The “Catalan” type is quite tall, long in the body, with flat and angular lines, whereas the “Gascon” type is smaller, of medium proportions, and a rounder, more harmonious morphology. Lazy JV Ranch Bremen, Kentucky. DONKEY EQUIPMENT in FRANCE. International delivery. Bitz Gripping Mane and Tail Brush Trickle Net Trickle Nets are made to a unique tried and tested design. Shires large plastic curry comb Halters and show halters in a wide range of colours. A range of strong and durable slow forage feeders, providing mental stimulation and entertainment, without the need for extra feed. Smaller and more unobtrusive than most manure catchers. Small Metal Horse Grooming Curry Comb All kinds of hay racks, large and small, square and round, free standing, wall mounted and fence mounted, hay risers, troughs, grain feeders, mini feeders and hay baskets. There are thousands of donkeys in the United States that need good homes and there just isn't enough space at local rescues. Shoofly Leggins Kansas City, Missouri. The donkey was used for al kinds of transportation and farm work, both driven and as a pack animal. At the end of the Second World War, farmers preferred the smell of engine oil to the smell of horse manure! Pack panniers, pack saddles, donkey-sized pack hear. Maître Artisan sellier bourrelier. Pack of 12 Bandages, Fleece Rug – Navy with red trim. Valhoma Corporation Lead ropes, tack and halters for miniature horses that will fit donkeys. Available in sizes for foal, weanling, yearling and adult, with or without ears, long or short nose. registered with the american miniature donkeys register (MDR) as well as the french official association nationnale des ânes miniatures et de petites tailles (ANAPT). Horses For Sale Donkeys & Mules Adults; Youngstock; Premier Adverts. Kaeco Epsom Salt Poultice for Abscesses, Sprains, Strains and Bruises Pack of 12 Bandages In this environment which is more turned towards the organic and nature, donkeys also are finding a place in the upkeep of distant and inaccessible plots which are hard to reach with mechanised vehicles. Adorable Mini Donkeys. The number one source for miniature horse tack and equipment. Chimacum Tack California. Always view and try out horses prior to purchase. Reno Veneers Producers of high quality rubber stable mats since 1987. 4 jenny donkeys for sale Run with coloured jack donkey £550 each. Strong Metal Handles 45cm Useful for parades, fairs, carnivals, birthday parties, special events and therapy donkeys. Foster Fencing Romsey, Hampshire. Majestic - black jack coming 2. This vigorous hybrid combines its sire’s (Pyrenees donkey) sobriety and the strength of its dam (Either a Breton or Percheron draft mare or and Anglo-Arab, Merens or Castillonais). Amazing range of miniature tack and equine supplies. B & D Enterprises Phoenix, Arizona. Ass End Trading Company Lords Hill Farm, Washington. The area around the eyes (“glasses”), the tip of the nose, the groin, the belly and the inside of the legs are a lighter shade. Halters, sheets, blankets and coolers. The quality of the breeding is due to the characteristics of the “terroir” and the secular know-how of the people of the Pyrenees who were able to combine tradition and evolving needs. They are intended merely as a useful guide. Molnlycke Healthcare Hibiscrub Easy to open and refill. Parallax Hay Feeders A range of strong and durable slow forage feeders, providing mental stimulation and entertainment, without the need for extra feed. Stores throughout Tennessee. Nos bâts d’âne ont tous été testés sur le terrain par Gilles et ses ânes complices. Full gig and speciality donkey harnesses. Jon Pieters is a donkey owner based in Bathurst, Eastern Cape. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. This advert is located in and around Huddersfield, West Yorkshire. Pack panniers, pack saddles, donkey-sized pack hear. He was born the 15th Of May in the United States of America and comes from one of the most famous American breedings, he was Reserve Junior Champion in 2002. Donkeys & Mules. Guides and information. 100% polyester Story of a donkey Petit-Jacques de Biard, miniature donkey in France, from the first stud of miniature donkeys in France, by Claude and Nicole Hamelin, stallion of american origin, mesuring 71 cm at the withers. Best Friend Equine Supply Inc. Grooming tools, halters, leads, accessories and stable supplies. International delivery. Que vous recherchiez un bât d’âne de loisir, un bât d’âne de grande randonnée, nous saurons vous conseiller dans votre choix. Shires Heavy Duty Feed Scoop The Hay Pillow Inc. Feed scoops and buckets, grooming and health care products, stable supplies, manure scoops, rugs, haynets and racks, fly masks, pest control, electric fencing and more. Rope Halters made specifically for donkeys. Halters for miniature donkeys and foals, leather and nylon, more than 16 colours available. Click here for a list of authorised distributors. Stubbs Traditional Wall Hay Rack Spécialiste du bât d’âne de randonnée. slow feeder net Stable supplies, bedding, healthcare products, haylage, feeds and supplements. Donkey-shaped head collars The Donkey Sanctuary. Gidgeannup Produce and Saddlery Stock feeder, equestrian products and pet supplies. The First Wold war