It’s so cute that Danielle is just completely pushing aside her racist and reckless behavior throughout covid. Stop getting paid for making excuses for your bad behavior. Brooke Miccio is a recent post-grad exploring life in a new city while vlogging her experiences on Youtube. The two give advice on loneliness, not having a “plan” and read listener submissions on advice and tactics on how to handle all of this craziness going on. I think she acknowledges her privilege and is truly trying to be better and grow from her mistakes. I really dislike listening to this podcast anymore—- it seems so fake. Brooke is an adult, trying to talk about real issues while Danielle is still a naive, college student. It seems so off brand. Just both of you, keep it up. Incredibly Tone Deaf and DANIELLES RACIST. Two Free Haul Pick UPS - Sourcing Review Join us in telling us whether to keep or … I really hope Podcast One and the “gals” figure out their next steps in their podcast journey as what is current occurring “ain’t it.”. Brooke needs to go solo. I find it so funny that as soon as Danielle took her mental health break from social media and the podcast, Brooke began creating podcast episode related to a multitude of topics (finances, lifestyle, the women in STEM, etc. Shameful. Brooke Miccio is a recent post-grad exploring life in a new city while vlogging her experiences on Youtube. This podcast, its content, and its artwork are not owned by, affiliated with, or endorsed by Podchaser. Brooke’s episodes while Danielle was gone were AMAZING please drop Danielle ! This podcast has muted progressive comments associated with the BLM movement and regarding faking social distancing. Not addressing the issue made this podcast go down in ratings and popularity. Don’t beat around the bush as to why you took time off. Keep up with the gals every week for new episodes, and join on social @galsonthegopodcast. The new highlights and lowlights intro might just have ruined it for me. When they started the podcast, they made it a “lifestyle” podcast— not financial, or professional. Danielle just talks about school and extremely SURFACE LEVEL topics that i think all listeners have outgrown years ago now. It’s infuriating to listen to her. Two privileged girls being immature, complaining, whining, and avoiding confrontation. Why are the comments on the gals on the go instagram disabled or limited? For a minute, I really thought the show would never be the same because it did not have the same authentic feel as when it started. But then it went on for TWO months without Brooke even addressing it???? 3 - The Vanishing Half Description: Welcome to the I Love You So Much podcast with Kenzie Elizabeth. Brooke Miccio is a recent post-grad exploring life in a new city while vlogging her experiences on Youtube. I challenge younger girls to look beyond this podcast for life advice, rather than this. I really enjoy Brooke’s YouTube videos, I’ve outgrown Danielle quite a bit, but this podcast is just not it. Danielle Carolan is a full-time student at the University of Georgia, Youtuber and Spin Instructor! it’s time for danielle to go. You are both performative activists. . i wish brooke would do a podcast on her own bc i think she really would be better off by herself. Not going to listen or subscribe anymore. Having a plan, keeping it all together, and she also answers several fan questions submitted on Twitt… Danielle was racist, and wreckless with the pandemic. Feels like I’m chatting with friends. Can’t support someone that feels so entitled yet plays the victim at the same time. i want to love this podcast again but i can’t right now. I love Brooke and I continue to support her on Instagram/YouTube but I cannot support a podcast with empty apologies featuring Danielle. I will fully support this podcast and believe growth is happening, you wanted growth people, you’ve got to give it time and a chance! You have never apologized for any of your past horrible mistakes. Today’s solo episode will be an extension of my last YouTube video ( about where I’ve been and where I am going from here. This platform doesn’t deserve the support anymore. Please allow Brooke to host the show alone. i would like to give this podcast a higher rating given all that brooke has done for the show while danielle was gone, but the fact that she was brought on as if nothing has really changed has shown me that neither of you are listening. I really love listening to Brooke & Danielle talk about their lives, favorite products, tv shows, & everything in between. Brooke should take interviewing classes. Danielle: saying you have changed when your actions don’t back that is concerning. Why would she cover for Danielle if nothing was wrong?? *full review on*. Thank you for your efforts! Either way, I give the podcast and episodes a 5/5 :). Gals On The Go Instagram  Brooke’s Youtube Channel  Brooke’s Instagram  Danielle’s Youtube Channel  Danielle’s Instagram, Why I Took 2 Months Off Social Media | I’m Back. I relate to Brooke. It is very apparent over the course of this pandemic that both hosts are losing their relevance with their audience base. She’s educated and well spoken and does a much better job with creating content. As for the comments about how “all they do is complain about their lives,” if you don’t like it go find a new podcast. Feel free to DM us on Instagram if you have any questions. She has muted her audience on all platforms, tone-deaf too. It’s sad to see that you are dragging Brooke down with you. Since she’s returned to the podcast, there’s no way I can continue to support. The fact that they have kept comments closed all month says something. Love this podcast so much! I just started listening and don’t know any of the drama