Please refresh the page and try again. Hopefully it lasts that long without issues. Thank you for signing up to Tom's Guide. One major difference between the G602 and the G604 is that the latter can connect via both USB dongle and Bluetooth.

15 commandes programmables unissent leurs forces avec la double connectivité ultra-rapide LIGHTSPEED et le capteur HERO 25K, leader dans sa catégorie. I'm running 800 DPI indeed, and I just can't...really convince myself I feel like i have the same *accuracy* when wanting to move my mouse slowly, or what have you over certain things. (Both claims are extremely hard to test, as we've had the mouse for only about a week.) I would be sad to see this happen to my G604 after months. I was actually looking at the G604 and G602 and am already leaning toward the 604 by default, so big thanks for your review here.

Also the shape felt off compared to the G700 it just was not as comfortable. Both of the mice are not ambidextrous and are operated right handedly. Posted by admin on 16 Oct, 2017 In Logitech. La souris G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse révolutionne le jeu sans fil avec une autonomie pouvant atteindre 250 heures et des performances sans retard. When the 502 Spectrum came out, my G700 was already showing its age, and the 502 was the closest thing to the G700 at the time, albeit with a stupid wire. G602 is one of the first mouse by Logitech that have such type of feel and has a slightly more arch at palm and index finger.

I was miscasting etc. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

DPI adjustment steps are constant in both the mice which means limited settings are available at a particular instant of time. Logitech G403 Prodigy Vs G402 Hyperion Fury: Which to Buy? Pick up the Logitech G604 if you want a wireless MMO mouse and have $100 to spend. But the G604 sets out to give MMO players a tool that won't let them down, and delivers fully on its premise. If it's after many years - then yeah, sure, I'll get a new one by that point. It's a little expensive (the G602 was $80 when it debuted, and now you can get it quite cheaply), and using disposable batteries doesn't feel quite right for what is otherwise such a premium mouse. I programmed a very elaborate set of button commands for MMO Final Fantasy XIV, only to find myself furiously clicking to no effect while I got mauled by a battalion of imperial soldiers. Logitech StreamCam Vs C922 Pro: Which to Buy.

I always have both charged and ready to go, so if a mouse battery dies, I have a charged one ready to swap out.

The two are very comparable in shape and buttons/button placement. Après Sony et sa PS5 le mois dernier, c'est au tour de Microsoft de détailler les applications que les joueurs pourront utiliser à la sortie des Xbox Series X | S. Les plus célèbres seront bien évidemment présentes. But it's not perfect. I see no reason to go back to wired now. Razer Kiyo vs Logitech C920: Which is Better for You? Gaming mice have come a long way, and comparing the G604 to the G600 presents a great distillation of how and why. G604 is known for its remarkable DPI speed settings when compared to all the rivals present within the market. The mouse isn't perfect, of course: A $100 mouse should probably have RGB lighting and a rechargeable battery, and the thumb buttons require a fairly involved learning curve to use correctly.

What I don't like about the G604, which I'm actually kind of disappointed about, is that the side buttons are more "mushier" and less "clicky" than the G602's. Voici donc venir 10 nouveaux films, se rajoutant à mes premières suggestions, pour passer le temps à la maison. I picked up the mouse thinking it would be a modern G700 I used it for a couple weeks and ended up returning it. In virtually every sense, the G604 can now be a direct G700 replacement due to the added scroll wheel features like infinite scroll and side/tilt scrolling. (We also had the Logitech G602 in the interim, to which the G604 bears more than a passing resemblance.)

La question ne se pose même pas et nous allons tout de suite détailler le contenu de l'offre RED 80 Go à 15€/mois. Que serait une nouvelle semaine sans un bon plan du côté des forfaits mobiles ? Design And Feel. So, if you are to make a choice in between both, it is better that you choose G604 because of the advance features and its up-to-date mechanism. Carte confinement : quel est le meilleur outil pour calculer le déplacement de 1 km autour de chez vous ? Another mild criticism of the G604 is that it uses a single AA battery for 240 hours of USB wireless life, or 5.5 months on Bluetooth. Every other click of the mouse also has a satisfying feeling. Logitech G102 Vs G304: Detailed Comparison. My only complaint about G Hub is that it's a little mercurial about auto-switching profiles. They click exceptionally well no matter where you press them, which I really like. BTW the Ironclaw is very heavy (heavier than the 502 and 604) and has very poor reviews. The G604 plays well across the board. You cannot pinpoint much differences in between both of them because of the similar basic 3D design alongside the default color theme which is black within both of the mice.
Is it customizable to have a profile switch instead of Lightspeed/Bluetooth, or do I have to learn to rely on automatic profiles?

