Events are available at specific times: Eternal battle - opens daily at 15:00 - 15:25, at 20:15 - 20:40. There are certain probabilities of successful Forging. A simple whetstone is used to upgrade an item to level 8. Lowering the enemy’s attack level during the last hit. This indicator rises in the first place. Such guys can kill you or cripple you well. For example, the question "Africa is the largest continent" may be asked. The indicator increases damage in battles against other players. Great mobility, Then he runs up to the boss and himself fights with him. They should not be ignored, since the game has many different options in which you can get confused, it is sometimes difficult to find the necessary functions. Reducing incoming damage from any monsters or bosses. Friends are also needed to complete some activities and tasks (for example, give a flower). 1 attempt is given per day. More precisely, diamonds come to game mail after entering the gift code in the game. rate stuff or just describe the way to get the advantage. Also, see – Best Pokemon Games for Android, The game features challenging missions and you have limited currency and lives. We recommend entering a good guild as soon as possible (when choosing, the rank of the community, the necessary requirements for entry, the number of players and the total strength of the guild are shown). So you can not defeat the waves of enemies and monster alone, to get rid of this problem, you can summon a guardian. An event is available from level 100. Also, basic characteristics are enhanced with the help of aspects: Dragons are an extra character power. Daily - these are special tasks for players to let them pump their hero. All of these locations offer challenges that reset every day, and which reward the player with a plethora of useful materials including gold, upgrade materials, and other currency for purchasing useful goods. If you’re playing Dragon Storm Fantasy on PC with BlueStacks, you’ll notice that all your moves and skills are bound to your keyboard, so that you can enjoy this game with improved controls. Additional one-time blocking of incoming damage. Same if you need help or have questions about the game. Strengthening ammunition, you increase its basic parameters. The higher you stand in the table, the better you will receive trophies. Warrior’s advantages are survival and protection. (In some cases BlueStacks uses affiliate links when linking to Google Play). To improve, click on the symbol in the cell, then click on the "Improve" button in the lower right corner of the window. 1,152 talking about this. In this case, the Warrior must inflict the first blow on the bosses so that they attack it, and fragile characters must inflict attacks from a distance. There are several types of mounts in the game. The developers clearly didn’t want to focus on the narrative, and instead put all their effort into the gameplay and mechanics, which can be fun if done co… Share your own experience and leave a feedback. An indicator that affects the chance of dodging an enemy attack. Ability level cannot exceed character level. With an increase in the level, general indicators are strengthened: You can also craft animal skills in a specific order. Unlock unbelievable Divine Dragons to enhance your war power. A strong monster awaits the hero on each floor. Unsuccessful actions do not reduce the rank of the item and previous enhancements. The story in Dragon Storm Fantasy is as cliché as it can be, with the tired trope of battling the forces of evil and saving the world.

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