But sometimes flossing can cause sore, even bleeding gums, and concern about this pain and discomfort can get in the way of optimal oral hygiene. Get in touch today! Despite your best efforts (and regular flossing), tooth decay is possible between the teeth. Definitely talk to your dentist about what you are experiencing, and be gentle with your flossing as you work with them to treat your gingivitis. This can cause pain after flossing as each pull of the floss loosens them just a bit more. If flossing continues to hurt you should see a dentist because you may have gum disease. I think you are self sadiistic... if that is a word. I also brush the gum line with my tooth brush at a 45 degree angle. They literally hurt! Forcing floss against the gums or the teeth and using too much pressure can hurt the gums and even wear away tooth enamel over time. Does the pain worsen with heat or cold? What I noticed is how it seems to give this pain to my gums, but the feeling is... great. Thanks, this was essentially what I wanted! Hold the floss tightly between your thumbs and forefingers, with about 2.5cm of floss between them, leaving no slack. Once the bacteria has been removed it should no longer hurt to floss. and everytime i floss the part where its infected with gingivitis it hurts but not any other part. It has gotten sensitive because of the bacterias that developed with the help of the food residue. I had 3 cavaties filled in 2 weeks - I decided to brush my teeth twice a day, floss once a day, and use mouth wash twice a day as well after brushing. Faviann Q. Instead, stick to using tools designed for cleaning between teeth like dental picks, string floss, tiny brushes that reach between the teeth and water flossers. Nobody wants to have a mouthful of blood after flossing, and many people quickly abandon the practice if this happens. If you're about a thorough clean, you don't have to worry too much because, as Dr. Glassman told me, "It's not just how often you floss that causes damage. If you already have diabetes, however, he says that "many studies have shown that patients who have good oral hygiene may actually improve diabetes control." If your teeth hurt after flossing, it makes sense to feel concerned. Maybe the enamel is worn down, exposing the dentin, or maybe there are cracks in your teeth. "Not flossing enough can cause gingivitis.". I haven't had braces ever and I haven't used a whitening kit on my teeth. Because flossing does the heavy lifting, eliminating food particles that can breed disease-causing bacteria, you should always include it in your dental hygiene routine. How to Get Rid of Calcium Deposits on Teeth, American Dental Association: Press Release: Federal Government, ADA Emphasize Importance of Flossing and Interdental Cleaners, American Dental Association: Learn More About Floss & Interdental Cleaners, National Institute of Health: National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, The Journal of Clinical Dentistry: Comparison of Irrigation to Floss as an Adjunct to Tooth Brushing: Effect on Bleeding, Gingivitis, and Supragingival Plaque, American Dental Hygienists Association: Proper Flossing. Whatever method you use to remind yourself to floss regularly, just keep in mind all of the benefits of doing so. It's really awesome your in a place where you can feel good about your smile. 6 reasons why your teeth hurt after flossing. You may pm me if you need more clarification on the matter. Copyright 2020 AZ Dentist | All Rights Reserved | Services Provided by. If you're not flossing regularly, or at all, you could be at a high risk of getting one. You should stick to sensodyne as it has fluoride and just do whitening strips. what kind of medication should i apply to prevent my gum from wearing off. If you have persistent sore or bleeding gums, or painful teeth or gums, talk to your dental care team. I hadnt even realized I needed to floss. "We need to improve health practices and make sure people understand something as easy as flossing can prevent a whole host of other dental issues for you as you age and grow up," says Dr. Nguyen. I’m going to check out this toothpaste because no matter how often I brush, floss, mouthwash, even regular 3 month dental cleanings, I build up tartar soo quickly :(. Unfortunately, while dentists agree that brushing your teeth regularly is imperative to good dental hygiene, flossing is just, if not more, important — even to prevent something as simple as bad breath. If you're not flossing regularly, or at all, you could be at a high risk of getting one. I want to keep my teeth - I can't believe I took them for granted. As it progresses, tooth decay begins to eat through the tooth towards the sensitive nerves in the tooth pulp. They always feel like they get worse before they get better, so if you're out there struggling like I was, please don't give up. Press J to jump to the feed. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the explainlikeimfive community. If your teeth hurt after flossing, the challenge is doubled. It does hurt in a good way, but pain anywhere else on my body is bad. While they treat the condition, they may also recommend a sensitive teeth toothpaste to help ease the pain. As far as I know you don't really need to do that, just get it down to the bottom of your teeth and pull it up along the side of your tooth is what I was told to do by my dentist. Some women, as a result of hormones during pregnancy, menstruation or menopause, will have sore, swollen or bleeding gums.

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