Evaporation (Evap) lines are faint lines that show up after a negative pregnancy test dries up, tricking a user into reading a false positive. The evaporation line on a pregnancy test comes when the urine used in the sample evaporates after a certain amount of time. If you do see a faint positive test result, then we always recommend a follow up test in a day or two using that first morning urine. | About IYTmed.com Team. Are you knowledgeable about this line on a pregnancy test? Gnoth C, Johnson S. Strips of hope: Accuracy of home pregnancy tests and new developments. An evaporation line does not indicate pregnancy. Some women take pregnancy tests too early to receive accurate positive results. A doctor can provide the most accurate results by testing the blood or the urine. Dr. Amos Grunebaum, MD, FACOG is a Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and among the world's leading authorities on fertility and pregnancy. The information above will be used only to respond to your contact request. Here’s our process. More than 10 minutes have passed since taking the test. There will be a very faint line on a home pregnancy test when the urine on it begins to dry up and vanish. What Is Evaporation Line on a Pregnancy Test? We also don't show you Personalized Ads. In many cases, the evaporation line even highlights the antibody strip and makes women to think that they are pregnant. An evaporation line can give you a "false positive" pregnancy test. You have the option of three (typical) different types of at-home pregnancy tests: mid-stream, dropper, and dip tests. What to do about an evaporation line on a pregnancy test. Are You Pregnant If the Test Shows a Positive Line After 10 Minutes? When an evaporation line appears, it is best to take another test for an accurate result. Most early-result pregnancy tests can only detect hCG when it rises to levels of 25 mIU/ml or higher, which usually happens around day 11. As the Urine dries, it can cause the antibody strip to appear somewhat more noticeable, and sometimes can in fact appear like an indentation on the test itself. A false negative can happen if you take a pregnancy test too early. Tests that can detect smaller concentrations of hCG in the urine are more likely to show positive results earlier. If a person sees an evaporation line, it means that the test is negative, or it was taken too early in the pregnancy to show a positive result. Wondering if your test is positive or negative? When the pregnancy test ink makes its way across the test screen, your result is shown. You just can not ignore the faintest of lines you see on the test. A faint line suggests a positive pregnancy if it appeared throughout the response time. According to research published in 2014, the average hCG concentration in urine at 9 days after ovulation — around 5 days before a missed period — is 0.93 milli-international units per milliliter (mIU/ml). You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. An evaporation line is a line that appears in the results window of a pregnancy test as the urine dries. Related Articles To be accurate, the test results should be read within the reaction time of the test, which is usually at 5 or so. They typically appear if a person waits for longer than the suggested time to read the test result. Lower Test Sensitivity: Different tests have different sensitivity levels. In case you do not see a positive result within the response time, you ought to not keep it to check it once again later. Sometimes, what appears to be a positive line is actually an evaporation line. Evaporation lines are common and can occur with any pregnancy test. Pregnancy test instructions. Instructions on many pregnancy tests will tell you to read the results in a particular amount of time, generally from a number of minutes up until 10 minutes later. Contact form | Cookie Policy | Terms and Conditions | Legal Disclaimer | References List While the ink travels into the result window, it can pool into one or two indents depending on the pregnancy result. It is most likely to be a positive result. Evaporation (Evap) lines are faint lines that show up after a negative pregnancy test dries up, tricking a user into reading a false positive. It is, nevertheless, essential to discard the test if you see an evaporation line on pregnancy test. Most tests also have lines that indicate that the tests are working. It is also possible for the second line to look like an indentation. Most of the time they will appear shadowy, colorless or even grey. What is Unexplained Infertility in Women? Evaporation lines are caused by evaporation of the urine in the result window of a pregnancy test.These are lines that shows in the result window of the test. What does this mean? However, sometimes you may see a faint line during the exact time frame allotted by your pregnancy test. Because Instructions vary between tests, in some cases, pregnancy tests with similar packages have slightly different instructions for each test. Verywell Family uses only high-quality sources, including peer-reviewed studies, to support the facts within our articles. Otherwise, a positive result followed by a negative result a few days later could mean a very early pregnancy loss. You can be sure you read the sensitive test results in an accurate time-frame based on the package’s specific instructions. Also, your first-morning urine is much more concentrated than urine samples from a random time in the day. A faint color band in the test area of a pregnancy test indicates, in most circumstances, a positive result for pregnancy. © 2020 Mira, Powered by Quanovate | All Rights Reserved. 2020. The Role of HCG in Pregnancy and Testing, Nursing Time Tea – An Interview with Herbalist Pam Caldwell. Because an Evap Line only takes place once the Urine has dried, it’s safe to say that any Line that appears within that allotted timeframe specified on the directions would be considered a favorable result no matter how faint the Line may be. This is normal and a part of the process but leaves behind a colorless but distinct line. By using Verywell Family, you accept our. The majority of times, in this case, it won’t be a true positive pregnancy test. There will be a very faint line on a home pregnancy test when the urine on it begins to dry up and vanish. A downside of testing early is that you’re more likely to test for a chemical pregnancy. Pregnancy begins when a fertilized egg implants in the lining of the uterus. Urine hCG concentrations are often highest when a person wakes up. Waiting longer than the suggested time can lead to a second line showing up which may not be hCG.

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