[10 T.OZ] [Hallmark in Elongated Octagon] [999+ FINE SILVER] [Serial Number], 5th series in very unique 7-digit serial number variation. 5th series in standard production 5-digit serial variation with an inverted. Similar to our variety directly above, though demonstrates a different serial font. Despite the fact that pressed silver bars have more of a uniform look and feel to them, investors often prefer the old-style poured Engelhard silver bars. Amazingly, these ingots were generally considered junk bars and frequently melted until just a decade ago, when collectors began to appreciate their inherent beauty and undeniable scarcity. First generation extruded bar in portrait variation, approximate dimensional match to the 8th and 9th series extruded bars. Known examples include 172xxx, 188xxx and 194xxx serial range. [Hallmark in Elongated Octagon]  [Serial Number]. Extruded 10oz bar in less frequently seen full-hallmark variation. [.000]  [999+]  [Hallmark in Elongated Octagon]  [Serial Number], 1st series in 6-digit serial variation, three zero suffix on weight designation. All Engelhard discovered this new variety in October, 2014. Engelhard 100 oz Silver Bars have all been on their own individual journeys, and over time have developed unique characteristics such as … Ingot A270012 sold privately on February 20, 2017 for $2,200.00. Note the reverse placement of weight and purity stampings, with 10.000 on left and 999+ to right, as well as the difference in serial font – the numbers ‘1’ and ‘3’ specifically. Ingot 3530 sold privately on May 13, 2017 for $2,500.00. Exclusive 10oz commercial bar produced for the Gold Standard Corporation. Interesting to note the serial font on these ingots are exclusive to this variety, specifically the ‘1’ and ‘3’ numbers. 4th series in ‘P’ serial prefix variation, these examples demonstrate a space in the purity designation. Additional information regarding the Gold Standard Corporation may be found at this, [Italic boxed Australian Hallmark]  [999+SILVER]  [100 OZ]  [Serial Number]. It appears there was serial number overflow on these ‘P’ series examples. share. P000948 sold via eBay auction for $995.01 on December 10, 2017. For many collectors and investors, the 10oz Engelhard bar represents the standard and preferred bullion choice. Determining that these bars are, in fact, old is no problem at all simply because of the appearance of these bars. However, this process did not result in weight deficit. Some of the early ingots were apparently poured into cold casting moulds that caused irregularities on the reverse and edges. 1st series in 6-digit serial variation, three zero suffix on weight designation and letter ‘X’ serial prefix anomaly. Because of the human element of this production process, poured bars often has minor imperfections that make it somewhat unique to the bar that came before it as well as the bar that was made afterwards. The above serial runs are shared with 6th series ‘P’ SilverTowne ingots, shown above. Interesting to note that one example within this variety demonstrates a 350843 Canadian range serial number, pictured below. Additional details may be found at this. Similar to our example above, ingot demonstrates a double stamp error. Analysis indicates these were produced in five specific serial runs of 36xxx, 48xxx, 55xxx, 59xxx and 65xxx and have estimated mintage of approximately 50 examples on each run. [999+ FINE SILVER] [Serial Number], Hallmark in Elongated Octagon, repeated 3 full times, course pebbled finish. The letter ‘A’ prefix was added to differentiate and possibly eliminate a duplicate serial number of an actual 1st series commercial bar. While the Waffle Back pattern was common on these production pieces after serial assignment P010000, it is important to note that there are production anomalies on these examples due to backfilling of serial number assignment. This page contains our current information on 100oz class Engelhard silver production bars and Legacy Ingots. There is strong evidence that supports production timeframe overlapped on both ‘P’ and ‘W’ series ingots with the ‘W’ prefix beginning at ‘W050XXX’. Observed in weight class and purity stamp placement variation, pictured. We believe this was one of the last bars produced in this variety with a happenstance serial number assignment from unassigned Canadian serial numbers. OZ.] They include approximate serial range P000700 – P000900, which demonstrates a decimal in ’99.9+’. [10.000] [999+] [Hallmark in Elongated Octagon] [Serial Number]. While most every Engelhard bar is equipped with the Engelhard name, purity, and weight indications, the exact format of the bar’s design was under constant flux as they were produced. Ingot. P000800 sold privately on March 15, 2017 for $2,500.00. One example. This particular example is a very rare early variety of the more commonly found example listed directly below. Possibly an early Canadian variation. Engelhard Serial Number Protocol by AGWire. These zero [0] prefix bars are believed to have been produced in 1971, or prior. They began with poured examples and were followed by machined examples. Engelhard Bullion. Approximate dimensions of 4th series variety are 2 ½, 5th series ingot in Canadian variation. However, many have been melted over the years, further fueling the collector market’s high demand for these iconic bullion examples. This serial number prefix matches the 27xxxx format of 1st series commercial bars, directly below, likely of the very last 5th