It's Romeo's line about his inamorata: "Juliet is the sun." I love you like an old man loves his hairy ears. I love you like the unforgettable first kiss. I love you like Winnie the Pooh loves honey. Love is a journey: It’s been a long, bumpy road. I love you like any person loves sleeping. And relationships can be journeys ("Our love is a rollercoaster ride") or physical needs ("I'm starved for affection"). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I love you like a cat loves chasing its tail. In time for Valentine's Day, I asked James to tell us a little about the metaphoric language of love. These are some of the wittiest I came across: She had a deep, throaty, genuine laugh, like that sound a dog makes just before it throws up. It's in English class that most Americans learn about metaphors — and yet metaphoric language abounds in our daily life. I love you like a woman loves fixing up a bachelor with one of her single friends. Check out our more collection of related quotes. I love you like a drug addict loves heroine. What's the most common metaphor for love? Love is a fluid in a container: She was overflowing with love. I love you like there are stars in the sky. Thou... Love has its own instinct. I love you like a sea of flowers. I love you more then all the answers on the Internet! I love you like a punk loves his hair gel. I love you like the government loves taxing its citizens. We may earn commission from the links on this page. Loved ones can be missing pieces ("My better half") or burdens ("My ball and chain") or bright spots ("He's the light of my life"). In the hands of song, TV, and movie writers; metaphors are often light, whimsical, and funny (or sad). And that’s a lot. It is always a nice idea to spice up your love relationship and what could be better than adding some great love dialogues to your conversation. Metaphors don’t always have to be profound or literary. Below, you’ll find the best metaphors about life, meaning, and change to inspire you through any moment. I love you like a skinny person loves salad. Among them some psychological factors of falling in Love are really interesting, amazing and full of fun.Love is a divine gift, a light of our life. Not all metaphors are serious. What metaphors for love do we find in poetry? I love you like cheesecake, carrot cake and chocolate cake. We’re inseparable. I love you like the British love their tea. I love you like my dog, and that should have said enough. It's like a heat wave … burning in my heart! I love you like a dog loves biting a piece of bone. As the famous song goes, I love you like a love song baby! Plus, the brain areas that process physical warmth also process psychological warmth, forming a link between body and mind. Hope you had a great time reading this article and enjoyed these funny I love you like quotes. I love you like a blonde loves her hair-dye. I love you like cookies, and believe me I love cookies! I love you like older people love tapioca. Marie Claire participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. Love is a unity of parts: We’re as one. ", Juliet is definitely not the sun — not literally, at least. I love you like Peter Pan loves Neverland. You can always use some Funny I love you like quotes to get the job done for you. Love quotes are the best bits of the best romantic minds. Love is a bond: There is a close tie between them. I love you like I love penguins, my favourite animal since the third grade. Martha Reeves (the lead singer of the Vandellas) hints at the answer when she asks, "Has high blood pressure got a hold of me / Or is this the way love's supposed to be?" Try to convert your emotions to words and surprise with new dialogues every other day. Or if you're slightly geeky like James Geary, the author of a new book called, I is an Other: The Secret Life of Metaphor and How It Shapes the Way We See the World. I love you like apple pie, lemon meringue pie and chocolate mud pie. Metaphor Jokes "Rain is merely a temporary obstacle in life, it's a metaphor of the inevitable downfall before success." It's Romeo's line about his inamorata: "Juliet is the sun. When you think of how many other famous love songs — like "Light My Fire" by The Doors, Bruce Springsteen's "I'm on Fire," and Elvis Presley's "Burning Love" — use the heat metaphor, you'll get a better sense of just how common it is. I love you like a crack head loves crack. I love you like an angel loves the heavens. I love you like brangelina loves adopting kIds. I love you like a tornado loves a mobile home park. I love you like advertisements love annoying us. Love facts are always interesting to know.Almost all of us love to be loved without knowing some facts about love.There are several psychological and other factors which make one fall in love. Romeo is inexorably drawn by her gravitational pull. I love you like the butterflies in the gardens, the rainbow over the blue sky, and the greeneries in the meadow. Even email is a metaphor: It's comparing the digital communications that come into our "inbox" on the screen to the envelopes delivered to our homes every day by the postal service. Here's what he had to say. 48 of them, in fact! The most famous poetic metaphor for love, which we find in Shakespeare, also involves heat. Hail to thee, O Love, sweet madness! I love you like a redneck loves his truck. I love you like an emo boy loves tight pants. What’s next? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Your email address will not be published. I love you like a badge loves a policeman. I love you more then I love Netflix! I love you like a grandma loves her grandchildren. Sometimes you are in a mood to get bubbly and say cheesy things to your partner which is a great way to express. These quotes can say your heart out to your loved one in a light way. Thinking of just how many metaphors we use on a daily basis can be pretty fun — if you're slightly geeky like me, anyway. Love Poems & Sonnets. You’ve likely heard several metaphors in your daily life or in life-changing books. I love you like a teacher loves their kids. Oh, it's Juliet, applying her shiny night cream.". Nevertheless, she shines. These amazing I love you like quotes will give laughter fits to your partner and eventually bring great moments for both of you. I love you like Charlie loves Wonka bars. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I love you like Obama loves blaming republicans. I love you like the Cookie Monster loves cookies. I love you like Santa loves cookies and milk. Red is associated with fire, so red lipstick, red dresses, red sports cars, and red hearts for Valentine's Day are all used as metaphorical signals of hot stuff. What metaphors for love do we find in poetry? Just think of the word crush: That's a metaphor to describe the overwhelming, crushing sensation we feel when we really, really (no I mean really) like a person. You are in love and want to know how to keep your spouse/partner happy? Funny Metaphors About Life. Required fields are marked *. I love you like the Lemon Meringue Pie which my mother bakes, that reminds me of the sweet memory of my childhood. I love you like my iPhone, and I wish I can hold you in my hands, every minute of the day. Editors handpick every product that we feature. She is the center of his universe, she radiates heat, and her brightness can burn. Love is a journey: It’s been a long, bumpy road. But, they’re always entertaining.

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