Select the access level that you want to change the role for. •    Set the beginning month for your institution’s fiscal year. Tap the "Share Button" on the Menu Bar. 2. 1. To begin using Destiny, use your web browser to navigate to your URL. Keep this password in a secure location. •    Extracted data from legacy library system, if applicable. Tap the "Add to Home Screen" option. Administrators can take ownership of any collection created at their site with the same rights and privileges as the owner. All roles can create private collections. In addition, roles determine what actions users can perform in Collections, such as the visibility options they can choose for displaying their collection. Accept the default import options. •    Verify your institution name, MARC Organization Code (if you are unsure of your MOC, you can use your site’s initials), and customer number. For example, if you are in California, you will only see that state option. To edit the administrative information, click the Edit icon adjacent to your site name. Cancel Submit. Sign In: Note: If you need assistance with Aspen, please contact your school district. Enter a School ID if your state or province provides one. See your Destiny Agreement if you are unsure which services were included with your purchase. •    If you would like to add an image to your district's Welcome page (below the list of sites), browse to, and select the image file. The Destiny Discover app for mobile devices has been replaced with a new web-based experience that can run on desktop and mobile device browsers. The first Destiny page you’ll see is the Welcome page for your school. The first Destiny page you’ll see is the Welcome page for your school. You can change which collections roles can see by selecting a different option from the drop-down: Can view the collections created by... Public. For more information on getting started with Destiny, click here to view our on-demand E-Learning modules. Go to login Click any Help Icon, How do I ...  or  , for assistance. See Attach Standards to a Collection for more information. Note: Collections roles are assigned to a Destiny access level. If you don't already have the browser open to the new Destiny Discover mobile page you can navigate manually to the following URL in your browser: Tap "Add" on the right side of the Header Bar. Reading Program Service (RPS) for Lexinle, One Search, Standards, TitlePeek and WebPath Express. © 2020 Follett School Solutions, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Click "ADD". •    All other Follett Software Services—Reading Program Service for Accelerated Reader or Reading Counts!, One Search, Standards, TitlePeek and WebPath Express—are listed at the site level on the Edit Site page. If you are at the server, simply click the shortcut on the desktop. Destiny administrators and site administrators can set Destiny access levels and Collections roles. 4. 4. Log in using username DestinyAdmin and the password that was emailed to you. To view a snapshot of your statistics, click “Follett Software Company” in the green bar at the bottom of any page. •    Destiny hosted URL – – or your Destiny server IP address Note: Guest roles cannot view public collections owned by a Learner or Student in Destiny Discover or Collections. Tap "Add" on the right side of the Header Bar. Note: If you do not see the Collections Policies option, make sure the permission Allow Follett Digital setup is turned on in Admin > Access Levels. Click Save when you are done. Login to MyDestiny. Published: Wednesday, October 28, 2020 ~ 11:55:01 AM, Can make collections visible to the district, Can make collections visible to the public.

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