This past weekend I went out with friends and I noticed a huge boost in my self confidence. He told me to not touch anything else on my face other than my nose. We do charge for consultations; like most doctors do......with a couple exceptions. Because I'm not a student or having breathing problems I am required to pay a $150.00 consult fee to have a Dr. That I may or may not elect to perform the surgical procedure I'm interested in. Dr. Shaver himself was fantastic to both me and my 16 year old son. Again, it was not painful, it just felt like I had a really bad head cold. I went for a consult for an earlobe repair after a mini face lift years ago.

Be sure to call ahead with Dr. Zoumalan to book an appointment. I ended up with pixie ears which led me to hide my ears as much as possible.

Dr. Zoumalan is truly gifted and I cannot even find the words to express how freaking happy I am with my results. Also when you squint, the muscles around your eyes contract and cause crow's feet. I had an initial consultation where I had my photos taken.

Dr. Zoumalan has pioneered Natural Structure Rhinoplasty which is a rhinoplasty technique that creates the most natural contours. Home It's not a joke and definitely shouldn't be taken lightly. To instill a comfort level before traveling to our LA clinic, we offer a virtual consultation for our out of town patients. border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; I'm not sure what it is this man does but he is purely magic!! I had been searching for a rhinoplasty specialist since I was 19. “I am experiencing tremendous benefits already (still have to get used to it), and it's all thanks to Dr. Zoumalan.” in 111 reviews, “Dr. B, Los Angeles, California – 2021; $5,200 – Raja Srour, MD, Los Angeles Board Certified Plastic Surgeon – 9201 Sunset Blvd., Ste 910, Los Angeles, California – 2021; $6,200 – Leif Rogers, MD, FACS, Beverly Hills Board Certified Plastic Surgeon – 9735 Wilshire Blvd., Penthouse Suite, Beverly Hills, California – 2021; $6,800 – Ahmed Maki, DO, FACS, Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon, Board Certified in Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery – 1245 Wilshire Blvd. 5/6/2016Thank you for sharing how easy the recovery for rhinoplasty can be. My nose was much too big and, since I had broken it, it was starting to become crooked. My nose is EXACTLY what I wanted. Dr. Zoumalan is on staff at Cedars-Sinai Hospital and donates his time by teaching young surgeons his craft at UCLA. Coincidentally I went to high school with a patient that was on his website!

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If I treated any of my clients in this manner, even if it was inadvertently, I would swallow my pride and apologize. © Copyright 2020 Healthgrades Operating Company, Inc. Patent US Nos. He wants to make sure that your surgery, above all, is safe. /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */, Revision Rhinoplasty Photo With Dr Geoffrey Keyes, MD, Los Angeles Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Doctor Paul S. Nassif, MD, Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon – Female Primary Rhinoplasty. I researched virtually every plastic surgeon in the area, and Dr. Zoumalan was one of the most highly rated both for his skill and bedside manner. 200, Bakersfield, California – 2021; $12,400 – Steven Teitelbaum, MD, Santa Monica Board Certified Plastic Surgeon – 1301 20th St., Ste. 300, Beverly Hills, California – 2020; $12,000 – Bounmany Kyle Keojampa, MD, FACS, Marina del Rey Facial Plastic Surgeon, Board Certified in Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery – 4640 Admiralty Way , Ste. @media screen and (max-width: 919px) { His background, education and his research papers. -Zoumalan Plastic Surgery. 200, Glendale, California – 2021; $11,200 – Jeffrey Jumaily, MD, Los Angeles Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon – 5757 Wilshire Blvd, Promenade 2, Los Angeles, California – 2021; $12,000 – David Stoker, MD, Marina del Rey Board Certified Plastic Surgeon – 4640 Admiralty Way, #1000, Marina del Rey, California – 2021; $12,000 – Edmund Fisher, MD, Bakersfield Board Certified Otolaryngologist – 5301 Truxtun Ave., Ste. I scheduled a joint surgery about a month later with Dr. Zoumalan and Dr Firouz (a breast specialist) for breast augmentation. Mind you that I can't even see a syringe without cringing. Wrinkles are not just due to cellular changes, collagen depletion, or damage caused by free radicals in the blood. Thankfully a few years back I came across Dr. Zoumalan's webpage. With being in the entertainment industry, you have to keep up with your self. The goal of rhinoplasty (nose reshaping) is to create a natural, symmetric nose that is in harmony with … Operating Room Fee

