Vol IV, p 138). Sappers were picked men already current in the 17th century. subdivided into 4-5 parts. Elting, John R.:"Swords Around A Throne. Even today, no army can take and hold any ground In addition to its size and multinational composition, the Grande Armée was known for its innovative formations, tactics, logistics, and communications. In 1812 at Borodino the 4th was part of Ney's III Corps. under Jurczik fell back the Russians began wavering. The grenadiers were captured "almost to a man". However, since the emperor had learned in his early campaigns (such as the Siege of Acre) that it was better to bypass and isolate fixed fortifications, if possible, than to directly assault them, the sapper companies were usually put to other tasks. shoulders and far stronger, but, at the same time stiff and wooden, and after a half-mile march, when their column had halted for some reason, they had straight away broken ranks to rest." [36] The Marins (French spelling) of the Grande Armée were divided into the Bataillon des Marins de la Garde Impériale, also known eventually as the Matelots de la Garde, formed on 17 September 1803, and Matelots des Bataillons de la Marine Impériale of which some 32,000 served with the French Navy at its height of expansion by Napoleon. "During the Empire the drummers, trumpeters, and musicians were pampered. They made up the majority of the formation. French Musket and Bayonet. The new companies were to be larger, comprising 140 men, and four of these were to be made up of chasseurs. 123rd, 124th, 125th - formed in Sept 1810 from Dutch, disbanded in 1813. After 1807, regulations stipulated that line grenadiers were to replace their bearskin with a shako lined red with a red plume; however, many chose to retain their bearskins. Guardsmen as its reserve. 1807 - Landsberg, Eylau, In 1809 at Wagram the 13th Legere was part of Morand's Infantry Division (Davout's Corps).

According to David Chandler "Training remained rudimentary. The French infantrymen were not angels and sometimes behaved badly. The 9th Light was assigned to the Army of the Reserve in the spring of 1800 and put in the division of General Jean Boudet, along with the 30th and 59th Line Half-Brigades. Fusiliers were armed with a smoothbore, muzzle-loaded flintlock Charleville model 1777 musket and a bayonet. grenadier company basically he was taller than average and strong. An attempt by the Old Guard to advance south, however, was stopped by the Allied artillery on the low hill about 500 m away. These smoothbore muskets were named after the armory in Ardenne, France. Notes:

The veterans could even aspire to become They regarded themselves as the best horsemen and swordsmen (beau sabreurs) in the entire Grande Armée. The drivers were armed with a carbine, a short sword of the same type used by the infantry, and a pistol. As they drew closer against the French center and began to deploy, the French placed The French captured Vienna and attempted to cross the Danube via Lobau island southeast of the Austrian capital, but they lost the subsequent Battle of Aspern-Essling, the first defeat for the Grande Armée.

in a flank direction, but the (Portugese) regiment was quickly driven into the position ... Initially, French ministers of war insisted on arming all lancers identically. The campaign, however, did end on a victorious note when the French destroyed an isolated Bavarian corps which was trying to block their retreat at Hanau. General Langeron, (ext.link), Russian army, After the bloody battle of Valutina Gora (1812) "Gudin's division shot." companies equalized by the Chef. The 1st and 3rd Companies were responsible for transporting newly trained These two books are the result of 30 years Regiment counterattacked and took the church. See more ideas about Foreign regiment, Napoleonic wars, Napoleon. Since the emperor was his own "operations officer", it can be said that Berthier's job consisted of absorbing Napoleon's strategic intentions, translating them into written orders and transmitting them with the utmost speed and clarity. the Danube River on boats to the crossroads of Pratern.
_d=document; _n=navigator; _t=new Date(); function t() { _d.write( The guards, 2nd and 3rd Eagle-bearers, were sergeants who Many of the early Napoleonic victories were due to the ability of the French armies to cover long distances with speed, and this ability was thanks to the training given to the infantry. In 1808-1815 each company consisted of 140 men: 38 Battles and Combats: Two battalions of the 84th Ligne with 2 guns entered the town of Graz, seized stable and cleared the Although principally French, the regiment was assigned conscripts from the Netherlands, Germany and Italy as the Empire expanded. reinforcements drafts marched to the front, carts had to follow them to pick up the The British, in particular, who mistakenly believed the cuirassiers were Napoleon's bodyguard, and would later come to adapt their distinctive helmets and breastplates for their own Household Cavalry. to the Austrians.

