The redhead sighed as her arms moved to drape about his neck, his own arms wrapping around her waist. ", He didn't know why he did it, but very slowly, the young man drew her closer until they were practically toe-to-toe.

he murmured against her. Well, she was always beautiful, but there was something about the way she stood on her tiptoes, fingers extended to their maximum; her posture was wrought with wonder and innocence, as if the entire ordeal made her breathless. And from that they make another life, their life together and the life that comes from their beings. We will um... we'll make love.

Toeing the dirt, the young woman shrugged. Grug's toothy smile peered down at Guy, "Why, Ugga was so stubborn one day about something stupid." He scanned around, panic rising, making it hard to force out a breath. Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 6 - Words: 3,261 - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 57 - Follows: 48 - Updated: 'Shh, no tears, my son. She started at his voice and ripped her hand from his.

He relished her descriptions on everything, delighting in her surprise and respect of every detail. ", Eep looked apprehensive, "Mate? Guy! I mean, he loved her in that way as well, but he never thought of her family in the manner with which she'd sometimes occupy his thoughts. Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 9 - Words: 13,826 - Reviews: 55 - Favs: 87 - Follows: 126 - Updated: A new world of colors, creatures, and people. As he pulled away, Eep shook her head. "Did you feel it?

"Yeah! You. Eep paused for breath, taking in her surroundings. Wha—she's getting hurt! "No.".

Thank you so much for sharing.

All men are just like him." Rated: K - Spanish - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,062 - Reviews: 10 - Favs: 21 - Follows: 8 - Published: When something precious to Guy is destroyed, what can be done to fix it? He grinned and ran his hand through his hair. "Oh, Eep-" Guy turned his head, fully intending to ask about body placement, but was abruptly cut off by her lips… on his lips. Eep and Guy have always been closer then ever, but what will happen when Guy finds his missing childhood friends? "You love me? The moment the sun peaked over the rolling waves felt like a kiss from her mother when she was small and the rays fell on her forehead, caressing her face. ", "Mating. The clouds. Guy was quick, but there was no person alive who could overtake Eep at a full run.

He didn't mind that his family was keeping secrets, but if it concerned him and someone he cared about, well, who could blame him for being a bit on the edge? As if sensing his gaze, the young woman turned abruptly, causing him to start as he smiled awkwardly and rubbed his arm, looking up again. Just to be sure, I mean. The way his presence has yet to fail to bring it forth.

There might be more tomorrow out there, but he would never make it without her. But never Eep. Catch me? Those. He felt... trapped. Images of steak and fish and my mom's delicious corn sauce on eggs flickered through my mind. ", "I'll always catch you, my baby girl."


Guy had seen one or two, but never this many. Most creatures don't know better. You. She imagined he would be warm, and he'd smell good. Stay with me and love me? Just trying to help. Their hands raise together, reaching up and tangling above their heads as their bodies are lined in light. He has been beating himself up all morning about it, and I think he's suffered enough, don't you? I...I can't imagine my life without you. Also, fem!Toothless. He's sorry, poor boy.

Eep scares him occasionally, but most of the time she steals his breath away instead. He didn't know. Eep looked at him expectantly, not bothering to tell him that she thought she knew what it meant, too. She's in pain, guy! Out here, though, in the vast unknown past the end of the world?

"It's when you say you're gonna do something or not do something, and you follow through. Then after a bit of silence, she would speak simple things in her soothing voice and it would be okay.

"I took a deep breath.

In fact, at times, he was even almost jealous: Eep had a father who truly cared about her. "She punched me right in the jaw. The Croods Eep Admires Guy's Skills By Anla On DeviantArt . I love you.". Strangers from all over the world. "Guy? He started and Eep motioned for him to be quiet before tugging on his hand. For Eep, it's home. He bent and retrieved his shell, "Girls!

In a nice way.

You, uh, do you? Her smile, and how it appears before she breaks a rule or kills something or challenges Sandy to a brawl. It crushed him to think that she could think so. The future is always changing with every decision made. His chest began to feel odd and he wanted to frown in confusion, but found he couldn't bring himself to. Eep doesn't know what it means when her drummer speads up, her throat tightens and her skin warms.

Her voice was tired, as tired as he felt. Eep sighed, miserably, "Of course I do, Guy. Steal her and run away? "Yeah." Loving Tomorrow (Eep & Guy fanfic) Fanfiction. Promise me.". Eep scares him occasionally, but most of the time she steals his breath away instead. There was nobody around, everyone we knew died.

Just. '"Belt, do you think we could rest here for another day?" ", "Yeah," he replied, "didn't you feel it? Well. You were worried, and you didn't understand...and I just made it worse. She was his life and his breath, his heartbeat. Gran noticed and shook her head, smirking to herself, "Poor, lovesick idiot." Using our brains, we made other things, like actual clothes, and shoes. There was no way he could...why did she not know?

Eep stepped over and plopped down, resting her head in Ugga's lap. The way she can snarl and snap pointy teeth, and the way she runs; wild and bestial, fierce and so damn fast. "Um, Eep, I-". New story! C'était chaud et agréable de rester à ses côtés. Only time will tell. A mish-mash of characters from animated films all come together to attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Just In. "Yeah…" She turned to him again, "what did you want to say?". Guy isn’t afraid to admit that Eep scares him sometimes. The young woman's eyes were wide open as she pressed a rushed kiss to his mouth, insides chaotic as she pulled away quickly, embarrassed. He'd spent the rest of the morning berating himself to Belt, who listened in earnest, and then growled his annoyance with his person, ordering him to go talk to her.

