"Falsettos" is set against the "I want it all" ethos of the late 1970s and early '80s, Falk said as he discussed the show last week in a coffee shop around the corner from the Wells Theater. According to actor Willy Falk, it's about "the changeable nature of men. Ericka Greene appears as Trina, and Gabriel Millman plays the son, Jason. Lately, Falk said, he's been involved in the development of new musicals, including a recent off-Broadway production based on the book "Little Women" in which he played Professor Baer. Falk, whose credits include a Tony Award-nominated performance in the original Broadway cast of "Miss Saigon," is part of the seven-member cast of "Falsettos," a musical whose characters grapple with the question of what it means to be a male and to be an adult.

"It looks like it may be going to Broadway," he said - with his fingers crossed. "Falsettos" began life as a one-act musical and its sequel, which were produced separately off-Broadway. It's the story of Marvin and Trina, a couple with a young son. Falk plays the part of Mendel, Marvin's psychiatrist, who eventually becomes Trina's second husband. Trina then remarries and, while they struggle with their new relationships, this fractured family must come together to plan for the son's upcoming bar mitzvah.
"At every age a woman has basically the same voice, but a man's voice changes.

Falsetto is a man's voice imitating a woman's - or a child's.

Falk's 1991 Tony nomination didn't make him a star, but he said it does serve as a useful "calling card" in a professional actor's perpetual quest for employment. Dana Cote has the role of Marvin, with Sean Frank Sullivan playing Whizzer, his lover. The Broadway musical is a chancier business nowadays than when he broke in, in the heyday of the British-import mega-musicals. Finn's music has a complex, contemporary sound, Falk said, rather different from the more operatic melodies of Schonberg and Lloyd Webber, which he sang in his Broadway appearances in "Miss Saigon," "Les Miserables," "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat," "Starlight Express" and other shows. Falsetto is a mode of singing that sounds breathy, flutey and hollow. Psychology Definition of FALSETTO: a noun, is a high-pitched voice during the production of which the vocal register is extended upward beyond the normal range when a reduced surface of the Let's start with the odd title: Why does Virginia Stage Company's upcoming musical production bear the name "Falsettos"?
Mary Beth Purdy and Alicia Litwin, as Marvin's new neighbors, complete the cast.

"At every age a woman has basically the same voice, but a man's voice changes. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. According to actor Willy Falk, it's about "the changeable nature of men.

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