dark Arrow and Overgirl.

where she attempted to keep Kara alive after her brutal fight with Reign. Interview: Sterling Gates Closes Out ADVENTURES OF SUPERGIRL, https://arrow.fandom.com/wiki/Alex_Danvers?oldid=722923. We’re writing an episode now where – Floriana isn’t in it – but Maggie gets into contact with Alex, and we see Alex’s reaction to the first reach out after months.

"Of all the places for Jeremiah to hide out, the Peruvian Andes! During a mission Kara rescued Jeremiah Danvers and he was reunited with his family, happy to be reunited Alex introduced her father to Maggie revealing her sexuality. WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for "Alex in Wonderland," the latest episode of Supergirl..

Alex's memories return, and she once again remembers, that Kara and Supergirl are one and the same, her beloved adoptive sister. She is a doctor and scientist who works in the D.E.O. Haley tells Alex to turn on the TV. This escalated to the point where Alex began falling behind in school and was placed on academic probation. Later Alex returned to the D.E.O.

Later following Collins' arrest, Alex's friendship with Josie fell apart and she was cast out of the popular clique, but ultimately didn't mind much.


Alex and Kara entered the church and watched the wedding, but before the ceremony could continue, the priest was killed by Overgirl and the invading Nazi forces of Earth-X. In order to capture her, Alex, J'onn and the DEO staged a robbery in which Reign arrived to kill them, but when they revealed themselves she hesitated, this allowed the DEO to use their advanced weapons to capture Reign, in which Alex placed a chain with kryptonite on hjer, but she resisted it and broke out and used a whip that was used on her to snap Alex's leg.

After that, J'onn covers Alex to Kara, saying that he killed Astra, because have not seen any other way. Unbeknownst to the young girls, Jeremiah agreed to work for the organization under Hank Henshaw instead of letting them take Kara away.

Alex teamed up with M'gann M'orzz, who shape-shifted to look like Supergirl, to be a distraction. When Alex tried to make peace between the two, she was kidnapped by Rick Malverne and was imprisoned. Once they awoke, they were imprisoned and discovered that Overgirl was dying from excess solar radiation and that they planned to cut out Kara's heart and put it into Overgirl's. Following last week's revelation that Jeremiah Danvers has died, the latest episode of Supergirl revealed where he has been since Season 2. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. We kept talking about the banality of breaking up with somebody.

Metallo then knocked them all out again in which they were all taken to Earth-X except Kara. The two initially come into conflict over work, but quickly form a flirtatious friendship and Alex begins to develop feelings for her. Alex had dedicated her life to protecting her sister, Kara, and rarely found time for herself since teenhood. [37]. In "Suspicious Minds," the mid-season premiere of Supergirl Season 4, Colonel Lauren Haley continued her mission to discover the Girl of Steel's true identity. After they learn about what is happening in National City, Alex and J'onn went back there to help Kara.

We were aware of how potent their chemistry was – and how much they liked each other personally as actors and people. No longer able to work under Lex’s thumb, Alex quits.

Alex then showed Kara a room that had been setup containing an Artificial Intelligence program of Alura that had been sent with her pod. Home universe During the adventure, Alex told Kara the story about her summer trip to Nagano and taught her sister the rhyme which the girl from the village taught her. Despite losing their father again, Kara and Alex's relationship was still strong, but Alex found that Maggie and Kara had trouble due to Kara's inability to wait. Despite Brainy confirming no one was at an address outside the city, they decide to check it out but are attacked by the mind controlled aliens, and Alex is unable to work her Martian weapon. Alex grew homesick so one night, a local village girl helped her sneak down to one of the temples. Alex was reunited with Kara, in which Kara joked about how their plan to come to Earth-1 went up in smokes. After J'onn left the D.E.O., Alex became the new director. "[42], Estelle Tang of Elle described Alex's coming-out journey as "nuanced, remarkably moving, and believable reckoning of an adult woman coming to terms with something she had never consciously known about herself. Later at the D.E.O. was to monitor and contain threats of an alien nature.

Alex convinces Maggie to confront her past and led her to finally confronting her estranged father, but during that time, Alex discovered that Maggie didn't want kids, something that Alex has always wanted. In season 2 she works in close relationship with regular character Maggie Sawyer, a detective in the National City Police Department’s Science Police. Maggie and Alex (Chyler Leigh), who were engaged, chose to split after Alex realized she wanted kids, and that didn’t fit with Maggie’s life plan. Her stubbornness and determination makes that even "Hank Henshaw" decides to help them. [14] After the defeat of Reign, J'onn steps down and promotes Alex to Director of the DEO. The relationship between the Danvers sisters and Alex's coming out storyline in the second season have garnered particular praise.

New episodes of “Supergirl” are on Mondays at 8 p.m. on the CW. Suddenly, Lex arrived.

Unfortunately a mind controlled Superman destroyed it. Despite the martial law, Alex is exercising with Kelly, and they talk about Kara and James. With help from Obsidian CEO Andrea Rojas, Kelly is able to get Alex out using a VR version of her younger self. When she hears Supergirl's and Red Daughter's fight, she witnesses Red Daughter defeating Supergirl. and what happened to the real Hank Henshaw. Alex and Ruby spent the rest of the day bonding, when Sam arrived to pick her up. It just is what it is. ", RELATED: Supergirl: Alex Danvers Becomes the Girl of Steel in New Photos.

