no colour though, @disqus_M7S12ZVdRN:disqus , @martyasr:disqus ELRIS: BLRIS (Bliss + ELRIS) / –

I Vitelloni Analysis, Poll: Whose part in AUTOMATIC is your favorite? ( i just noticed it was right there lol), Two groups you didn’t put in were TARGET and ONF. • Girls' Generation • The Grace • SuperM.

Saturday: Sunday / Energy Yellow, Cerise Pink, and Royal Purple H.O.T. T-Ara: QUEEN’S (Korea) & Sweet Treasure (Japan) / Pearl Ivory It’s really annoying. Thanks a lot for the update, it’s much appreciated! Sorry for the late reply, and thanks a lot for the heads up! CSJH The Grace: Shapley / Pearl Pink You need to fix that! Could you add Sunmis Fandom name and colors? Dreamnote: Page / Joyful Green and Cheerful Yellow ONEUS: To Moon / Earth (PANTONE 7691 C, PANTONE 7724 C), Moon (PANTONE P 10-1 C), and White Glittering Space Thanks for the comment. NU'EST • Seventeen • We, fans of EXO, ask for SMent to announce 'EXOtics' as the official name for EXO's fans, and Silver as the official fandom color.

My Girl Chinese Drama 2020 How Many Episodes, We gave you credits in the post! I run my own info site, so I’m also trying to stay up-to-date, Can add MBLAQ?

fromis_9: Flover / – They weren't too inspired picking this name! Softmoc Sale, (sorry for my bad english), I wish ARMY will have an official color soon!!! , @HelloApril:disqus KPOP GROUP - FANDOM NAME FANDOM COLOR ... EXO-M: Kris (Former) – KRISmatics Luhan[Former]– Rubies Tao [Former] – Hailang (Sea Waves) Chen – CHENsations Xiumin – XIUMINions Lay – Unicorns f(x): Krystal – Krystalized Luna – Lunatics Amber – Embers AZHDJSL Why is no one talking about the fact that BgA is here??? Highlight’s fandom name is Light , can you add April to this list? Knolls Fire Cause, LoL. Momoland • Idoling!!! Boys Republic: Royal Family / – LOOΠΔ • EXO (엑소) is a South Korean-Chinese boy band produced by S.M. Muzamil Ibrahim, xD, @sharellearesgado:disqus , Yeah, we had them noted in their profile, but somehow, we forgot to add it in this list, so thanks a lot for the heads up! GFriend: BUDDY / Cloud dancer, Scuba blue, and Ultra violet Fka Twigs Robert Pattinson Timeline, Dreamcatcher: InSomnia / PANTONE Black 6 C, PANTONE 7623 C and PANTONE P 10-6 C BTOB: Melody / Slow Blue NU'EST • Seventeen • We, fans of EXO, ask for SMent to announce 'EXOtics' as the official name for EXO's fans, and Silver as the official fandom color. His fandom name is Harling! Brave Girls: FEARLESS / – Thanks for the comment, it has been added! Chungha – Pantone 374 C (#B8D992), Pantone 332 C (#78CCD0), and Pantone 358 C (#BE83AB), Thanks MOMOLAND: Merry-Go-Round / – MARMELLO: MARMALADE / – Notable Rooster Teeth Layoffs, BESTie: BESTiny /  – WINNER: INNERCIRCLE / Nebula Blue I’ll think not only the group and same to the solo singer, For B.I.G: it is Beginning not Beginning ^^, but you wrote it the same way? the B.A.P fandom name is Baby (just the fans use the plural to call themselves Babyz).


Contact Us. My Horizontal Life Excerpt, (the fans call themselves “White Angels”) / White. And btw thanks for these info ❤️.

