What happens to it? Goodday to u all, the information in above (I.e the positioning, frequency, synborate and the size of dish) are they current update? ~thanks, @Serwadda: please visit this article https://www.lemmymorgan.com/predetermine-the-size-of-dish-to-be-used-for-any-satellite-other-terms/, Please add me too your WhatsApp group 09099488408. the frequency n the symbol rate n the requirements. 4

Lastly, it is a general belief that most FTA channels consist of uninteresting programs. Lonely man's £91,000 phone bill from calling sexy girls on premium rate chatline, FTA satellite Hindi-language TV — हिंदी टेलीविजन चैनलों की सूची, Analoguesat's Astra 2F reception reports for 10964H/10994H/11023H/11053H/11126V. As for you not receiving paid mytv channels, it means something is wrong with your subscription. i’m a newbie, as you people called it. Hello Lemmy, teacher! This is a Ghana-based satellite tv provider. Within the context of this post and according to Wikipedia, Free-to-air (FTA) are television (TV) and radio services that broadcast their programs in clear (unencrypted) form. that is sport tv 1 sports tv 2 etc, @Sadat: you can use cccam to get encrypted channels on any cccam enabled receiver. Your email address will not be published. Pls where can I buy free air satellite with decoder in Lagos Nigeria. How can I get new FTA channels? You are really doing a very good.i have been following you for over 7 years now. Oga lemmy help the name I can fox sports 1,2,3 and etv South Africa on to fta. Should we start buying them or we can just sit back and relax and enjoy our existing full HD Receivers and ignore about UHD? Apstar 76.5ºE is the home to a lot of sports channels including Pakistan Sports HD. For all FTA lovers, you will agree with me that Hotbird is indestructible, timeless, and evergreen. secondly, you can’t get any dstv or gotv channels on any cccam out there. Hey I’ve got a strong SRT 4663 XII decoder with an 80cm dish. I’m feeling you always, This is wow please add me so I can be getting information. @taiwo: if your dish is big enough, you can get canalsat on Hotbird with the right cccam account. Am just not understand please help me. Thank you. I’m using HISENSE TV dat has inbuilt decoder . Therefore, if you have the money and space for it, get it.. Luckily, if you can’t get a big dish and you want to enjoy FTA channels, you can buy a special LNB holder and track multiple satellite channels on your small dish. Note: Hotbird channels are available in both Ku and C Bands. Dish Size: You need a 1.8 Meters C band dish with a very good c band lnb to track this. for FTA, Hi dear,is it possible to get sports channels on free on air decoder from south Africa,and which frequenc, @Martin Decha: Every country or location has its satellite footprint. Are all these TP stated still working till date? […], […] 3. My TV Services are now back on-air via Belintersat 1 at 51.5ºE, Freq: 11050MHz, Horizontal, SR: 30,000Ms/s. Regards. Azerspace 2/Intelsat 12/902 at 45.0ºE, 12. Nilesat Satellite at 4.5 Degrees East, 25. Almost all the receivers that autorole the powervu i know, area working since the last couple of days. Mr Lemmy good day sir ,thanks for your information given to us ,sir I have done what I need to do on cosmote I have track the signal with 1.8 metre dish,I have tiger decoder I have black ultra inverto lnb after scanning the signal and we try to activate the for ever server account is not activate but tiger that have the same account will use it cosmote is not open sir some of us said we need model we put mode is the same thing is open only the IPTV open and some other channel like trace,pls I want you to help post another FTA that show premier league sir that I can track that easy than cosmote pls sir,help me out sir, @ojo Henry: t800 plus mini is currently opening it with gshare account, please, is there any free to air channels to watch live premiership matches, Tiger T8HD ultra. Ok, is this yayi signal in Abuja? Quels sont la marque et le modèle de votre décodeur satellite ? If you are cable operator or using C-Band dish antenna then you can get … Urdu Channels Sahar 2, Press TV and iFilm English now on PakSat 1R. Hello Morgan, now that Kwese Tv is shut down, can you assist so the decoder software is changed to free to air decoders? Good evening, There is something funny about my SRT 4940hd.For the past 2weeks now, all h.264/mpeg4 pictures r cracking while mpeg 2 pictures r working fine…TV madascar is clear while Mytv package n others cracking…MBC is OK too.on ses5 only mpeg2 channels r working..what could u suggest I do? Once you hit a good signal strength, then fasten your dish.

plus d'émission KTO depuis le 6 février 2020 .
@Chidi; you may need the service of the person who helped you with the initial setup, refer to your manual. I hear it’s faces sun set position but I don’t know the satellite and frequencies. It would benefit all and sundry if you can give us full details such as dish size, total list of channels and frequency. @BENJAMIN: Please call your local satellite installer to help you out sir. We have Eutelsat 7a, 7b, 7c, and Africa. Merci. And which decoder do u recommend? Apparently, FTA is dynamic and channels broadcasting as free-to-air can change without prior notice. 3.