est un groupe de reconstitution napoléonien LINK ->.

battalion of old soldiers and 2 battalions of volunteers, in the hope of combining The British then broke and fled. After the capture of Smolensk and victory at Borodino, the Grande Armée reached Moscow on 14 September 1812. One cannot just strike the earth and expect legions, armed, clothed and trained. 1794 - Schanzel, Kaiserlautern, Mayence, Mombach, Nicknamed Hell's Picadors or Los Diablos Polacos (The Polish Devils) by the Spanish, these medium and light horse (Chevau-Légers Lanciers) cavalry had near equal speed to the hussars, shock power almost as great as the cuirassiers, and were nearly as versatile as the dragoons. The scouts had only the time to distinguish themselves during the defence of France in 1814 and were dissolved by King Louis XVIII upon the restoration of the Bourbon monarchy. Musée de l'Armée, Dist.

maintain the frontage of the troops not only by the above described process but also
They (British) stopt with [citation needed] But the real advance for conveying long-range dispatches came in the form of an ingenious optical telegraph Semaphore system invented by Claude Chappe. The stunning victory led to the Treaty of Pressburg on December 26, 1805, with the dissolution of the Holy Roman Empire the following year. and lacked stamina.) [52] Prior to this, the French, like all other period armies, had employed contracted, civilian teamsters who would sometimes abandon the guns under fire, rendering them immobile, rather than risk their lives or their valuable teams of horses. When 13-year-old Parisian street urchin, by name Victor, wanted to 1798 - Malte, Chebreiss, Les Pyramides, The Polish Legions (Polish: Legiony Polskie we Włoszech; also known as the Dąbrowski Legions)[1] in the Napoleonic period, were several Polish military units that served with the French Army, mainly from 1797 to 1803, although some units continued to serve until 1815. Jurczik was mortally wounded. France it became necessary to hunt up the refractaires with mobile columns, and the generals reported that they were Some of the more famous, widely used, effective, and interesting formations and tactics included: Unlike the armies of the Ancien Régime and other monarchies, advancement in the Grande Armée was based on proven ability rather than social class or wealth. (Chlapowski/Simmons - "Memoirs of a Polish Lancer" p 10), Many of the victories from 1805 to 1807 were both easy and decisive. In 1815 at together with every man's perfectly legal right to buy a replacement if he could afford one - 70.000 were infantrymen and 8.000 artillerymen. [12] In April, the Legion took part in quelling the uprising in Verona, known as Veronese Easters. Every morning at 0700, the duty ADC and his staff were relieved and the new ADC for the next 24 hours had to present the emperor with a list of names of the staff under his command. Other belt supported the short saber. However, the adoption of the Trachenberg Plan by the Allies, which called for avoiding direct conflict with Napoleon and focusing on his subordinates, paid dividends as the French suffered defeats at Großbeeren, the Katzbach, Kulm, and Dennewitz. On learning this, the When they failed to do this to his satisfaction, however, he would not hesitate to reprimand or relieve them and in many cases took personal command of their corps himself. This attack was successful and one grenadier battalion captured 2 guns like the veterans, fell easy prey to sickness, and the standard of their training when they 10th - disbanded in 1803, reraised either in Dec 1813 or Jan 1814. The only crude form of anaesthetic readily available was a strong alcoholic drink, or even, in some cases, knocking the patient unconscious. 1st Corps. In 1805 at Austerlitz the 10th was part of St.Hilaire Infantry Division and marching infantry. (Esposito, Elting - "A Military History and Atlas of the Napoleonic Wars") The war hawks at the court of Emperor Francis I convinced him to take full advantage of France's preoccupation with Spain. The civilian population in Spain were treated by the French in a manner that ranged from the merely boisterous to downright brutal. - Terry Crowdy. 1795 - Saint-Martin-de-Lantosca,

(Britten-Austin - "1812 The March on Moscow" p 195). There was no corporal punishment in the French army. least 2 of the following campaigns: Ulm, Austerlitz, Jena or Friedland." ripped up by roundshot ... Gudin's battalions were no longer more than platoons. form an open ground and do nothing but what their officers order them to do." Thousands of the footsore men entered Dresden, wore their battle dress and marched into The fusiliers and chasseurs formed 254–55, Da Capo Press, 1997, Elting, John R.:"Swords Around A Throne", pp. The best

It was truly a Grand Empire. boundless confidence in their leader whom they loved with unflagging devotion.

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