Really sad as my son gave them to me and they had a remote. If you’re under 40 you may not even know that batteries can leak.
We’ve become very used to leakproof batteries. I use lots of batteries so I buy the bulk packs either at office-supply or hardware stores, or supermarkets. We’ve had multiple devices ruined by leaking Duracell batteries over the last couple years. They destroyed many of my remotes, flashlights and other more expensive devices. The other 3 lights met the same fate. Recently more and more batteries are leaking. They work great, and can be recharged hundreds of times! TERRIBLE!

I would rather use batteries that do not last as long than ones that leak!

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They certainly do leak. To remove the leaking fluid from a device's battery contacts, use an acid like lemon juice or vinegar and a cotton swab. I use a lot of batteries! Never again I will purchase Duracell batteries. I have been a loyal Duracell user for many years with absolutely no issues with leaking….. Moving on to another brand. If battery chemicals are ingested, call a physician or poison control center immediately and follow the given instructions. Will NEVER buy Duracells again. I have recently had many Duracell Batteries leak while still in the package while being stored in my basement office. Finally, you can dispose of the leaked battery in the trash. Once again it appears to me that Duracell gives not a toss that its batteries are leaking to the point of falling apart. Lots of people swore by batteries of other brands, ranging from Vartas to K-Mart.

Lithium-Ion Battery Leak Hazard. This is unusual since I have used Duracell for the past 30 or more years and never had similar problems before. The best before date was March 2024.

He served as an editor and reporter for various campus publications including the "Western Front," "Klipsun" and "The Planet" magazines. Maybe it has to do, in part, with the presiding judge who was appointed by a pro-business-at-any-cost President Bush. There junk. To begin, two flashlights were ruined due to the fact of the Duracell AA batteries corroding or exploding in the battery housing.

I too had multiple failures of Duracell AA ND AAA batteries to contain their chemicals. This is good info. Panasonic industrial batteries are close to the gold standard if you want top capacity without the leaking risk. I’ve been dealing with them over the last couple of years. switched to FUJI EnviroMax. How to Test Lithium Batteries With A Multimeter, How To Connect Batteries In Parallel To Get An Extended Runtime- Method And Usage, Solar Powered Battery: Introduction, Chemical Performance And Cost, Silver Zinc Battery-Introduction, Choice And Application, New Phone Battery First Charge-Need, Methods And Charging Hour, Lithium-ion Golf Cart Battery Conversion- Development And Replacement, What Is The Voltage of a AA Battery-Checking, Cycle Life And Comparison Voltage Of An AA Battery. I suggest that Duracell sell its battery business to a competitor that actually knows how to make batteries and is not in the business of screwing its customers. unused batteries that leaked in the packages even though the expiry date is well into the future (and the packs were stored at typical room temperature of 20 celsius), new batteries leaking after only a few weeks inside flashlights, toys, computer mice, etc.

the manufacture date says they were made in 2019, so they did sit in a warehouse for 6+ months, but that is normal for any mass produced product. They’re all coated with white gunk so I can’t tell if any can still work though I would never use them or buy them again in any case. In the last three years, at least three sets of modern batteries leaked. How does one go about it? Brief introduction of five kinds of new lithium ion capacitors and its comparison with lithium ion battery performance, The handling method of waste lithium ion battery, The introduction of anode and cathode material of lithium ion battery, The differences between lithium battery, lithium ion battery and lithium polymer battery, 25.2V 30Ah 18650 Lithium-Ion Battery Panasonic Battery for Detector of High-speed Rail Contact Network, 12V 4400mAh 18650 Low Temperature Lithium Battery for Reinforced Power Supply, 18650 25.2V 60Ah Lithium Power Battery LG Battery for Service Robot with RS485 Communication Port. These are not the same Duracell’s they used to be. I see it as a wrongful advertising scheme to suck every dollar from the consumer especially during daughter’s had battery hazardous waste on there precious little delicate bodies because of this billion dollar Duracell business can’t stand behind its safe product quo .I’ve not seen any warnings on any labels saying may leak before expiration dates..what if one of my babies lost an eye or was disfigured due to they on going sale of these horrible dangerous Hazardous materials leaking from these Duracell Batteries.not to mention my babies devastated because they were burned by the materials leaking and that there dolls are shorted out don’t work any longer I had to throw them in the hazardous waste container.who takes care of the neglected parties here being my little PRECIOUS Daughters being subject to hazardous waste leaking batteries.i want to be apologized to for this happening,i want someone to pay this is not going to stop there getting richer by letting there products hurt our children physically and mentally,emotionally as well .who’s at fault here.the purchaser who’s going by the manufacturers word there products are safe.i think not ,I think this is going to have to be the camel that broke the back.Duracell has still yet to do anything for my families damages and emotional grief.they wont even call me back wes Wallace 734-837-2507 very upset daddy and purchaser of a very Dangerous Hazardous materials leaking from a new batteries…please someone anyone who cares should do not stopping here it’s about to go down. Duracell batteries all leak. Resulting in cells that are more likely to leak. Mainly because trying to cram the most capacity in to a cell requires thinning the metal that seals the cell to free up room for it. They used to be the Cadillac of batteries but no more.