Comment *still strugglin to get nigcomsat with 90 cm dish. Left 17/07/2020. Regional Satellite FTA channels; Private Satellite FTA; Local Satellite FTA channels; Freenet TV Pay TV ; de fr. You can use any Standalone HD deocoder like strong, gsky, qsat…. However, there are other channels on this bird that you can explore. @Duru Freeman: YOur MPEG-2 decoder will receive little or no meaningful channels. I already hav a DSTV dish and decoder, @Denzel: A true free to air decoder is something like a strong decoder. Lemmy,How do i get african movie net on my strong decoder. I also heard that single solution lnbf is the best. Kingsway International Christian Centre Television. There you can get updated frequencies in the event that there are changes. Left 22/11/2019. This year somebody open my eyes to free to air. Only go ”setting” and navigate to where u have ”add network 1, 2, 3, 4”. ", Bonjour Am using mpeg4 str4669hd can I watch EPL if so please give me codes, Mr Lemmy good day how is life sir,thanks to Our God. They show both EPL and UCL. should i buy 90cm dish and lmb or what should i do. The galaxy TV for frequency 11675H30000. Or decoder’s software is misbehaving, RTP International Channel is black does anybody know the new codes. British digital television channel, focusing on crime drama. Eutelsat7a @ 7° East (Malagasy Position), 23. At some point, MBC packages were free on it. In other words, you can use your yayi TV decoder for FTA and iks […], […] how to track the new MyTv, please read my article here. You can’t do iptv or Dongle on it. what frequency is for comedy central in the UK if you can pick it up on freesat. •. Nice one sir, you really broke it dowm to the lame man understanding, Please I need frequent updates on FTA matches frequency, Dish Size and LMB type. @kunle sports 24hd is generally off on all decoders currently.

C'est triste pour le plus grand pays francophone du monde qu'est la RDC. Also,  FTA channels are that they are prone to volatility and instability. Can i install dish to get fta channels. How come I do not receive my favourite channels True Movies, True Drama,True Entertainment,True Crime and True Movies 2 here in Spain Toledo ? stp me I want to pay a Cccam startime account and for kwesé sports where I’m going to find that? Please can u give more details sir. Below is the list of channels available on this package including the frequency, to track them. Since yesterday our darling HD sports 24 West & East is showing scrambled channel… Any news about new Auto Roll software please kindly share it. Please sir am installer in Ghana can help me with c band for India channel and any action film frequency. Il manque dans la liste la chaine M6 Boutique & Co disponible gratuitement sur ASTRA 19.2° sur 11856 V en HD 5DVB-S2 8PSK 29700 2/3). Quelqu'un pourrait-il confirmer ou bien au contraire infirmer cette information?
these are indian channels, Sure, Hindi language channels listed here : @ignace: HD channels have not been fullly deployed in Africa. or similar sites for new frequencies. 4. @Rykard: I think you should contact kwese for the update on that. Thanks, @doug: It wouldn’t work for free to air as long as it is a Pay-TV Branded decoder.

Just track old MYTV position on intelsat 68.5e Ku band. Now most of the channels are not showing again, can some one help me with the freq to scann to get back WAP TV and co. Suffice to say that all their channels on 16e are also present on their new position on […], […] Some FTA channels have improved a lot. Please run to the nearest mytv dealer to resubscribe. Free to air satellite dishes and tv satellite receivers are not more costly, anybody can install. it can receive free to air startimes and gotv channels. @Goodluck: It has been blocked for over two years now. . Nigcomsat sometimes go off. My TV using strong decoder can’t get new channels when I rescanned. Apart from the normal mytv signal that faces down is there any frequency and how do I get it.thanks, Comment *Mr Lemmy God will continue to guide you as you are helping us,You may live long than elephant of first bank since 1894,. Also, if your decoder is powervu enabled, you can get sport 24 HD. @Sanusi Abdulrasak: it depends on the position but with a 60cm dish, you can’t get mbc in Nigeria for now. Hello fam, pls what the best decoder to buy now to join this happy family.

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