The penguin says, "Have you had time to look at my engine?" Add it to your next oil change! Pizza Joke! the mechanic looks at him and says "looks like you blew a seal". "What do you mean 'not play chess'? 'Is he a mechanic too doc?' she asked. Scene: a psychiatrists practice: "I say we better FORMAT it!". The mechanic rolled out from underneath and said "looks like you blew a seal". "well..." the mechanic says "you fixed the engine perfectly, so thats 50. "So tell me," says the mechanic, "I've been wondering about what we both do for a living, and how much more you get paid than me..". Why don't you like chess, Dmitri?" He pushes it to a shop and is greeted by a mechanic. What do you get when you mix Black Beans and Red Cabbage? Morris shouted across the garage, "Hey DeBakey! After Seeing All These Funny Mechanic Meme You Can’t Control Yourself From Not Laughing. See more ideas about Mechanics jokes, Car humor, Mechanic. "Whenever I'm driving, I get these strange urges to run over pedestrians." "oh no I just had some ice cream" said the penguin wiping his face. The penguin replies "Nah man, it's just ice cream.". "Oh man," the penguin replies. No I was just eating ice cream" replies the penguin. Mechanic: low quality gas ruined your engine. Q: How many auto mechanics does it take to change a light bulb? "This must be because we've mixed the wrong fuel additive!" one of the two people hear this and asks Hitler "Why kill the mechanic?" "No, no, prefer checkers" Look at the nervous system and the way it works. She was blowing into the pipe as hard as she could and her face was turning purple when another blonde woman walked by and asked what she was doing. Normally, I'm a perfect, upstanding paladin. Sure enough he got the job and on his first day he was waiting for his first task. Have you seen all jokes? After Seeing All These Funny Mechanic Meme You Can’t Control Yourself From Not Laughing. Click here for more information. He waddled back to the mechanic, right on time. A car mechanic was removing a cylinder-head from the motor of a Cadillac when he spotted a well-known cardiologist in his shop. "If 100 is a perfect score, how is it I scored 50 points over?" The electrical engineer responded that, without the brains and nerves, those muscles and joints would be useless. The mechanic tells him there is a grocery store across the street, maybe he can wait there. So I took it to the shop and had the mechanic look over it. ", says the penguin. The mechanic says to the penguin “We’ll give you a call when we figure it out. she asks. He tells the mechanic, "hey, I just brought in my car last week, and since you guys worked on it, it's leaking oil all over my garage." She enrolls in a technical college and becomes an A student. "Try doing it with the engine running." After a few hours he returns to the mechanic. Explore Some Funny Mechanic Meme That Definitely Make You So Much Laugh. I think I'll have a little more today. If you like to appreciate my work then share these memes with your friends. It has lower mileage now!". The mechanic comes walking out wiping his hands on a rag and says, "Looks like you blew a seal." The mechanic waits til you've grown up to fuck you. The penguin asked. He went back to the mechanic who had just got under his car. "And 50 points for putting it all back together correctly." Three hours go by before the penguin looks at his watch and jumps out of the freezer and races back to the garage. "Your alignment is off.". The penguin sees an ice cream shop across the street so he wanders over while the mechanic works. The mechanic scooted out from under the car and, looking at the penguin, cleared his throat. to have his truck fixed. Penguins don't have opposable thumbs let alone fingers so he ends up with ice cream all over himself. It's crushing a depressing to think that such a wonderful thing is out there purring, but I'll never get to enjoy it. Have you seen all jokes? ), A Paladin takes his car to a mechanic. He decides to become a mechanic. The penguin tried eating the ice cream, but made a mess because of his flippers. But where did the last 50 come from?" I was working with a Russian bike mechanic named Dmitri when my friend who came into the shop frequently started dating someone who was extremely good at chess. Morris the loudmouth mechanic was removing the cylinder heads from the motor of a car when he spotted the famous heart surgeon Dr. Michael DeBakey, who was standing off to the side, waiting for the service manager to come take a look at his Mercedes. "So what do you think?" Three engineering students were gathered together discussing the possible designers of the human body. The mechanic sets to work, and 10 minutes later, the car is running again. She tells me, "The problem is my car has over 150,000 miles so no one will give me more than $6,000 for it, and I need at least $10,000 to get a new car." Why is it that you make some much more money than me?" The Dr had to completely rebuild an engine, which he did in record time. "Sorry I'm late! They are gonna have to bring in a quantum mechanic. "Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!" The penguin asks, "How long will it be?" But I do understand the Trans mission. Ride Along for Funny Jokes and Laughs at Joke Wagon. He was the worst mechanic the Luftwaffe ever had. "You need to get certified first" says the head mechanic, "ill give you the test myself, in the shop." He needed to change attire. During his life, he had started his own tech company, married a beautiful woman and had two children who moved on to be successful mechanical engineers. He wakes up an hour later and sprints off to his car and mechanic. The Mechanical engineer says "It's a broken starter". After she agrees, he does just that, telling her she can now sell her car. The penguin says f. He decides to leave the medical profession and become an auto mechanic. Obviously, he was an engineer! I get to fix his car up, maintain it, tune it to perfection. But when I get in my car, I only have the urge to cause property damage and run people over. What’s the difference between dragons and dinosaurs? He was the crappiest mechanic the Luftwaffe ever recruited. I help old ladies cross the street, I tithe, I slay