A usual bo staff is made from hard pieces of wood, mostly from red or white oak. But what is the difference between the two? The bo was born as a result. We Use Cookies - Our website uses cookies for some features to work including currencies, shopping cart, sign in, sorting and check out systems. Thanks! Another possible origin of the jo comes from the evolution of a prehistoric staff that was carved from rock. |. You can use it in martial arts such as jojutsu. Even though there is no standard for the length of a Jo staff, most of these weapons fall within the range of 4 feet, measured 1.27 meters with the metric system. Price: € 34.43 € 31.83. The martial art tapered jo is perfect for jo-jutsu or jo-do. We offer a variety of staff all suitable for your martial arts form. However, while the longer bo staff has great reach, a shorter bo staff and even the four-foot jo staff are easier to control. Choosing the right type of staff can help you avoid injury. This is also a safety issue as broken wood can splinter and injure you or your opponent. Bo staff (weapon) is wooden staff around 6 to 9 feet in length. ", "Got theI.F.sword set today, they are well worth the wait! Ideally, it should be slightly shorter than you. Our sifu said the the quality is comparable to a $250.00 priced product. What you must know is this that the bo staff is originally an Okinawan weapon, used in lots of Japanese martial arts forms. The staff is also known as the quarter staff from medieval English history and is best remembered by the famous dual between Robin Hood and Little John. In that legend, the jo was created by the warrior Katsuyoshi. Do You Know Which Habits Make You Miserable? Bo Staff, Jo Staff and Eskrima (Escrima sticks) The staff (stave) commonly thought of as a martial arts weapon is used from karate to jujitsu. They were easily accessible, effective and efficient. As we know, a piece of any hard material can act as a weapon. However, many modern products still use the term "bo" to describe this length. What a great offer! Natural Hardwood Bo (Staff) * Available in 3 sizes. This site is based in London,Ontario Canada, Red Oak Bo Staff Tapered Toothpick Design. This is a pair of deluxe natural rattan escrima sticks. Both these martial arts weapons are used in all sorts of fighting styles such as Kung Fu, Karate, Aikido, Ninjutsu and, the art of fighting with the Bo known as, Bujutsu. The evolution of this weapon created two different forms: the Bo and Jo. The solid stone was extremely heavy and ineffective for quick movements. ). While most bo staffs are about 6 feet in length. 7 Things You Should Never Do in the Morning. That's my point. But if you have a 6' Bo and a 4' Jo, and a 6' person using the Bo, and a 4' person using the Jo, surely they could perform the exact same techniques. Read more: Most Convenient Spot of Earning Money by Martial Arts Weapons, 20 Things Most People Learn Too Late In Life, Six Powerful Quotes That Slapped Me Square in the Face, Passive Incomes That Have Been Proven Most Effective, The World Has Just Witnessed A “Pearl Harbor Moment” In Armenia. It’s very common to confuse a Bo with the jo staff because they are completely similar when it comes to shape and thickness, or hardness, but the Jo is apparently only 4 feet long. The staff of Gandalf the Grey is a symbol of his status as an 'Istari', or Wizard. Wood is a strong material, but it can break upon harsher impacts. Also, practicing bo staff fighting with a heavy weapon will make it easier for you to wield the normal staff during competitions and/or actual fights. Make transporting your bo easier to the dojo with this vinyl bo case. Many fighters have made it their mission to find new materials that are streamline and heavy enough to practice with; so they can become stronger without changing much of their regimes — just the weight of their weapon. Your height should determine the size of bo staff you choose. ", "Wow thanks for the quick reply! The rattan Eskrima Stick is strong and light. This might come as a surprise to many but a rattan staff is just another Bo, made out of bamboo. Best,", "I want to say Thank you for your quick and positive responce to my e-mail more people should be like sote,your store is on my A-list,heck your store is the a-list.Looking foward to doing business with you in the future. DROP SHIPPING AVAILABLE FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE, VISIT OUR STORE In Philadelphia, PA or Call 1-800-345-2962. Take care,". The heavier weight allows you to perfect your skills in training and perform better in competitions with lighter demonstration staffs. They placed a strict weapons ban on the islanders, leaving Okinawans defenseless against the clan’s samurai weapons. If you're an absolute beginner, you may want to consider training with a flexible staff made entirely of foam, as this will not hurt when it makes contact with the body. Jo staff is just a little longer than a samuri sword. Oak wood is still the material of choice for traditional practitioners of Japanese martial