Jumping Spider Care (Are jumping spider good pets? They have the largest ear to body ratio of any canid; their ears can get up to 6 inches long, which is about one third of their body length. Instead, the fennec is a special species of fox all by itself. Fennec foxes are not a “get-it-and-forget-it” pet. Understanding the fennec’s desert-adapted nature helps to understand its behavior. However, it’s important to remember these are still animals with wild instincts, even if they were bred in captivity. But then there will be other times when they prefer to play alone. If you have some insights, questions, or observations about fennec fox ownership, be sure to leave your comments below. Similarities in summary: Large ears, large eyes Playful attitudes The same diseases that affect dogs and cats and other domestic animals can affect fennec foxes too.

These cannot hybridise with the wolf-like canids and they have different numbers of chromosomes: the yellow Jackal has 74 chromosomes, the red fox has 38 chromosomes, the raccoon dog has 42 chromosomes, the Fennec fox has 64 chromosomes.

You have entered an incorrect email address! Fennec foxes and cats tend to get along reasonably well. First, if you’re considering a fennec fox as a pet, check quickly to make sure whether it’s legal to do so in your area. are supporting a facility dedicated to providing These animals make a variety of vocalizations to express their moods, and some can be very loud. As pets, they usually aren’t very cuddly with people. Plus, some local laws might conflict with state laws, so be sure to check the regulations for exactly where you live. Fennec foxes bond with their owners and are not at all easy to re-home if your state animal authorities remove them from your home, so please do research carefully. Vaccination is especially important to prevent the spread of common diseases among mammals, such as rabies, distemper, parvovirus, canine adenovirus, and others. Plus, it's best to check out the animal and the seller in person before committing. A secondary option is a multi-tiered ferret cage with plenty of space, but bear in mind that you should not keep fennec foxes caged up all day. Bottom line, litter box training is hard to predict with individual fennec foxes.

Being kept in a kennel during the time when they’re feeling most active and energetic isn’t a great idea. An outside fence needs to go several feet into the ground to prevent the fennec from burrowing under and escaping, and fencing also needs to be bent down so that they can’t jump over it. Even the nearest, most fox-like dog, which is the Volpino, is not a descendent of the fox family.

Wily and energetic as a teenage ferret, fennec foxes come with adorably huge ears, a delicately pointed face, and a sweet fox smile. Finally, some fennec fox owners report that they are sometimes difficult to house train. Skin infections can present with a lot of itching while intestinal parasites can cause abnormal feces, weight loss, and poor appetite. Weighing in at 1.5 to 3 pounds, the fennec fox is easy to accommodate in the space of a normal house. Some states may have different vaccination requirements than others. Officially, fennec foxes are currently listed as “least concern,” but this is greatly due to a data deficiency. This thick fur also covers their paws which acts like snowshoes so they can walk on top of the sand. You need to take some special caution before setting up a fennec play area. Having a full room to themselves will be great. But take it from me, they are really good jumpers. Their lifespan is about 10 years in the wild and about 13 years in managed care. You'll have better odds of your fox growing up to be tame and friendly this way.

But most owners feed their fennecs a mix of dog food, cat food, vegetables, and fruit. What does a fennec fox eat? The short answer is, “kind of.”. In both dogs and fennec foxes, the kidneys are adversely affected by raisins and grapes. They are omnivores that eat plants, insects, rodents, reptiles, and so on. Some foxes may adapt easily to using a litter box while others may disregard it entirely. The average temperature is 104°F, but can drop as low as 30°F at night.

Being members of the canid family, fennec foxes are susceptible to many of the same conditions that affect dogs. It just means your little fox sees you as a family. Think about the frustration you feel if you’re trapped at work on a perfect spring day when you’d rather be out playing. (A lot of litter will fly out of the box otherwise.)
Learn how to create a happy, healthy home for your pet. In the wild, fennec foxes are omnivores that eat a varied diet of meat and plants, including rodents, birds, insects, and fruit. Along with the proper diet, you have to be able to provide enough space and activities to keep your animal happy and healthy. Little kids, no matter how well-meaning they are, can sometimes present a danger by handling fennec foxes too roughly. One possible average daily diet could include 1.5 ounces of chicken, 2 ounces of ground rabbit, and insects, but if you have questions, it pays to consult with a veterinarian who’s experienced in wild animal care to plan a more specific diet for your fennec fox to make sure you’re meeting all of your fox’s nutritional needs. Exopetguides is created by a group of exotic pet enthusiasts, who like yourself, was learning the ropes and struggling to care of our own exotic pets. Not only will your fox have no idea why you’re yelling at them, but their sensitivity to loud noises might also make them permanently scared of you. But most owners feed their fennecs a mix of dog food, cat food, vegetables, and fruit. Fennec foxes behave a bit like active, playful little dogs. It’s important to stress that punishing or yelling at a fennec fox for defecating or urinating outside of the litter box is not just unproductive but actually harmful.

How many of them are left in…, Where does the fennec fox live?

Other members of the dog family diverged 7 to 10 million years ago and are less closely related.

Furthermore, to keep your fennec fox safe, you will need to “fox-proof” your house and yard, and your fox may not work well with other animals or babies. Because of their size and appearance, there is a large market for fennec fox pets. Bags of clean sand are easily available at a hardware store. Some of the most common are kidney, liver, and heart diseases, pneumonia, intestinal parasites, skin infections or mites, eye infections, histoplasmosis, tooth decay or dental disease, and others. Although fennecs typically live in groups in the wild, they tend to be somewhat independent as pets. It’s important to remember that fennecs are only active during the night, so keep their biological clock in mind when you’re structuring a feeding. Should Fennec Foxes Be Kept in Cages or Kennels? Average Lifespan…, What Do Parakeets Like to Eat? Five percent of a fennec fox’s diet should come from vegetables and berries or cherries, and the final 5% of their diet should be made up of eggs or an occasional fish such as herring. It can be especially difficult to manage their high energy level during the hours when most people are sleeping.

Fennec foxes, especially if they’ve been raised by hand from birth and socialized extensively, can be loving, snuggly, and sweet.

If you're interested in similar pets, check out: Otherwise, check out other exotic animals that can be your new pet. It’s no surprise that some dog breeds are often confused with foxes, as today's dogs descended from wolves, a close fox relative. The fox cannot interbreed with the wolf, coyote or domestic dog but the Chihuahua dog shares an astounding number of zoological and historical characteristics with the Fennec Fox, a tiny little desert creature billed as the “world’s smallest canine.

House training a fennec fox works similarly to training a dog or cat.

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