If anything, Afghanistan and Iraq has taught us that the A-10 is one of the most useful planes ever, yet we're trying to phase that out and replace it with the F-35 do-all-suck-at-everything. Mach 1.6 fully loaded with a range of 1200+ nautical miles on internal fuel only is pretty good. Cookies help us deliver our Services.

People from Boeing also got screwed in the design challenge for creating this plane so they would not like it. And the F-16 was nimble as fuck. On top of this, it's the first fighter program to grow up in the age of the internet. When bad news happens, everyone and their parents hear about it now. My thoughts: I think the F-14 is beloved because it was one of the last true fighter jets that had a sole purpose, to shoot down other fighter jets. There is no reason to be there [at extreme AOA]; you're not going to get much more capability at 75° than you would at 50°. In the short-term, there is not much that can be done to address the issue. Now, as new threats to the carrier emerge and adversaries start to field new fighters that can challenge the Boeing F/A-18E/F Super Hornet and Lockheed Martin F-35C Joint Strike Fighter (JSF), attention is starting to shift back to this oft-neglected Navy mission—especially in the Western Pacific.

But the problem is that the Navy is pursuing the F/A-XX as a multirole Super Hornet replacement rather than an air superiority-oriented machine. F-14とF-15ってどっちが空対空性能が上ですか 1977年にF-15とF-14で模擬空戦をやって、結果(撃墜比率)は22対2で、F-14の圧勝という結果があります。この頃だとF-14Aでエンジンが非力な初期型です。当時パワー面ではF-15の方が上の筈ですが、複座なので2名で索敵できて、可変 …

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The reason the F35 and for that matter Gen 4.5 aircraft like the Super Hornet are all multi-role is because technology has finally allowed aircraft to do more with less. The P38 Lightning (the F35s namesake) ran into similar opposition at its introduction. For example, air to ground attack was not added until the 1990's. Then the F22 program got cancelled way early, and so the F35s are going to be fighters, attack birds, and electronic warfare.

Another major complaint is that America became so dominant because we specialized so well.

The F-14 was converted to a fighter/attack aircraft in the early 90's. That's what the F/A18 was for. Or the fuel pods? The F35 is a great aircraft with a role in the fleet. Am I wrong or could the 14 go mach in a vertical climb? “As you'll see over the coming years, the differences between the primary mission and the likely threats will drive significant differences between the F/A-XX and F-X programs as well as legacy systems like the F-22 and F-35,” one senior defense official told me. The Navy’s F/A-XX program could be used to fill the service’s air superiority gap—which has essentially been left open since the F-14’s retirement and the demise of the NATF and A/F-X programs. “This would leave the Joint Force without a carrier-based sixth generation air superiority fighter.”, As the Navy’s current director of air warfare, Rear Adm. Mike Manazir, has stated in the past, the authors also note that such “an aircraft could feature large passive and active sensor arrays, relatively high cruising speed (albeit not necessarily acceleration), could hold a large internal weapons bay capable of launching numerous missiles, and could have space to adopt future technologies, such as HPM [high-powered microwaves] and lasers. The F-35 is not bad, it is just that there is so much stuff that's crammed into the airframe that it takes away from what it essentially is, a jet.

A U.S. Navy fighter showdown is brewing. The F-35 is the face of overzealous military expenditure and the concept of a bottomless money pit that congress keeps throwing money into because "terrorists, China and Russia." But it housed the greatest aces of the war, like Richard Bong. Mommy tells her big family she's going to have another son, the children don't like the idea of another kid, he's going to cost money so less toys for them and take away their attention, but as the son is born they learn he's actually fun and worth it. Granted, missile tech has come a long way since then, but it's still shortsighted to discard such things so easily. The jacks of all trades aspects will streamline purchasing of cost to reduce maintenance since parts will be all similar. It had "tail flutter" (what we later learned was a phenomena known as "compression"), it was big, I mean, who would want to fly something bulky enough to have 2 engines into combat?! It's aerodynamic performance is disappointing at best. EDIT: Nevermind I just got the reference. As Work described it, the Navy was relatively confident it could sink the Oscars and surface ships before they could launch their missiles. The A10 in particular has been around for along time and people grown a liking to it. The service has not had a dedicated air-to-air combat aircraft since it retired the Grumman F-14 Tomcat in 2006. © Copyright 2020 Center for the National Interest All Rights Reserved. The only thing the F-35 lacks aerodynamic performance against is the Raptor, and that's because of what they were designed to do. The F-35C was never designed to be an air superiority fighter. It's hard to compare. It was not designed to be a bomber/reconnaissance/ground support/stealth operations/etc. However, the sea service has always been somewhat lukewarm toward the stealthy single-engine fighter.

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