with Danielle and her past, but it doesn’t matter because I don’t like her anyways. You post racist pictures on your finsta and Twitter accounts. Lol the reviews on here represent MAYBE 5% of the listeners… like the majority of the pod fans only listen for BOTH Brooke and Danielle. The easiest way to listen to podcasts on your iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, smart speaker – and even in your car. Gals On The Go is a Missouri Fictitious Name filed on October 10, 2003. Listen to corryn episodes free, on demand. Even if everyone already knows the reason, it shows that you take ZERO responsibility because you continue pushing it aside and not directly addressing the issue. Bonus and ad-free content available with Stitcher Premium. My.Fave.Podcast. They are also very real and raw with their audience which I appreciate so much. Join your two favorite gals, Brooke and Danielle, every Wednesday for a fun podcast about all things lifestyle! This show was GREAT when Brooke was hosting it ALONE. Let her move on and live. No actual good content to learn from this podcast. There is nothing unique about her. I am SO glad that Danielle took her break and I really feel that it’s for the best. All of the “apology” videos and the silence/avoidance on the podcast are fake and ignorant, lacking any moral character. Check out the Business of The Week, Planting with P! In comparison to other YouTube podcasts, there is no organization for the show or benefit to the listeners. Kudos!!! lol. i unfollowed danielle on everything on social media bc of all the things that surfaced in the last few months, and idk if it’s because i’ve now realized who she is but i’ve tried to listen to the podcasts with her back and her voice just annoys me soooo much. Today Kenzie sits down with Brooke Miccio of Gals on the Go to talk about therapy, adulting and The Vanishing Half book club! I then talk about how being back at college is, the classes I’m taking, and more. Plus whats the deal with the basil plant? For business inquiries, email, Brooke and Danielle talk to Zozo (@astoldbyzozo) about all things manifestation, astrology + share tips living your best life! Danielle you need to take responsibility for your actions. On the show, you'll hear everything from fun best friend stories, advice, tips on living your best life and personal stories from when things don't exactly go as planned. This episode hasn't been reviewed yet. If you are on the lookout for podcasts that tackles about college, friendships, careers, and some interviews from successful people, Gals on the Go got you covered. thanks for that “Gals on the Go”. Also, the fact these girls LIMIT COMMENTS is absurd! Very mature and relatable for their age group! I wish Brooke would take this podcast solo. I was a loyal podcast listener, then later in 2019- early 2020, it got a little chatty with no direction so I stopped for a bit. The gals also do a catch up on their personal lives, and Danielle shares a story about her recent experience with nail art.Check out the Business of The Week, Yowie! Check out Maya Fleming! SAY IT OUT LOUD PLZ Danielle. Danielle is completely tone deaf to everything going on, whether it’s pride, BLM, or COVID-19. You are a bad person. I feel bad for Brooke, I really think she is being held back by Danielle. The two discuss what they have been up to recently as well as clearing the air on some of the rumors circulating the internet about what’s REALLY been going on. I also think her solo episodes were so much more informative and educated. Her behavior, silence, and white privilege proves she doesn’t care about others affected by COVID and POC or the BLM movement. Regardless, they are both trying their best and I still enjoy this podcast. That being said, I’m gonna stop listening bc I really only started listening when Brooke was doing the solos and I will not continue to support this pod if a racist is cohosting. You are from a racist area in Florida as stated but that is never an excuse. Not addressing anything, tolerating racism. You can’t just rip toe around the topic. I found Brooke through gotg and became a loyal subscriber of her content. The “on the go” lifestyle is relatable, and they seem like the sweetest souls Keep up with the gals every week for new episodes, and join on social @galsonthegopodcast.  Thanks Zozo for coming on the show! Danielle we see your pain! Her apology for being blatantly racist was empty and just an attempt to save face. It has to be told. Sincerely wish Brooke would do a solo pod because I don’t know if I can listen to this girl anymore. But to be honest, it hasn’t helped that much. Please. As a BIPOC listener i feel invisible. Danielle playing victim... or how she put taking time for herself... has actually improved the show quality now that Brooke can actually interview interesting people. Enjoy. I liked it much better when it was just Brooke. As a former fan of hers, it’s been really disappointing and hurtful to see her reveal her true colors. This episode hasn't been reviewed yet. Danielle shouldn’t be canceled because of one mistake. She contributes a lot of thought and effort! Find the flippingals Coffee and Questions IG Live daily at 8am PST/11am EST on weekdays and 10:30am PST/1:30 pm EST on weekends on Instagram (@theflippingals). People (just like you) make mistakes, they learn from them and the move forward. Brooke- you’re just as bad for tolerating a racist cohost and friend. Danielle is a racist, and each podcaster’s silence speaks VOLUMES. I’m really not a fan of Danielle anymore after her dangerous behavior during a pandemic, racist behaviors and above all not learning from her mistakes or showing personal growth.

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