evil demons. Luckily, there's an auto repair shop right next to the mall, so he pulls in there. The mechanic responds almost immediately. So the penguin goes to the grocery store, and crawls into the freezer. ...' What Has A Bun and Is Scared of Everything? He drives to the nearest town and stops at the first gas station. After the test, he is seated in the office and the head mechanic comes in. ", fed up with his job and decided to change professions. If you like to give me some advice or any other feedback then comment below or you can also contact me on [email protected] I will Definitely respond you within 48 hours. It's a really hot day and this penguin is having car trouble, so he takes it into a garage. ", when it breaks down. Mummy Riddle: Why was the pandemic mummy brown and stinky? Jan 13, 2019 - TriboTEX oil additive. Because they are used to dealing with things under the hood. He tells him he will need about an hour to find out what's wrong. You're fortunate to read a set of the 53 funniest jokes on mechanic. (P) Left inside main tire almost needs replacement He gets out to look and sees oil dripping out of the motor. The penguin says, "No, I just ate some ice cream.". Literally the worst mechanic of the Luftwaffe. Who else would run a waste disposal pipeline through a great recreational area? A doctor is talking to a car mechanic, "Your fee is several times more per hour then we get paid for medical care." "Here's what I don't understand. They had tried everything and everyone else to get the machine to work but to, There once was an old man. "Why would I sell it now? He kills time walking around the mall, does some window shopping, buys an ice cream cone, etc. 15 Top Player Haters Ball Meme Jokes & Images, 15 Top Knife Cat Meme Pictures and Amusing Joke. So I can safely say I don't understand the gay agenda. And when bored play chess fall asleep and (he slumps forwad) *pop* out your eye! Civil engineers build targets. He says, "Okay Doc, I've changed the seals out and fixed everything up but I have one question. If smart good at chess, not be bike mechanic! All you care about is your possessions. "HA! ". The mechanics correct the problems; document their repairs on the form, and then pilots review the gripe sheets before the next flight. The penguin replies, "Na, it's just ice cream. I was so relieved when he told me all I needed was blinker fluid!". Apparently, they do a two-for-one on rimjobs. But because he has clumsy little flippers he gets the ice cream all over his beak. I’m Happy Because You Are Here :). Sep 8, 2019 - Explore GHicks022's board "Mechanic humor", followed by 271 people on Pinterest. ", A blonde buys a used sports car. I don't know what I'm going to do with this remote knowledge. He decided that he liked the idea of becoming a mechanic and applied for a position at the local garage. Just look at all the joints." Amazingly none of the occupants had been hurt. I fill her in: "I have a friend who is a car mechanic. Look at the skeleton and how it's designed. Funny Maintenance Responses. They where going to work when suddenly the car broke down. After hearing the whole story the second blonde pauses for a moment then responds, “Hello! 'Well sir, I think I understand just fine, my brother in law has the exact same problem.' "Yeah, but you see, doc, you have always the same model, it hasn't changed since Adam; but we have to keep up to date with new models coming every month." More jokes about: blonde, car, mechanic, stupid A doctor is talking to a car mechanic, "Your fee is several times more per hour then we get paid for medical care." Apprentice says: "Boss, the total of the invoice comes up to $876". "You're a lawyer aren't you?" "Wow! The mechanic tells him that he should have some information in about an hour. Funny joke collection stats: 142,806 jokes 59,299 thumbs up 5,432 active users 787 visitors online 3,871 topics 10,697 humor websites 40,653 humor links Related Topics Face, beak, flippers, belly-- everywhere. The penguin says, "no, that's just a bit of ice cream.". (S) Almost replaced left inside main tire Hope you love our collection of Funny Mechanic Meme, Funny Mechanic Memes, Funny Funny Mechanic Memes, Funniest Funny Mechanic Memes, Hilarious Funny Mechanic Memes, Amusing Funny Mechanic Memes, Laughable Funny Mechanic Meme, Funny Mechanic Memes Images, Funny Mechanic Memes Photos, Funny Mechanic Memes Pictures, Funny Mechanic Memes Gifs, Funny Mechanic Memes Graphics, Funny Mechanic Memes 4K HD Wallpaper. He pulls into the next mechanics shop and asks him to take a look. Later, he returns to the mechanic who says"I found the problem. mechanic says it will be about an hour. But never -not once- have I been allowed to take it for a spin. The lawyer looked down at his side and exclaimed, "MY ROLEX!". Sorry if this was a repost, I took a quick browse and didn't see it anywhere. ... so he decides to ask them a question to keep them on their toes. The mechanical engineer speaks up and says, "It must be the engine!" "Well, looks like you blew a seal", the mechanic says He was by far the worst mechanic in the Luftwaffe. "It was pretty good, really. All these memes are free to use. The windows are down. Hitler turns to Stalin and says: "see? "Yes, thank goodness," the blonde replies. Having flippers instead of fingers made enjoying the ice cream difficult, and by the time he was finished, a perfect half hour later, he had vanilla ice cream all over himself. Why did the cow cross the road? src: heard on radio yesterday, She is concerned because her car has a lot of miles and nobody wants to buy it from her. "Did you figure out what was wrong with my car?" A blonde pushes her BMW into the gas station and tells the mechanic that it died. The mechanic has a look under the car. Before she can graduate she must pass the final exam, which is dismantling a car engine & rebuilding correctly. Until he loudly announced that I had blown the tranny in my car. He comes back and the mechanic says, "it looks like you blew a seal." penguin wha. she exclaimed. He blond says, "why would I do that? (I'm probably too proud of myself for making this one; someone's almost definitely done it before.

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