Facial plastic surgery & rejuvenation. Dr. Zoumalan has published over 40 peer reviewed medical research papers and book chapters on rhinoplasty, facelift, and other facial procedures. All Rights Reserved. Granted I had mostly tip work done and not much bone contouring so maybe that's what gave me such an easy/speedy recovery. 1001, Beverly Hills, California – 2020; $6,300 – Richard Hodnett, MD, Thousand Oaks Board Certified Plastic Surgeon – 115 Jensen Court, Suite 200, Thousand Oaks, California – 2020; $7,100 – Aric K. Park, MD, Beverly Hills Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon – 416 N. Bedford Dr., Ste.

305, Beverly Hills, California – 2018; $6,200 – Farbod Esmailian, MD, Los Alamitos Board Certified Plastic Surgeon – 10861 Cherry St., Ste. His Rhinoplasty background across the country in New York, Chicago, Washington, and Los Angeles has given him a unique approach which creates a natural and harmonious Rhinoplasty result. I was pleasantly surprise to notice such a difference just five days after surgery!! 200, Beverly Hills, California – 2020; $4,600 – Maan Kattash, MD, FRCS, FACS, Beverly Hills Board Certified Plastic Surgeon – 450 North Bedford Dr., Ste.

Although that is a fair question, after telling him what my ethnicity is, his response was "oh okay because you look like you could be anything."

I no longer have trouble breathing, which may not sound like much, but two months ago I wouldn't have believed it possible.If you don't come to Dr. Zoumalan, you're doing yourself a disservice. Forever grateful for choosing Dr. He is a true artist. Dr Zoumalan and his staff including "Mel" were Amazing, thoughtful, kind and made me feel so comfortable. 280, Los Angeles, California – 2017; $12,300 – Uptown Body Contouring – Los Angeles – 2017; $3,700 – Paul S. Nassif, MD, Beverly Hills Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon – 120 South Spalding Drive, Suite 301, Beverly Hills, California – 2017; $3,800 – Kenneth K. Kim, MD, Los Angeles Board Certified Plastic Surgeon – 5757 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 348, Los Angeles, California – 2017; $4,800 – John Layke, DO, FACS, Beverly Hills Board Certified Plastic Surgeon – 436 N. Bedford Dr., Ste.

I literally joined Yelp to write this review. We also offer revision, teenage and ethnic rhinoplasties.

Everything I read made me feel confident in his abilities as surgeon. You may be seeking this because you are unhappy with the appearance of your nose after Rhinoplasty, or you may have new breathing problems. Or maybe it's because I'm in the category of "could be anything", we tend to be more compassionate and respectful I suppose. My original rhinoplasty was done to correct a severely deviated septum. The realself cost of rhinoplasty surgery procedure in 2016: Plastic Surgery Nose In Beverly Hills Preop And Postop Pic, Tip Of The Nose Surgery In Beverly Hills, California Before After, Surgery Of Nose In Beverly Hills Helped Countless Patients Find The Beauty They Deserve, Rhinoplasty Options In Beverly Hills, CA Helping Any Patient Achieve Natural, Beautiful Results. Dr. Zoumalan only specializes in noses and faces. If you would like breast and/or body work done at the same time as rhinoplasty (nosejob), chin implant, facelift, or necklift, Dr. Zoumalan will make it possible for you to meet with a breast and body specialist for these areas at the same time.

I had been looking for a doctor, in West Los Angeles, who could remove my osteoma(bone growth) on my forehead through endoscopic surgery. That was the most important thing for me.

We also waive consultation fees for active duty military because we believe in supporting our troops! 163 reviews of Richard Zoumalan,MD - Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon "Wow is all I can say!

Cost for rhinoplasty surgery on average is $11380 dollars in 2015 in Beverly Hills Your face will be his canvas and the results will be magnificent.

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