led to a serious decline in rural populations and the donkey suffered as a consequence. Dragon Driving recommend having a horse vetted before purchase with an independent vet. It is a perfect partner to pick up refuse in public places during events, using a specially designed refuse container. Stallion-Shipman, IL. Products sold in stores throughout the US or you can order online. Never purchase a horse unseen. Over the last few years I have sold pet and breeding donkeys to Texas, Tennesee, Idaho, Oregon, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, California, Florida, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and France as well as locally. At those times, the donkey was of great help! Greenhawk Harness & Equestrian Supplies Mississauga. Long ear version available. In the 12th century, breeding mules was a thriving industry in southern France. It adapts itself, thanks to its resilience, to all situations, all weather conditions and the most varied terrain. They come in four mini sizes. The smaller mules generally have Merens or Castillonais dams and tend to be used as pack or riding horses. Farrier tools, dental instruments, saddles, grooming products and other accessories. Donkey Tack UK A wide range of donkey tack tailored especially for donkeys. Shipping countrywide. Always view and try out horses prior to purchase. Les équipements pour partir en randonnée avec Cadichon, bâts et d’accessoires pour les balades du grand voyageur au promeneur dominical, colliers pour l’attelage de loisir ou les travaux de jardinage et des voitures de promenade. Southwest Mountain Mule Arizona. For Sale: Beaujolais - red jack coming 2. The result of breeding a jack to a mare, the mule is a hybrid that belongs to the equine family, like horses and ponies. Stores in Arkansas, Kansas, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas. Halter Up Halters, lead ropes, harnesses and hardware especially for donkeys. Mini Horse Feathers Speciality tack and supply for miniature horses and miniature donkeys. Stable supplies, grooming, fly control, first aid, wormers and supplements. Jeffers Pet Supplies Dothan, Alabama. Hay Chix Taylors Falls, Minnesota. ScratchnAll A durable scratcher pad providing safe relief from itching which can plague donkeys in all environments. Soft, vinyl mesh leggins with velcro fasteners and herringbone binding, to protect your donkey from biting flies and insects and reduce stomping, which can cause leg and hoof injuries. He is registered in the American miniature donkey’s book as well as in the official French register of the national association of the miniature and small size donkeys (in French ANAPT). Steel trucks for carrying large bales of hay. Spécialiste du bât d’âne de randonnée. Hand sewn and custom made. Purchase your donkeys here. Handy Hay Nets Slow Feeder Hay Bags help keep your donkeys calm and allow them to trickle feed, which is more natural and better for their digestion. Vetericyn Eye Care Liquid Dropper 120ml Dragon Driving Adverts for carriage driving equipment, harnesses, horseboxes, trailers and equestrian services. Ravenwood Driving Harnesses Hartsville, Indiana. Prestige Timber Stables An independent business specialising in equestrian buildings and structures. Nowadays, more and more breeders are coming back to the traditional production of milk from Pyrenees donkeys, which was particularly well-known in the 19th century. You can now purchase our HorseQuest Team Kit from our online store - padded jackets, riding socks and more. Cab’Âne Ardèche. Fly masks for donkeys. Its numbers were plentiful at the beginning of the 20th century. SmartPak Equine Tack, barn and stable supplies, fly protection, healthcare products and supplements. He makes donkey harnessing for local people, made from webbing, metal-framed pack saddles with wooden rests (Donkpaks) and padded back packs (Softpaks). Moveable animal feed trough I would like to thank all of our customers for there continued support. High quality, tough, modular packs, pommel bags, panniers, pouches and saddle bags, American-made and built to withstand heavy weight over long periods in harsh climates. Metal Shedding Blade / Hair Remover It attaches to a riding saddle, harness or bareback donkey. Stable, grooming and health supplies. It is between 1.50m and 1.60m in height when adult, and weighs between 400 and 600kg. Smaller and more unobtrusive than most manure catchers. Shipping countrywide. William Hunter Stable Tie Ring Bun Bag Manure Catcher These horse manure catchers will also fit donkeys. 1.2m wooden handle, 12″ wide head, stiff PVC bristles, 2 Pack of Blue & Green Equestrian Stable Broom. Shiny black, uneven black, bay black, chestnut bay. Zinkel Long-Ears & Pack California. 3M Vet Wrap – Purple 10cm x 4.5m Reserve champion halter champion at the 2016 National show. Iowa Valley Carriage Reedsburg, Wisconsin. 8/2086 Toodyay Rd Gidgegannup, Perth, Western Australia. All sizes, ages: duns, chocolates, spotted, jacks & jennies. Lilac 50 Litre Bin/Storage for Animal Feed, lockable lid, child safe, side carry handles Horsemen’s Pride Dual Jolly Ball 8″ Blueberry Tack, barn and stable supplies, fly protection, healthcare products and supplements.

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