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Wallingford, UK: CABI. Oxford, UK: Clarendon Press. Variants with cream or pale yellow flowers are also reported. Award-winner Syringa reticulata 'Ivory Silk' (Japanese Tree Lilac) is a large shrub or small tree with an oval to rounded crown. An open fruit pod, displaying the silk-like fibers that give the tree its name, Silk Floss Tree.

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Although capable of surviving drought, growth will be stunted and the tree tends to look sickly.

Invasive woody plants. From the seeds it is possible to obtain vegetable oil (both edible and industrially useful). Gellini R, Grossoni P, 1998. [citation needed]. It has become an invasive species in the United States. The selected cultivar A. julibrissin 'Ernest Wilson' (also known as 'E.H.Wilson' or 'Rosea') is a cold-tolerant tree with deep pink flower colour. The flowers of the related C. chodatii are similar in form and size, but their color goes from creamy white centers to yellow tips. Silk tree mimosa growing is really quite easy.

Angiosperme. Italy: Instituto Geografico De Agostini, 254. Its trunk is bottle-shaped, generally bulging in its lower third, measuring up to 2 metres (7 ft) in girth.

It has several local common names, such as palo borracho (in Spanish literally "drunken stick"), samu'ũ (in Guarani) or paineira (in Brazilian Portuguese). A. julibrissin is a small deciduous tree growing to 5–16 m (16–52 ft) tall, with a broad crown of level or arching branches. Le principali avversità delle piante floreali ed ornamentali. Simon J, 1965. The European Garden Flora: a manual for the identification of plants cultivated in Europe, both out of doors and under glass Vol. Southeast Exotic Pest Plant Council., Nashville, USA:, USDA-NRCS, 2002. Streets RJ, 1962. Leguminose arboree e arbustive in Italia. Botanica forestale. As such it should be given infrequent, deep waterings during the summer, which will benefit growth and flowering.[4].

The fruit is a flat brown pod 10–20 cm (3.9–7.9 in) long and 2–2.5 cm (0.79–0.98 in) broad, containing several seeds inside. I. London, UK: BT Batsford Ltd. Luken JO, Thieret JW, 1996. There are no pictures available for this datasheet, Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, 2003, US Fish and Wildlife Service,

Albizia julibrissin was described by Antonio Durazzini. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

rosea, which is dwarf and bushy, with bright, strong pink flowers, has been introduced from South Korea to northern countries. In: STreet JE, ed. Some feed values for fodder plants from Nepal. PFAF, 1999. Banfi E, Consolino F, 1996.

The Japanese tree lilac "Ivory Silk" (Syringa reticulata "Ivory Silk") is related to the fragrant, old-fashioned flowering shrubs of the same genus, but it stands apart on several counts. Their nectar is known to attract insect pollinators, as well as hummingbirds. Krüssmann G, 1986. [2], A. julibrissin is widely planted as an ornamental plant in parks and gardens, grown for its fine leaf texture, flowers and attractive horizontal canopy.

Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, 2003. However, in the eastern United States it is generally a short-lived tree, being highly susceptible to mimosa vascular wilt,[8] a fungal disease caused by a species of Fusarium, though the disease does not seem to have seriously impacted its populations. Alien Weeds and Invasive Plants. rosea (Carrière) Mouillefert, Highly adaptable to different environments, Tolerates, or benefits from, cultivation, browsing pressure, mutilation, fire etc, Has propagules that can remain viable for more than one year, Highly likely to be transported internationally deliberately, Difficult to identify/detect in the field. In younger trees, the trunk is green due to its high chlorophyll content, which makes it capable of performing photosynthesis when leaves are absent; with age it turns to gray.[3]. 12, Cape Town, South Africa: Paarl Printers. New York, USA: MacMillan Publishing Co., Inc. Sankhla D, Davis TD, Sankhla N, 1996. The leaves are bipinnate, 20–45 cm (7.9–17.7 in) long and 12–25 cm (4.7–9.8 in) broad, divided into 6–12 pairs of pinnae, each with 20–30 pairs of leaflets; the leaflets are oblong, 1–1.5 cm (0.39–0.59 in) long and 2–4 cm (0.79–1.57 in) broad. The Silviculture of Indian Trees. Istituto Geografico De Agostini, 254. II.

Herbicide-resistant crops: a bitter or better harvest? [3] As a deciduous tree, it is completely bare of leaves and flowers during the winter months, especially when growing outside of its native South America habitat. Agroforestry-Systems, 44(2-3):253-265. Angewandte Botanik, 59(5/6):357-365; 17 ref. Flowering begins at a young age on this sturdy, compact tree.

Volume 1: Contributed presentations., 64-65; 6 ref. Albizia julibrissin, the Persian silk tree or pink silk tree, is a species of tree in the family Fabaceae, native to southwestern and eastern Asia.. Trieste, Italy; Lint ed. The bark has been used to make ropes.

