She is spunky and sweet, her pedigree and structure are absolutely divine. We have an outstanding litter of 4 dark brindle pups ( 2 boys and 2 females) available with superb pedigrees. !15 YEARS EXPERIENCE!! I can’t begin to tell you how appreciative I am. All of our French Bulldog puppies go through extensive medical exams to ensure there health is in check. Throughout your journey with us, from the moment you first contact us, to after you have chosen your puppy, even beyond when you are together with your puppy, you will get personal support from us. Things are great! She sleeps the night and often runs to her pee ad if I’m not running her outside to pee instead . You can get advice from our breed experts She is doing very well and she is quite intelligent and easy to train. ! The quality of our dogs speaks for itself.

HOME OF THE EXTRAORDINARY LILAC FRENCH BULLDOG Along with Blues, Chocolates, Platinums, Isabellas & Fluffys !! NORTHENBULLYES FRENCH BULLDOG PUPPIES ARE HAND RAISED FROM DAY ONE, WELL CARED FOR AND SOCIALIZED. Looking for the Perfect, Trust Euro Puppy to do all the work and bring you the very best puppy. Adopt from Euro Puppy to have your very own dream puppy That is why a blue french bulldog is known as a perfect house pet. Contact us today. Nifty French Bulldogs are CKC registered. All our pups are well socialized with small children & other dogs. Hope... Hi Monika!About a 15.30 we got the puppy in the airport. Check these stories out before you choose, and then become part of our happy family! We offer a pre departure training and socialization service our french bulldog… Beautiful red fawn lives in Canada with kim ,their second puppy from us . And many of them are happy to come back to us, often years later to give us a glimpse into their happy lives. Then we visited our veterinarian and we looked over... We work with loving breeders, dedicated to the well being of their puppies, and to giving them the best start. our . Our dogs compete in the show ring, excel at pet therapy visiting several nursing homes, and are valued family members. Per. Puppies join their forever homes with a full exam and health records for you to take to your vet . Euro Puppy is proud and honoured to have helped 1000’s of dog lovers all over the globe for nearly 20 years. A huge thank you to Marci for our stunning new addition- NorthenBullies Dark Side of the Moon, aka Raven. A puppy is a long term joy and a long term commitment on your part. So you deserve to feel real peace of mind knowing you are protected for the whole time you are together with your dog. Only when everything meets our high standards, will a puppy be waiting for you here. You could travel around Europe visiting the finest European breeders in person (most probably with the help of an interpreter! All of our French Bulldogs are CKC registered and we provide all our customer a receipt for there piece of mind. You meet your puppy and begin your life together, Classic Breeds that never Go Out of Fashion, The Most Exclusive Puppies from Champion Parents, Words from our Happy Dog Owners all over the World, Good evening Eddie This is a photo of Snowflake. Thanks, Gail C. VA, USA, Eddie, Our Transylvanian Hound is now a few days shy of four months and she is fantastic. I found her at the end of the . You find your dreamy puppy on our site We are Pure Michigan Frenchies with 16 years experience raising & breeding standard and rare colored french bulldogs. Blue French bulldog is the color variation in french bulldog. Contact us today. If you're looking for a quality blue, lilac, chocolate, isabella, or red fawn French Bulldog, look no further. Our dogs come with a one year health guarantee.

This is why, in our search for perfection (structure, health, and temperament – regardless of color), we have never limited ourselves geographically, nor have we ever allowed monetary limits to dictate our spending when it comes to adding the right dogs to our program. Every Puppy gets a final check up at the vet, and only if they are given the full all clear, do we allow them to safely travel to you. We are the choice of over 10,000 happy families during more than 19 years of service. Every single puppy gets the best treatment. WELCOME TO NORTHENBULLYES FRENCH BULLDOGS .WE ARE A REGISTERED BREEDER OF QUALITY FRENCH BULLDOGS LOCATED IN ONTARIO, CANADA. Breeders of quality French Bulldogs.
Before a puppy goes on Euro Puppy we check the living conditions, inspect every puppy, and ensure good breeding practices are adhered to.

The fact is you don’t have to! All of our Frech Bulldogs come microchipped so you can always ensure there safety and whereabouts without worrying. in the usa. CANADIAN KENNEL CLUB REGISTERED BREEDER OF FRENCH BULLDOGS LOCATED IN ONTARIO CANADA.BREED FOR HEALTH AND TEMPERAMENT! Everything is ok, all the airport workers were there and watched the puppy. He has had a haircut because it is so hot here and his long show hair was acting as a mop.

Thank Marci, it was so nice visiting with you today. All our puppies are given every vaccination required for their age and your location and are fully dewormed up to date. Buying a puppy online is a big deal for you, no doubt about it. WE OFFER DISCOUNTS FOR MILITARY VETERANS. We hope you will be as impressed. Adress: NORTHENBULLYES FRENCH BULLDOGS IN ONTARIO, CANADA.