series ingots produced. Some examples issued in plastic protective cover, pictured below and very rarely seen. [Liberty Head Logo]  [Liberty Trade Silver Custom ‘Torch’ Logo MADE IN USA]  [Engelhard ‘E’ Logo in Octagon]  [.999+]  [FINE SILVER]  [100 TROY OUNCES]  [Serial Number]  [© 1986 MTB]  [UNITED STATES OF AMERICA], All Engelhard is grateful to have sourced this example’s history from the original owner of bar A0006. Bar P000351 sold privately on January 9, 2017 for $3,750.00. Most Engelhard 10oz class silver bars have serial numbers. Note the circular, hand-stamped serial font. Anomalies include occasional triangular stamping to left of serial number and a separately serial numbered ingot, 52937, both pictured. Despite relatively high estimated mintage, these are rarely seen. [100 TR. Additional information regarding the Scotiabank counterstamp may be found at this, [Maple Leaf Hallmark] [Assayers & Refiners] [10 TROY OUNCES] [FINE SILVER 999 in Square] [Serial Number in Bull Logo Frosted Rectangle]. 5th series in standard production 5-digit serial variation with ‘+’ serial number stamp application error. 3rd series in serial absent, MMS counterstamp variation. Note the bottom photo shows this variety with a letter ‘K’ below the blank serial prefix stamp. All Engelhard has authenticated one of these examples in hand through ingot micrometer measurements and full font study. Ingot 10059 sold via eBay auction on April 6, 2018 for $2,956.00. DISCLAIMER: The information represented on this website is based on continually developing data sourced through collectors, online sale platforms and industry resources. ALL ENGELHARD is dedicated to the presentation and preservation of all things Engelhard. Mintage estimate on these inverted serial number examples is <2,250 of the total <7,500 produced. Originally a 10oz weight class, ingot 10146 weighs 297.34g, or 9.56oz. It is missing the ‘100’ leading numbers on the weight designation stamp. Additional details regarding the Gold Standard counterstamp may be found at this, [Hallmark in Elongated Octagon] [10 TROY OZ.] [10 OZ] [Hallmark in Octagon] [999. Some examples have blanks where leading zeros would go [I.E. suffix. Please note there are variations in the ‘1’ serial font as demonstrated in the photo to the left, with the 175446 being the anomaly. 1st series 10oz example in Canadian commercial bar variation. 100oz ingot produced by Engelhard Australia for Deak International.. [Serial Number]  [999+]  [Bull Hallmark in Elongated Octagon]  [100.000]. This ingot appears to share the same casting moulds as the 1st and 2nd series ingots, defined above. Ingot 15407 sold privately on March 15, 2017 for $3,350.00. 6th series ‘P’ serial prefix variation, this variety with space separation between 2nd and third 9’s in purity stamping [99 9+] as seen on the 4th series, above. One example, illustrated, that includes a full and perfectly struck error ‘X’ and ‘8’ serial prefix. Engelhard Silver Bar Dealer Price Comparison. These ingots carry a more refined casting finish and crisper stampings. Between serial P000800 and P001410 the obverse stamping method changed, most noticeably in the rotary stamp application, as demonstrated in the photos. Waffle Back Cast Finish started around P010000. This page contains our current information on 100oz class Engelhard silver production bars and Legacy Ingots. 4th series in 5-digit serial variation. [9 99+]  [FINE SILVER]  [100 TR. 3rd series 10oz ingot in Canadian variation. Ingot 1000622 sold privately on December 5, 2017 for $3,750.00. 1st series standard commercial bar in P-Series variation, circa 1984. However, this process did not result in weight deficit. [Hallmark in Elongated Octagon] [Serial Number]. OZ.] Unique prototype production ingot. 8th series in ‘P’ serial prefix with occasional ‘C’ and ‘S’ serial prefix variations, first fully machined 100oz ‘bar’ variety. As with the smaller weight class Legacy Ingots, Engelhard 10oz ingot lineage witnessed many variations through early production years. There are unsubstantiated claims that ‘P’ represents ‘poured’ and ‘C’ represents ‘cast’ in serial prefix. Engelhard silver bars come in varying sizes and shapes, but are all able to fulfill your individualized investing needs. These iconic bars are immediately recognizable in. 1st series Canadian ingot in 5-digit serial variation. Our appreciation to Dan S. for this discovery! Canadian portrait bar in standard Maple Leaf variety, circa 1985. 7th series in ‘P’ serial prefix variation, these examples have an obverse and reverse with approximately the same surface area. The serial numbers observed across these two series of ingots are interspersed and are indicative of simultaneous production for both variety at the same production facility. 3rd series in 5-digit serial variation with ‘MFR’ [Metals Fabrication & Refining] designation. 5th series in standard production 5-digit serial variation. th ‘P’ series bars as well as 100oz ‘P’ series bars. We believe this serial number range spans from 011750 to 024800. Similar to our example above with exception of reflective finish, decorative beaded obverse circumference and alternate placement of stampings. [Hallmark in Elongated Octagon]. Similar to our example above, though demonstrates a ‘0’ serial prefix. We do not believe that serial number assignment is necessarily indicative of production order and that there were some variations in prefix assignment across all series.

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