Guy took the opportunity to do something he'd been craving for a long time. "We can't let them go! In a world where fairies, dragons and magical powers are nothing out of the ordinary,Jack, Hiccup, Merida and Rapunzel find themselves caught in the middle. "Eep!" "Yeah," she breathed, nudging his nose with hers. Rated T just in case! The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Had it really been that bad? love; thecroods; guyandeep +2 more #14.
I don't want to hurt his feelings. He’s seen her devour his body weight in food in the time it takes for Belt to blink, and he knows she could snap him like a stick before he could even think to ask her not to. Her eyes hazed over fuzzing her vision and she clutched her arms to her body as if cold.

He had never spoken to her like that, so harsh and biting.

The way she can snarl and snap pointy teeth, and the way she runs; wild and bestial, fierce and so damn fast. Eep began her descent and quickly scaled to the bottom. Enjoy :). Guy stood abruptly, knocking Belt awake from his unexpected movement. She loved this time of day. I know."

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Her face became understanding and watched us. Henrik's group featured Elsa Arendelle, Sam Morgan, Rebecca Corona, Melissa DunBroch, Snow Wyte, and one very handsome Jackson Bunnymund. Sturdy, little red-headed Eep sat on her favorite outcropping of grey green rock overlooking the vast rolling water. He can barely see the top of the trunk where it fades into dusky sky. His name was accompanied by a touch to his hand, and the young man faced her. Our family. Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,250 - Reviews: 5 - Favs: 23 - Follows: 12 - Published: Que hubiera pasado si Guy en lugar de ayudar a los Croods, hubiera corrido para salvarse a si mismo Version alterna de una gran película. She...she...she was gone! Her family’s the same – worse sometimes, and no one, nothing, scares him like Sandy, but he woke one night to Gran leaning over him with the hungriest expression on her face (and screaming does not make him a girl, thank you Grug) and he hasn’t slept right since. I feel terrible, I think I've messed things up for good. "NO!" Eep slammed her hand hard on the ground growling, "And stupid Guy!" Eep/Guy (The Croods) Eep (The Croods) Guy (The Croods) Fluff; Declarations Of Love; Summary.

Story 1 in the Shay series.

I have to fix this." Suns. It was a brisk and hazy morning. (If he were moving on, past The End, he thinks he’d want Eep to be his last sight, his last touch too.). "Fa!?

Don't go too far? Shoes are amazing. Belt lay on my stomach, his chin resting on my ribs as he watched me. In the movie, Guy and Eep were sappy for one another and I think you did a wonderful job capturing it here in your fic, too!

Eep's eyebrows knit together, waiting for the reassuring words from her mother, needing to hear that it would be okay. But his science and english partner, Eep, seems pretty nice. His mate. She pulled away with every intent of stepping back, but he kept her close, shaking his head. "Guy, I am so sorry! Want to hunt with your old mom?

Guy has lived by that phrase, it kept him alive. Rated: K - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 462 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 24 - Follows: 11 - Published: Tragedy begets more tragedy.
she asked, touching her cheek in awe. "You do?" It meant he wanted her to describe what she saw. ", Eep nodded and stood up pulling Ugga up with her. He was confused and embarrassed. He hadn't been without Eep for a single day since he'd met her and he needed her with him. And then she was gone in a flash and it broke him. "Owbe's alright. New story! Friendships can survive the highs and lows of teenage romance, right? Guy followed her, rubbing sleep from his eyes as the redhead practically dragged him out of earshot before motioning to the sky. Eep slowly lowered us to the ground, not exactly letting us go. "Stop, Eep. Short drabble looking at three times one of the Croods decided to use the shells to call out. ", Ugga smiled again, "We'll see about that. I can't find her! Mating is how we get little Eeps, and little Thunks, and little Sandys. Could have done a few days without her mother, though." "Oh, Eep, what does your dad always say? Carefully as possible, Eep made the trip around Grug, shaking the younger man awake. They escape Grug for a time, because he might not be afraid anymore but he is still a father, and Eep is his daughter, and he still isn’t comfortable leaving her and Guy alone.

"What… What was that? We all looked at Grug at the same time. I like explaining things to you, watching you learn new makes you so happy. Things will work, I promise. He scooted closer and put his arm across her shoulders, squeezing her into his own body. We all looked at Grug at the same time. "You are just like him. Yet there are other times when he opens his eyes to find hers already on his, her lips already smiling, her throat already laughing. It would have been a perfect moment, the sun peeking above the horizon and the two of them together. GuyxEpp (Croods fanfiction)I Call It A Kiss Chapter 1 The Croods: Fan Art Friday Her face had raised, eyes red, and her bottom lip was trembling, but she still wouldn't look him in the face.

Eep and Guy have always been closer then ever, but what will happen when Guy finds his missing childhood friends? With the rise of a dark lord and the Triwizard Tournaments approaching, the four wizards will have to gather up all of their courage in order to protect themselves and the ones they love.

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