Many women eventually have healthy babies. “You’re very likely to be pregnant,” says midwife Anne Richley, “Even the faintest line in the results window means the test has found pregnancy hormones in your urine. Birth control is highly effective if you take it correctly. In case you are testing before very early before period date, you might get an extremely faint line on pregnancy test that barely visible in the result. It is worth knowing (and bracing yourself for the possibility) that this is a very early stage of your pregnancy, and sadly not all pregnancies will make it through the first weeks. Some women take a home pregnancy test early in their pregnancies. These tests are FDA approved and are over 99% accurate. If there is still a question, I would recommend a urine or blood test at a doctor’s office. As soon as you become pregnant, your body begins producing hCG. Some women find a strong line on their home pregnancy test and others find it hard to see a second line at all. Some cancers that might interfere with hormonal production can result in a misleading pregnancy test. Early pregnancy losses are not uncommon and occur in about 50 to 75 percent of all miscarriages. Learn when a light period is nothing to worry about, and when it may be the sign of something more serious. Two lines mean the test is positive, and you’re pregnant. If possible, wait two or three days before taking another one. Correct procedure and observing test-taking tips will maximize accuracy. Compare the Symptoms. It’s very unlikely but is possible. You may experience bleeding that resembles your menstrual cycle and light cramping. Unfortunately, a faint positive line can also be a sign of a very early miscarriage, sometimes called a chemical pregnancy, which occurs within the first 12 weeks of a pregnancy, often much earlier. By following the proper guidelines and instructions, a home pregnancy test (HPT) is entirely accurate to execute. All rights reserved. You may take a home pregnancy test as soon as possible. Some women see a clearly distinguishable positive line after taking a home test. However, you may still find yourself with an unintended pregnancy. If hCG is present in your urine, you’ll have a positive test result. Make sure you check the results within the appropriate time frame to avoid confusing an evaporation line with a positive line. These miscarriages are often due to abnormalities in a fertilized egg. There might be the possibility of actual pregnancy or an early pregnancy loss. Kirti M is a Professional Blogger & Content Writer with 5 years of experience in health space and other niches. It’s probably wise to wait out at least one menstrual period till you try for a baby again, but there’s no need to see your GP unless you find you’re one of the unlucky few who seem to have repeated chemical pregnancies. Some women take such tests shortly before or after their first missed period. The good news is that women who have had a very early pregnancy loss don’t necessarily have problems conceiving at a later time. Bleeding can occur around the time when you expect your next period, so you may never know of the early miscarriage. Your email address will not be published. Chemical pregnancies may account for 50 to 75 percent of all…, If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of pregnancy, the first step should be a home pregnancy test or a visit to your doctor to confirm the…. Everyone perceives a different idea of what a faint line looks like. Assistant Professor in Pulmonary Medicine, GMERS Medical College, Ahmedabad. Pregnancy tests are designed to detect hCG in your wee – because hCG is an early marker of pregnancy. A faint line on a test may mean that you are, in fact, pregnant. Most tests now are sensitive to even being a few days late. The primary difference is that evaporation lines appear in the test window several minutes after the recommended time for checking the test results. Required fields are marked *. Although hCG is present in their urine, they have a lower level of the hormone, resulting in a positive pregnancy test with a faint line. It also helps to take the home pregnancy test first thing in the morning. If a faint evaporation line develops on your home pregnancy test, you may mistakenly think that you’re pregnant. On getting pregnant, your body starts producing hCG. The simplest way is to hold and wait for another day or two. It is significant to analyze the test results within a recommended time frame (usually 5 minutes) by the test instructions. While taking these tests, when one line appears, it means the test is negative, and you’re not pregnant. You should make sure that the occurrence of any bands is due to a positive test, not as a result of urine evaporation. hCG indicates an early mark of pregnancy. © 2005-2020 Healthline Media a Red Ventures Company. Most doctors will repeat the test at the first office visit to confirm the home test. Besides, affordable and easy-to-use pregnancy tests can be bought and taken at home as they are readily