But the fact is, you don’t want to do all this. "...buying a puppy from Euro Puppy is like hiring someone to do the bulk of the work so that only the good bits are left to you..." - says Sara, a happy Golden Retriever owner, living in Qatar. ), arranging documents, health checks and travel requirements. There are even much bigger schisms of quality within the French Bulldog world of Chocolates, Blues, Lilacs, and other rare colored dogs. I thought some pics would be nice to show you. 905-460-7044 And it is a big deal for us too! You relax while we get to work organising everything for you I am a English dog breeder living in SW France and am registered with the French Kennel Club (SCC). Website: WE BREED CREAM/RED/BRINDLE FRENCH BULLDOGS FROM EXCELLENT LINES BREED FOR HEALTH AND TEMPERAMENT . no doubt about it. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. We work with loving breeders, dedicated to the well being of their puppies, and to giving them the best start. ❤️. Find your ideal French Bulldog from Euro Puppy, we have been working with the best French Bulldog breeders for many years so you can enjoy total peace of mind that you will get the perfect puppy. Just wanted to give you a smile and say thank you for such a sweet angel . Our mission going forward is simple: take what we have now, add what makes sense, and continue to improve it even further. So- I happened to bring something special back from Niagara Falls with me. You can reserve your puppy with our secure payment system © 2019 NORTHENBULLYES FRENCH BULLDOGS - REGISTERED FRENCH BULLDOGS BREEDERS IN ONTARIO CANADA. And we make certain your puppy comes from a wonderful, caring breeder, whose focus is on the quality and comfort of their bloodlines, not on the quantity of the pups. We are offering our pups for collection in either Bordeaux or Paris. Have A question about our french bulldogs?

She is gorgeous, smart and defiant. We take your puppy to a veterinary for a pre flight check up If an overnight layover is necessary, we ensure that the Airline provides a full pet service. Northenbullyes French bulldogs are health tested , we do genetic testing for a variety of health issues with UC Davis laboratory in USA and all Northenbullyes French bulldogs are patella clear.!! See what our customers are saying about our puppies! We breed for structure, temperament, and health. We realize our puppies will be a treasured part of your family for many years to come, just as we treasure them ourselves!

We specialize in delivering top quality champion line standard and rare color French Bulldogs. Pure Bred Puppy Before a puppy goes on Euro Puppy we check the living conditions, inspect every puppy, and ensure good breeding practices are adhered to.

All the health, vet, and vaccination documents will arrive with your puppy. Moreover, the blue french bulldog is known as smaller dogs while they have a flat face and loose, wrinkled skin. We’d love to assist you. Breed for health and temperament our French bulldogs make wonderful companions . Picked up my gorgeous Lyric today from Marci Gouveia. French Bulldog Breeder. that will complete your life! We have searched through countless specimens all over the world, While we are a small, indoor-program, hobby breeder— what has started out as a hobby has become a passion. Trusted by Over 10 000 Families Since 2001, © Euro Puppy, INC. 2001-2020 all rights reserved. Thanks again for making this hapen!

We safely ship your puppy to you when it is old enough to travel She is taking obedience classes and impresses us and the trainer with her quick learning. sandman’s french bulldog’s is a large family owned breeder with . We are THE very 1st breeders in the world to produce a Lilac and proud to say we have now produced all 6 Shades of Lilacs ! We deliver your puppy through pet friendly airlines, such as Lufthansa, KLM, Qatar Airways, in a comfortable crate, climate controlled cabin, and ensure the puppy has the shortest possible journey. Health and safety always comes first! Have A Question? Just wanted to let you know that he is great. I specialise only with Frenchies!

from Europe? Canadian kennel club registered French bulldog breeder in Ontario Canada. If you want a dog that’s small in size yet big on fun, and you simply can’t get enough of those big eyes, and that squishy face, then the French Bulldog is the breed for you. Only when everything meets our high standards, will a puppy be waiting for you here. This is what you receive from Euro Puppy, guaranteed. The primary purpose behind the breeding of a blue french dog is the quality of companionship. goal is to import and breed the best quality french bulldog’s . At first the puppy was little bit shy and scared but after that when Siirika tooked him into his lap after that he was little bit braver. I am in awe over how perfect in structure and personality this girl is.

Eddie, You may not remember us as it has been long but we bought Bam the maltese puppy.
LOVE her. It is not just the rarity of color that makes our dogs special, but the confirmation, health, and quality that we feel is hardly matched by any other programs out there. families in fayetteville, four oaks and youngsville, north carolina. I need to know what steps I need to register her with AKC.

our family breeds because of the love we have for french bulldog’s.

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