The G604 has Bluetooth where the G602 does not. NY 10036. Checking batt level is also easier, and 'accurate' in LGS for the GPW vs GHub. Receive news and offers from our other brands? The G604 is an attractive midpoint between sleek design and sheer number of buttons. My question, though, is about profiles. Just reached out to Logitech for a warranty...wish me luck. The thumb buttons are also much better than before, with easy-to-click protrusions rather than tiny prisms. You can set any button on the mouse to switch profiles, except the scroll wheel unlock button and Bluetooth/2.4Ghz button. level 2 The... Karan is senior editor of this website.

The first major difference between both the mice is that the G602 was launched in 2013 while the G603 came later in mid-2017, meaning that the G603 uses newer and advanced tech than its competitor.

Good luck. If you only use 2 DPI levels (or 1) you can set DPI+ to toggle between DPI levels, and DPI- to toggle between onboard profiles. But I am not sure I would like the lighter wheel. It's still an ergonomic right-handed mouse, with a protruding thumb rest and six small thumb buttons. C'est chose faite avec le SniperChill, produit le plus original de la marque des frères Tellouck qu’il nous ait été donné de tester puisqu'il s'agit d'un matelas gaming. If the mouse runs out of battery, simply swap out one battery for another and keep going wirelessly, instead of plugging in to charge and have to be tied to a cable until it's charged again. I just realized it's doing the double-click thing with the right mouse button. Come join the discussion about computing, builds, collections, displays, models, styles, scales, specifications, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more!

En … With the six thumb buttons — which all felt different enough to place without looking — I could use my six most common skills whenever I wanted, leaving my left hand free to use for more situational techniques. In FFXIV, I play as a Gladiator, meaning that I use a variety of skills that build on one another for extra damage and/or protection. You have a lot of button options, including Logitech's handy G-Shift functionality, which opens up a whole secondary set of mouse commands.

Le jeu d'Epic Games n'attendra pas très longtemps pour débarquer sur les consoles nouvelle génération de Sony et Microsoft. Gaming mice have come a long way since 2014, and so has the G600 line. I actually started "playing" with them in the first day, just clicking them randomly and doing nothing specific to enjoy them. With the six thumb buttons — which all felt different enough to place without looking — I could use my six most common skills whenever I wanted, leaving my left hand free to use for more situational techniques, such as stuns and interrupts. And what I like about this form is that you can use it in palm grip so comfortably, whereas g502 wouldn't let me do that. The maximum number over here is a bliss from the HERO 25K sensor which ensures maximum tracking speed over here. The 502 is what I chose to replace my G700 with as a daily driver years ago because it was the only mouse at the time with infinite scroll wheel and the extra buttons on left click.

There are also two buttons in the center that adjust scroll wheel tension and wireless connectivity. I tested the peripheral with Overwatch, Age of Mythology: Extended Edition, GreedFall and Final Fantasy XIV, paying special attention to the last title, since it requires the most extra buttons. La G602 de Logitech est une souris relativement performante pour les amateurs de sans-fil et les nomades. Now, however, you get an all-black chassis with textured rests for your palm and thumb. Logitech G604 vs G602 Taking a closer look at it, there are a bunch of similarities which are translated to the G604 from G602, while also bringing in some of the design cues from the current generation models. A mouse can only be regarded as perfect if it provides controls … In G604, you find an Optical sensor which competes with the Laser sensor present in G602. However, that model is wired, so you'll have to decide how much wireless connectivity is worth to you. En mars dernier, on me proposait de sélectionner (SEULEMENT) 10 films incontournables à voir ou revoir pour s'occuper en confinement. Karan.

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