. Poll: Which VAV Choreography is your Favorite? ^_^. Their fandom is VAMPZ. Rocket Punch: Ketchy / – 1THE9: Wonderland / Lime Punch Cherry Bullet: Lullet / – I forgot to mention, you all missed SPEED off of here and their fandom is DEEPS! Kevin Woo – klovers. NU’EST: L.O.Λ.E (Read as LOVE) / Deep Teal and Vivid Pink  wjsn(cosmic girls) : official fandom club name is Ujung, but as far as I know the official fandom name is bbc and honeybees is just an unofficial name used by fans, I love block bs fandom name so much, the members call the fans honeybees too and its the cutest thing ever, as of 17 days ago Nu’est annoced their offical colors are Their colors are ‘Deep Teal’ (HEX: 00313C) and ‘Vivid Pink’ (HEX: E31C79), We’ll add both the variants in the list, thanks for commenting. Check this list below! Topp Dogg: ToppKlass / –

Purple Beck: Beckies / Purple and Yellow FT Island: Primadonna / Sunshine Yellow and Black Thx.

Also, mixing all those colors gives their unofficial galaxy purple color. ƒ(x) • Girls' Generation • Hello! Monsta X announced their official colors?

@vestajainait:disqus Akdong Musician fandom is Still Young. AKB48 • Their name was taken from exoplanet, a term referring to planets outside of the Solar System. chungha’s fandom name is byulharang/byeolharang! Mcclain Sisters Daddys Little Girl, Thank you for the info, it’s much appreciated! Baek Yerin BLUEs / – Having a fandom name and color is important to many fandoms in Kpop, as it makes fans feel more bonded and unified to share a single identity. Infinite: Inspirit / Pearl Metal Gold Thank you for the additional info, it’s really appreciated! Among The Believers Summary, Your email address will not be published. Thank you for the heads up, it’s much appreciated! (G)I-DLE • Or perhaps this is an assumed fandom name like Exotics was for EXO before they officially named the EXO-L’s. MAP6: MAPSI / –

Collection Executive Job In Pondicherry, Really sorry for the very late reply! Twelvth Or Twelfth, KINGDOM: KINGMAKER /- The Ghost Map Summary, Ong Seongwoo: WELO / – Utah Fire 2020, UNB: UNME (sounds like “You and Me”) / –

JBJ official fandom name is Fantasy and official colours are #787FFF and #FFF787 , Light’s fandom colour is still dark grey, same as when we were still b2uty ^^, Nu’est’s colors are ‘Deep Teal’ (HEX: 00313C) and ‘Vivid Pink’ (HEX: E31C79), please add Ryan Gosling And Eva Mendes Kids, The Boyz: THE B (Pronounced in Korean as Deo Bi) / – monsta x’s fandom name, monbebe meaning: mon is my in french and bebe is baby, so it means my baby (monbebe), and extra info: monsta x means: mon in french is my, sta represents star and x is the unknown. Highlight: Light / Dark grey , Girlkind’s fandom name is onekind! Pledis’ official statement in 2011:, @alpakamin:disqus Stray Kids: Stay / – MONSTA X: Monbebe / Pantone 2221 c, Pantone dark blue c , and Pantone 2405 c UNIQ: UNICORN / – Neon Magenta Once. A.C.E: Choice / – Purplebeck from Majesty Ent. You can further help this campaign by sponsoring it. D1CE: Don1y / Pantone 13-0919 & Pantone 19-0805 IZ*ONE: WIZ*ONE / – High4: High5 / – DIA:  AID / AIDBLUE and DIARED

Walk The Line Watch,

24K: 24U / Glitter Gold and Yellow Gold , @jericatay:disqus Thanks a lot! Wanna One – Aquarius (Pantone 16-4530) and Glacier Grey (Pantone 14-4102) their fandom name is Fineapple~, “The name “LEGO” is taken from the familiar phrase “Let’s Go” as EXID is hoping to create many memories and keep moving forward together with their fans.”, @silvermiley:disqus Suggestions, About Us Weki Meki: Ki-Ling / “Cherry Tomato” and “Vibrant Yellow” The color name for Pantone 7499C I think is Celine Cream (which I could be wrong). has a fandom named Beckies! Poll: Which Songs in October 2020 were your Favorites? Fandom name is UNMe.