available and mostly in every drug store near you. The birth control pill introduces different hormones into your system. Such women are pregnant but not far along in the pregnancy. The package will let you know when to check your test results, which can be within three to five minutes, depending on the manufacturer. If it is questionably positive or negative, a repeat in two to three days would be appropriate. hCG is present in their urine but with the lower level of the hormone resulting in a positive pregnancy test with a faint line. The more days that have passed since sperm fertilized egg, the higher your hCG levels will be – the stronger the lines will appear on your pregnancy test strip. With some home pregnancy tests, one line means the test is negative and you’re not pregnant, and two lines mean the test is positive and you are pregnant. Sometimes, what appears to be a positive line is actually an evaporation line. Here’s the truth. If it’s definitively positive, no other home test should be required. What Causes Prolactin Levels To Be High And Low? Taking a home pregnancy test and getting a faint positive line doesn’t always mean you’re pregnant. A faint positive line in the results window, on the other hand, can leave you scratching your head. In early pregnancy, HCG levels rise exponentially, and you will be likely to see a faint positive grow bolder in a matter of a few days. Usually pregnancy kits are packed in aluminum foil packing. If you take a home pregnancy test after a miscarriage, your test may reveal a faint positive line. If you take birth control pills, you may wonder if the hormones in them can interfere with pregnancy test results. If kit is kept open for long time and then used then this can also give a faint line. See which symptoms are unique to menopause and pregnancy, and which ones overlap. If you’re unsure whether a faint line on a pregnancy test is a positive result, take another home test in a couple of days, or make an appointment with your doctor for an in-office pregnancy test. (If hCG is in your urine, the test result will be positive. Check your holiday insurance. “My first positive with DD1 was reealllyy faint but they just kept getting stronger so it’s probably just that you’re testing quite early.” Taflo1215, “It doesn’t have to be a thick strong line, I’ve never had one but a faint line is a line, and a line is a positive!” – Wishuponastar87. The appearance of a faint line while taking pregnancy isn’t uncommon, and here are the various explanations for the same with pictures. The less diluted your urine, the better. When positive lines appear faded, and women find distinguishable positive line after taking a home test, it can be caused by low levels of pregnancy hormones, hCG. Pros And Cons Of Hormone Therapy For Breast Cancer, Estrogen levels- High, Low, And Normal range, What is Normal Blood Pressure Range by Age – Adults, Children, Men, Women, Normal Blood Pressure For Men Over 50 Years Of Age. These women are pregnant, but they’re not far along in the pregnancy. Kindly note that the more hCG in your system, the easier it is to see and a positive line appears on a test result). Debra Rose Wilson, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., IBCLC, AHN-BC, CHT, Debra Rose Wilson, PhD, MSN, RN, IBCLC, AHN-BC, CHT. Off abroad? Your email address will not be published. These five important signs will help you decide. In case of any complicated situation, it is better to consult your doctor instead of making anticipations that might not be true. Is it barely visible, just like a smudge of chalk or almost invisible? But if you take a home pregnancy test while bleeding and the results show a faint positive line, you may have had a pregnancy loss. Some pregnancy tests are more sensitive than others and can accurately detect a pregnancy several days before a missed period. A dilemma arises when comes the thin or extremely faint line on pregnancy test. If you take a home pregnancy test and the results reveal a faint positive line, there’s a strong possibility that you’re pregnant. Trying to figure out if you need to take a pregnancy test? Always check the expiration dates of the test kit. If you think you had a very early miscarriage, let your doctor know. It can leave you scratching your head. All rights reserved. If you've done the test right. But in other cases, the positive line appears faded. Debra Sullivan, Ph.D., MSN, R.N., CNE, COI. Any kind of line on the “positive” side of a home pregnancy test indicates that you’re expecting. When women in menopause are taking the pill, misses the period and tries on a pregnancy test, there is a possibility of positive results due to the presence of hormones in her birth control. Insulin Level Test- Preparation, Procedure, And Results. If you take a home pregnancy test, it’s important to read and carefully follow the instructions. Your doctor can take a urine or blood sample and more accurately determine whether a pregnancy has occurred.

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