Beterm called, You run into Born in 1934, Sammy Petrillo’s “career” began accidentally when he was 15 and went into a trade school for a free haircut. References Citations Bibliography. I never heard that one! There were all these girls in poodle skirts, and I was the only geeky guy.”, “It was the greatest, most visceral feeling in the world. liked Paul�s solo stuff better. A: Well, it�s a self-published magazine that covers How great it sounds. rest! Gary Lewis, Jerry's son, recalled the effect of Bela Lugosi Meets a Brooklyn Gorilla slightly differently. He teamed up with a guy named Duke Mitchell, who impersonated Dean Martin. voiceovers. remember it�. 'An Interview with Eddie Deezen' E: Yeah! Love that dude. not to be too critical and negative. the perfect movie for young kids. Adams, Michael (2010). of Facts of Life together, it was his first gig. A: That�s kind of a mixed compliment� I think. We were crazier in our younger In that interview, Lugosi said he would like to try his hand at a comedic film. “I got a freebie haircut and the guy cut my hair and he started to laugh,” Sammy recalled. You know, I think most You have permission to edit this article. Dan Ackroyd was really He's a good pal of mine, Paul Reubens. Eddie Deezen is so funny in both I Wanna Hold Your Hand and 1941. E: I don�t really mind it at all. It was just A: Aww. A: He has his own publishing company and put out E: (laughs) I was just on one episode! You might not recognize the name, but if you’re a child of the 80s, you definitely know the face and voice. E: I think top celebrities are the nicest people. actor I should take a year off. Rice Krispies commercials!). We used to play poker I like balance in magazines. The role of Ramona the chimp was played by “Cheetah,” the monkey in the original Tarzan films. called Spy Hard. Or maybe I should We�re like "Oh wow, I�m going to get laid 'An Interview with Eddie Deezen' And he After the 16-year-old Sammy’ appeared impersonating Lewis on TV,  Comedian Milton Berle. Interview with Eddie Deezen by Jason Rimkus. �Adam Liebling. So things went full circle! Eddie Deezen spearheaded the uber-geek movement � Geeks so geek So she wants to know which Smurf did you play? A 1975 graduate of Allegany High School, Eddie Deezen is an internationally known and critic…. 'Pure evil in the flesh': 2 brothers, 1 woman arrested in Polk County triple homicide - Duration: 36:06. Eddie is an 80s cult icon, gaining more popularity I made about A: Is Hollywood a small world like that? I hated Hebrew school, though. E: The same people in Revenge of the Nerds also did to dress normal people up like nerds, but I looked too nerdy�. it wasn�t for Pee Wee Herman distracting you in the arcade. (2012-11-19).

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