When Kara had a lead on a missing person named Izzy, Kara insisted that she didn't need her help and that she could handle it on her own. Alter ego Earth-Prime

Alex led a D.E.O. Yeah, we felt like you didn’t need to see that argument because no one was wrong and no on was right. Alex Danvers is the eldest sibling in the Danvers family and the only natural child of Eliza and Jeremiah Danvers. [12] Alex also learns of her father Jeremiah's mysterious survival and ambiguous partnership with the anti-alien organization Project Cadmus. During the fight, James and Ben used the Harun-El extractors on each other, and took out their superpowers. A one-stop shop for all things video games.

Introduced in: 2015-2016 / Final season: TBD, Appeared in seasons: 2015-2016, 2016-2017. However Alex could not stand it anymore and begins to tell Kara the truth about the murder of Astra, J'onn tries to stop her, but she continued, saying that she saw Astra on him and that he was defenseless, so she had to kill her to save J'onn, who took the blame because he wouldn't Kara to be angry at her. he asked. In the aftermath of the breakup, Kara invites Alex to her friend Barry Allen's wedding on Earth-1, where she ends up having a one night stand with Legends of Tomorrow's Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) ,both are soon forced to fight off an invasion of Nazis from a parallel Earth together. J'onn reluctantly did. I don’t know I thought maybe that’s just not the way that I was built, it’s just not my thing. Afterwards, in reality, Alex and Kelly go to Al's Dive Bar and discuss virtual morality, and how people are having affairs in VR while evading guilt because they believe it is not real. [3], Alex frequently struggled with dating and romance, unconsciously suppressing any feelings she developed towards other women. Star Wars: The Mandalorian Fixes The Rise of Skywalker's Biggest Mistake, The Boys' Dominique McElligott Talks Queen Maeve 'Taking Her Power Back' in Season 2, Y: The Last Man Begins Production, With Two Key Roles Recast, Scout Comics' Henchgirl Lands Live-Action TV Series at Freeform, The Boys' Season 2 Blooper Reel Will Crack You the F-ck Up, Peacemaker: John Cena's HBO Max Series Adds The Suicide Squad's Steve Agee. Both the character and Leigh's performance have been well received by critics and fans alike.

In the evening, Alex comes to the bar came into the bar asking M'gann for help as J'onn need a blood transfusion following his clash with Parasite. [24] After receiving news that her father died, Alex is reluctant to attend his funeral and uses the Obsidian lens to do a Supergirl fantasy that starts to affect her alongside the others that indulge in it. [13], As Alex and Maggie prepare to get married, Alex discovers that Maggie does not ever want kids. Harry pointed that if there were 53 Earths, there could also be 53 Kryptons. She meets a couple of people looking to escape inside the game as well, and while dealing with her anger and grief is also slowly sucked into a fake reality believing it too is real. SPOILER ALERT: Do not read unless you have seen the fifth episode of the third season of “Supergirl,” entitled “Damage.”. At first, nothing happens, and Alex cries in despair but then sunlight starts seeping from plants towards Kara, and she is revived. [34] While dealing with evil Winn, Alex, wanting to solve her problem of working with Lex plant spyware on DEO Internet, but Brainy removes it, not wanting her to get caught. Although Alex was an exceptional student, particularly in science, she couldn't help but envy her Kryptonian sister's alien abilities. hired her, Alex soon proved herself as one of the best agents, quickly becoming "Hank"'s second-in-command. [25], In season 4, John Deegan, a mad psychiatrist who works at Earth-1's Arkham Asylum, uses the Book of Destiny to rewrite reality on his Earth; in this new reality, Alex's Earth-1 counterpart is working for him. "After everything that Jeremiah endured, it's hard to believe he died of cardiac arrest," J'onn mused. Alex admits to Maggie that she may be a lesbian.
Upon arriving at the bar, the waitress, Darla, handed out two drinks for the pair of women (ordered by Maggie) before commenting the cop "moving on"; confused, Alex inquires Sawyer if the waitress was a Roltikkon, to which Maggie confirms, along with the fact that she and Darla were formerly a couple, making Alex realize that she was just mistaken by the alien as Maggie's new flame. There is actually a scene we left on the cutting room floor of them calling the caterers and wedding venue to get their money back. Kelly calms her down, and by asking, what Kara would do, Alex gets the courage. Dr. Alexandra "Alex" Danvers (born 1989[1][2]) is a bio-engineer and former director of the D.E.O. But Harper does not believe him and sends in Project Cadmus both J'onn and Alex, which is accused of complicity and treason as Lucy realized that she knew about J'onn. Alex pretended that Ruby was a nightmare that Sam laughed about.

Alex and Maggie undercover at the alien fight club. Kara and Alex went to get James and then head to the island with Brainy.

Airing Sundays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on The CW, Supergirl stars Melissa Benoist as Kara Danvers, David Harewood as Martian Manhunter and Chyler Leigh as Alex Danvers. Just after that, Alex discovered that agent Reiff had broken during Haley's interrogation, and revealed Supergirl's identity. When Alex was a teenager, her parents adopted an orphaned Kara Zor-El and they grew up together in the town of Midvale.

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