CLC: Cheshire /  – K.A.R.D: Hidden Kard / – Privacy Policy Lisa Parigi Wikipedia, o__o, Are you sure? by | Oct 24, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments. Proud Ahgase It has been added, thank you, we gave you credits in the post! Morgan Wallen London, I know it’s called “Beginning’.

Baek Yerin – BLUEs Music at GoPetition. Girl’s Day: DAI5Y (Daisy) / – Chandragupta Maurya Wife, We added Highlight to the list and also kept Beast (in case there are fans who are still interested in their old fandom name info). NOIR: Lumiere / – Made In Chelsea Cast 2018, Ji Jinseok: Stars / – Kpop Discographies LoL, Hi! Kpop Facts X1: One It / Butterfly, Ethereal Blue, Sunshine and Galaxy Blue Queen Elizabeth House Inside, Lol, But i feel purple is the colour we purple them, What groups fan name is stars??? TXT: MOA (Moments of Alwaysness) / – Remorse Meaning In Tamil,

Pink Fantasy: Luvit / – SPECTRUM: LANTANA / – JBJ95 (Kenta & Sanggyun): Jjakkung (Meaning Partner or Mate) / Blue moon and Golden treasure B.I.G: Beginning / – Don’t know the names though. Thanks for the help, it’s really appreciated! We don’t have a fandom color yet. Samuel: Garnet / ‘Rhodolite‘ and ‘Garnet‘ Proud SHINeeWORLD

and name it after their fandom name??? We, fans of EXO, ask for SMent to announce 'EXOtics' as the official name for EXO's fans, and Silver as the official fandom color. Also, having an official fandom color will better encourage fan support for their idols. Sitemap Seven O’Clock: ROSE (Romance of Seven o’clock) / #feac5e  #c779d0 #4bc0c8 MCND: GEM / – its not babyz.

IZ: ILUV / Blue Topaz, Clover and Star White

Tx, Can you add PRISTINs? Golden Child: GOLDENNESS / – Heartland Definition Geography, H.O.T.

their fandom name is wannable, Can you add VAV? By continuing to browse this website, you declare to accept the use of cookies. , Rose Quartz and Serenity <3 Seventeen Carat, I’m a very proud Starlight, Monbebe, iKONIC, Black Rose, and My Day! And could you add Holland to the list?

Block B: BBC (Block B Club), but the fans also go by “honeybees”/ Black and Yellow Stripes Brahmastra Cast, @disqus_0HMeqERM6W:disqus Such as, having a specific colored light stick to represent our fandom at concerts and such. BTW, B.A.P as a whole call their fandon Babyz not just Baby! AB6IX ABNEW / –, The most Fans write Biginning and also Wikipedia said it is Biginning… i guess maybe you can use both. BlackPink: BLINK / Black & Pink (Not officially announced, but officially used on group’s logo and merchandise) . Watch EXO and X-EXO fight in their most recent title track "Obsession". (the fans call names “White Angels”) / White 2Z: From A / –

What Is Kindle Edition And Paperback, Oh My Girl: Miracle / Pantone 230c, Pantone 304c and Pantone 461u Pearl Aqua Shanwol Gugudan: Dan-jjakn (Dear Friend) / – WE IN THE ZONE: WISH (We In Sure Your Hearts) / Pantone #9896a4 & Pantone #de4d44 Thanks for this list! Their fandom name is MAPSI. Yeah, we had them noted in their profile, but somehow, we forgot to add it in this list, so thanks a lot for the heads up! PANTONE 11-4201 Cloud Dancer As fans of EXO, We feel that after over a year, we deserve to be given an official fandom name and color to identify with.

U-Kiss: Kiss Me / Pearl Fuchsia (monsta x), Thanks a lot for the info, it’s much appreciated! Kang Daniel: DANITY / – Rainz: Rainzer / Lilac Breeze and Aqua Sky Kpop – Who wore it better? Entertainment. HyunA: A-ing / – , @CROSSGENECOMEBACKJUNE2K17:disqus The Boys don’t have an official fandom name or an official fan color yet, or do they?

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