arts. Heavy Polypropylene: Strong and durable, the new ProForce® Polypropylene Staff is weighted for training and is available in three sizes. in the middle of a sentence, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Since 1980, when he first read Guru Dan Inosanto's book, "The Filipino Martial Arts", our President, Lynn C. Lightweight, fast and strong makes for an excellent short staff. Quality Staff Construction Okinawans turned to simple everyday tools to protect themselves. © 2020 Macho Products, Inc. All Rights Reserved, Using Social Media to Stay in Touch with Students While Social Distancing, How to Properly Clean & Disinfect Your Macho Sparring Gear, 6 Marketing Strategies to Get Students to Advertise Your Martial Arts School. A Note to Readers: The Cloud Hands website has been online continuously since 2001. Monkey King Staff- Stainless Steel $169.00 $110.00. Because the interval between the defending and striking of the staff is so small that most people can’t see what’s coming. Holding it from one end, gives the wielder of the quarter staff a long range for blocking and making attacks, especially against someone holding a sword. Asian World of Martial Arts (AWMA) carries several different staffs that you can pair with the martial art of your choice, from the ProForce® Competition Bo Staff to the Foam Padded Staff. So, to compare every weapon with the bow staff, we will be looking at differences in these three fields and more (if possible). However, this ban proved impractical when the Shimanzu clan invaded in the 17th century. ©2020 Swords of the East (Cook Ecommerce LLC). This rock staff was called ishibo. They were easily accessible, effective and efficient. Bo Staff, Jo Staff and Eskrima (Escrima sticks), The staff (stave) commonly thought of as a martial arts weapon is used from karate to jujitsu. $29.95 $22.00. Trinity: But if you have a 6' Bo and a 4' Jo, and a 6' person using the Bo, and a 4' person using the Jo, surely they could perform the exact same techniques. Its chained joints let the different parts move around during use, which creates more dynamic combat conditions. It is used in martial arts such as kung fu. History of the Bo: The bo used in kobudo and bojutsu emerged in Okinawa in the early 17th century when Okinawa was overthrown by the Shimazu Clan of Satsuma. Many farming tools became effective weapons, including the long staff used to carry buckets and baskets. Staffs also appear in arts such as aikido, kung fu, silambam, kobudo, krabi-krabong, and tae kwon do. ", "The expedited shipping, maintainence kit, and the fact that you apply the low price guarantee on a item for all customers, not just the ones who contact you, speaks volumes about your committment to your customer base! In order to grow as a warrior he turned to meditation. Beginners may want to opt for lighter woods and materials. Thank you again for your great service! Thank you again!!!! I shall spend a few days reviewing the pics / descriptions before making a selection and placing my order. Some people have been found to practice with heavier materials one of such example is steel. We are guessing that’s enough comparison between different martial arts staffs and now we should talk about how effective can these weapons be against the likes of swords and guns. Wood: Traditional staffs such as the bo were originally constructed from wood. The quarter staff have very different features when compare to a Bo, but let’s discuss it anyway because it’s a staff as well. The bo staff is not the only weapon of its kind; warriors have been fighting with sticks and poles for millennia, and many cultures incorporate staff combat into their martial arts. When a person of 6' uses a Jo, they may have to adapt, but it can still be used in my the same way (I practice with both a broomhandle of about 4'6", and a 6' piece of dowel wood in the same techinques and the same style, the only difference is that I have to be more careful not to grab an end that doesn't exist with the broomhandle - the dowel wood is also much heavier than a normal staff). It is shorter than a bo and usually measures around 4 feet long. Your height should determine the size of bo staff you choose. It is strong, but also easy to maneuver. Oriental Accessories (Mats, Sharpening Stones & Sword Bags), Thaitsuki Nihonto Swords, Japanese Swords, Japanese Katana Swords - SOTE, "I was surprised that you personally wrote an email regarding a delay due to quality control. Both the bo and jo lack a cutting edge or sharpened point, so they are classified as impact weapons and derive their effect from … Jo / Bo Staff Carrying case black with Red Trim - made of heavy canvas $28.00 $23.00. Many competition staffs, such as the ProForce® Competition Bo Staff, also feature hardwood materials. The toothpick red oak bo staff is solid, durable and light. Bo staff is usually just taller than your head. I have experience with a 6 foot bo, but I have a student who wants training with her 5-foot jo.

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