New York, USA: Springer-Verlag. Detailed coverage of invasive species threatening livelihoods and the environment worldwide.

ILDIS, 2002. International Legume Database and Information Service., UK: University of Southampton. Breeding work is currently under way in the United States to produce ornamental plants which will not set seed and can therefore be planted without risk. Roots like to spread out as well, so it is wise not to plant this tree close to a sidewalk or other cement patio where it could cause disruption. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

It is resistant to drought and moderate cold. Badiali G, Marchetti L, Zechini D'Aulerio A, 1993. Another variety, A. julibrissin var. Jordan CF, 2004. One or more of the features that are needed to show you the maps functionality are not available in the web browser that you are using. Rehder A, 1977. It has spread from southern New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, west to Missouri and Illinois, and south to Florida and Texas. Troup RS, Joshi HB, 1983. Forage yield response of mimosa (Albizia julibrissin) to harvest frequency. Vol IV.

They measure 10 to 15 centimetres (4 to 6 in) in diameter and their shape is superficially similar to hibiscus flowers.

New York, USA: The Macmillan Co. Bajracharya D, Bhattarai TB, Dhakal MR, Mandal TN, Sharma MR, Sitaula S, Vimal BK, 1985. Pesticides should always be used in a lawful manner, consistent with the product's label. Padova, Italy: Cedam.

This is a smaller tree, only growing to 5–7 m (15-25 ft) tall, with the flowers always pink. 324 pp.

L'art de connaître les arbres. Ceiba speciosa is added to some versions of the hallucinogenic drink Ayahuasca. [5], A. julibrissin f. rosea has gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit;[6] likewise the cultivar 'Summer Chocolate'.[7].

Manual of cultivated broad-leaved trees and shrubs Vol. The distribution in this summary table is based on all the information available. CABI is a registered EU trademark. Macro Image of Ceiba speciosa in Thailand, The fruits are lignous ovoid capsules, 20 centimetres (8 in) long, which contain bean-sized black seeds surrounded by a mass of fibrous, fluffy matter reminiscent of cotton or silk.[3]. Albizia julibrissin var. ねむの木, Kanji: 合歓木) and its variants is a kigo representing the summer in haiku, especially a sleepy summer evening. Plant For A Future database. The standard cyclopedia for horticulture. In early summer, a profusion of huge clusters, 6-12 in. Flowered white specimen, Taiching, Taiwan. 12.

The branches tend to be horizontal and are also covered with prickles. Exotic forest trees in the British Commonwealth.

Further details may be available for individual references in the Distribution Table Details section which can be selected by going to Generate Report. The flowers are produced throughout the summer in dense inflorescences, the individual flowers with small calyx and corolla (except the central ones), and a tight cluster of stamens 2–3 cm long, white or pink with a white base, looking like silky threads. More information about modern web browsers can be found at In vitro regeneration of silktree (Albizzia julibrissin) from excised roots.

Hardy in North America. The Netherlands: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 79-90. The cotton inside the capsules, although not of as good quality as that of the kapok tree, has been used as stuffing (density = 0.27 g/cm³).

Delhi, India; Controller of Publications. Exotic plants in southern forests: their nature and control. Alberi. It is cultivated in California and Oregon. CABI, Undated. IV. In: Wide-leaf Warea (Warea amplexifolia).

Anon, 1981. The natural habitat of the silk floss tree is the north-east of Argentina, east of Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay and southern Brazil.

And, although once included in Mimosa, neither is it very close to the Mimoseae.

[3] It is very frequently planted in semi-arid areas like California's Central Valley, central Texas and Oklahoma. US Fish and Wildlife Service, 2007. Consult with a medical professional expert before eating or feeding. There is conflicting information on the toxicity of pods and seeds to humans and animals; some parts of the plant may contain neurotoxin. The PLANTS Database.

Benth. The silk floss tree (Ceiba speciosa, formerly Chorisia speciosa), is a species of deciduous tree native to the tropical and subtropical forests of South America.It has several local common names, such as palo borracho (in Spanish literally "drunken stick"), samu'ũ (in Guarani) or paineira (in Brazilian Portuguese).In Bolivia, it is called toborochi, meaning "tree of refuge" or "sheltering tree". 5-Year Review: Summary and Evaluation. Le principali avversità delle piante floreali ed ornamentali.

Outside of private gardens around the world, it is often planted along urban streets in subtropical areas such as in Spain, South Africa, Australia, northern New Zealand and the southern USA, although its prickled trunks and limbs require safety buffer zones, especially around the trunks, in order to- protect people and domesticated animals from its prickles.

Albizia julibrissin var. Special issue: Exploring the opportunities for agroforestry in changing rural landscapes.

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