[8] The 2002–03 report found Everton had the highest number of season ticket holders from the two lowest social classifications with 16%.
[citation needed] Everton also has a notable amount of supporters in countries such as Australia, Ireland, South Africa, Thailand, and the United States.

Sunderland fans eat cheesy chips.

Man Utd are also rich cunts.

Debate either of those issues and more to your heart’s content. Man City are rich Manc cunts. Pickford clumsily clattered a marginally offside Virgil van Dijk; a horribly mistimed collision that may have ended the Dutchman’s season.

West Ham: Tattooed Neo Nazi with anger management issues Millwall: Like West Ham but without the social skills.

Yes, Liverpool were the better side and can feel aggrieved not to have left with three points. Liverpool and Everton fans: "All yous ever do is talk about us, yous are fucking obsessed with us, can't stop talking about us for ten minutes.

But the most perplexing aspect of this most draining of games has been its fallout, and why those aforementioned episodes of harmless goading have been shoved aside in favour of something darker, something sinister. Or maybe the real truth existed somewhere between these two notions. [6] The 2007–08 survey found that Everton fans on average live 44 miles away from Goodison Park, three miles less than the average and a huge difference compared with fans of rivals Liverpool and Manchester United, who were on average 82 and 78 miles from their respective stadiums. Indeed, in the short time between van Dijk’s injury and writing this, Richarlison (who also apologised for his own misdemeanour) has been the subject of racist abuse, while Pickford has been the subject of death threats and a petition for him to be banned for as long as van Dijk is sidelined, as well as being accusing of assault and all manner of whataboutery-isms, chiefly ‘What if he did it in the street?’.

Sony PS4 Official DualShock 4 wireless Controller V2, 8. All Newcastle fans drink.

The game itself was a thrilling mess; twice Liverpool led thanks to slapdash Everton defending, twice Everton equalised through towering headers.

[1] The club has recently[when?] How they see themselves: Graham Taylor’s Golden Boys. Jordan Pickford probably should have been. [11] The intra-city rivalry between the two is regarded as friendly, and it is not uncommon for families and households in the city to have both Everton and Liverpool fans. Last year we ranked all of the worst fans in the Premier League and now we’re back at square one and everyone’s back to taking themselves much too seriously.

How they see themselves: The true Manc club who the billions won’t change. Yet the enmity between Everton and Liverpool hasn’t always been this vitriolic, so what’s changed? How they see themselves: Inspiring “genuine admiration for the volume of the club’s loyal support” (their actual words).

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