Instead, he committed suicide after two previous suicide attempts . Minutes from when he's about to explode, Peter's older brother, Nathan, flies him high above the skyline and saves the people of New York City. However, about a year later, Arthur made his existence public and began assembling a team of evolved human "villains" to carry out his plans. After recovering from the vision, Peter tries to explain it to Nathan, but falls into a coma. At first, Peter could only mimic powers while in close proximity to their source, but then learned how to recall previously mimicked powers with greater and greater ease with the help of Claude. Peter went into hiding with his mother. The person blocks the attack with his hand, which regenerates, and he reveals himself to be Adam Monroe.

In "Upon This Rock", Peter calls Claire to inform her of Nathan's death. They hurry, but Elle and the Haitian confront them. However, Ricky will only hand over the box if Peter helps him and his gang with a job.

Lydia makes the compass tattoo reappear on Peter's arm and he wakes up. In present time, Arthur learns of Hiro's spirit walk and teleports to Africa and kills Usutu, also erasing Hiro's memories to the point where he thinks he's ten. Angela tells Peter she and Arthur were married in the church. Sylar is able to shake the presidents hand but finds he cannot shapeshift into him because it's Peter. Aside from dealing with an obviously smitten Elle, Peter leads an unremarkable life until he comes into contact with the inmate in the adjacent cell, Adam Monroe (who had been known as Takezo Kensei to Hiro Nakamura in feudal Japan). Realizing that Sylar now has Ted's power, Peter assumes that Sylar, not him, will cause the explosion. In addition, this version of Peter Petrelli is the most powerful iteration of him as he has the widest array of abilities as well precise control over them as well as balanced frame of mind.

Peter helps Adam Monroe break into the Primatech vault, but he is confronted once again, this time by a revived Hiro, Matt Parkman, and Peter's brother, Nathan. He then appears at Noah's apartment and tells Claire and Noah about Hiro's brain tumor and the fact he needs Noah to find a healer for him.

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1. As they walk away from the jail, Peter collapses. When Peter and Adam arrive at Primatech, time stops for everyone but Peter, a result of Hiro's powers. Death By Burial: Early on in the current season, Nathan — now inhabiting Sylar's body, which was shape-shifted to resemble the politician — was shot in the chest and buried in an unmarked grave. When he wakes up, Peter tries to explain his condition but Hiro already knows it, a brain tumor is killing him, and tells Peter he is out to right the wrongs and help others, but Peter tells him he must be there so he can help Hiro instead, and then he mimics Hiro's ability. Peter goes to Nathan's house, hoping that his brother can help convince Linderman to give up the painting.

Having been rescued from Pinehearst by Claire, who had been visiting Pinehearst in hopes they could help her deal with her current power problems, Peter and Claire hide out in Peter's apartment, Peter revealing the truth of Arthur's survival to Nathan. 1 Character History 1.1 Genesis 1.2 Don't Look Back 1.3 One Giant Leap 1.4 Graphic Novel:Trial By Fire Peter Petrelli stands on a building before falling. Suresh manages to knock Sylar out for a while and takes Peter's body to Nathan's home. Angela is clearly shocked to see Emma, and after Emma leaves, Peter demands an explanation, asking his mother to tell him the truth for once. Using his new ability of lie detection, Sylar determines that Arthur is not his father and kills Arthur himself, although he leaves Peter alive due to his now powerless status. Peter, not willing to endanger any more lives after the near-miss at Kirby Plaza, readily agrees.

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